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  1. I'm fairly sure it's Greek on google imaging the two different refurbishments but many thanks anyway.
  2. I've had another response from someone saying it was more likely a Greek refurbishment. What makes you think it's Belgian as opposed to Greek? Many thanks Jerry.
  3. I was hoping someone might help me identify this helmet as I am fairly new to collecting British items. I'm fairly sure this is just a standard mkII infantrymans helmet manufactured 1943. I can see the manufacturer is printed as RO COLU but does anyone have any idea who this is? Additionally while I can tell the leather lining was likely a recent refurbishment by the helmets previous owner it has an old leather chin strap which based on its condition appears pre 50's. This was non-standard on mkII's so does anyone know where this could have come from? I was thinking it could have been one of the ones the ones the Dutch replaced when they bought a bunch at the end of ww2 but I couldn't find a reference picture. Any help is massively appreciated, thanks a lot!