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  1. Thank you Francois for your information all I have to do is translate it. sorry a bit late replying but have been unavailable for a while. Kind regards Brian
  2. Had trouble sizing photos appears to be bronze and sillver on the faces. Named Dubois on face.
  3. For about 50 odd years I had this medal in a box with some more medals and I am trying to find out some information about it . I know that Toulon was a Marine Garrison town , the Fachida incident was in East Africa 1898 I believe Captain Merchant connected to the campaign was a Marine in Toulon, it resulted in about 700 killed or injured. I have been searching to find anything about the award but to no avail like who it was awarded to and the significant of toulon . thanks for any information. Could it be just a commemorative piece and of no value as a medal?
  4. Thank you very much Simon its good to know the answer.
  5. I have in my collection a WW 1 Navy group comprising of trio and Naval MSM . details of MSM are ( J5067 G C A Norgate LDG SIG "Nonpareil" 1 July - 11 Nov 1918.) Can anyone tell me the significance of the date 1st July and November 11th. I know it was Armistice day but why 1st July? and was it usual to date medals this way?
  6. A Photograph of General Townshend, and the badge/medal given to those who survived the siege. The small badge I have is a White Crescent not Blue but otherwise identical.
  7. I have discovered a photo of 18 survivors of prisoners of war from KUT EL AMARA of the 2nd Batt. Dorsetshire Regiment amongst who is a Sgt Frank Castaldini 8695. also a certification from 2nd Battn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1914 - 1919 stating that he served his King and Country etc. I received these from his widow about 60 years ago and with them also was a small lapel badge with a lion and turkish crescent on it in enamal. I saw a picture of Gen. Townshend with this badge saying it was presented to all survivors. it is the size of a 1p piece. Could this be what Sgt Castaldini would have received ? and from whom? I can find no reference to this badge anywhere, any help please