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  1. Thanks Jerry, Yep I think the misspelling is rather cool, but I honestly doubt its worth too much more than I bought it for. Which is fine as not on my list to sell, well not just yet anyways. No I don't think it was once a cap badge although that would be pretty cool.
  2. Fingers crossed Simon, although the problem is i'm not very good at selling as I like to hang on to them particularly if I find them interesting, so this maybe another one for the keep pile
  3. I know apart from the spelling everything else looks correct to me. I've had loads of miss spelt silk postcards but not seen a miss spelt sweetheart brooch before. Love the picture of the tattoo by the way, and it could be be the case of the maker not knowing how the motto was spelt. maybe it's so uber rare I will be able to retire on it...
  4. Hi I was at an antiques fair the other week and I came across this sweetheart brooch I believe to be WW1 of the royal tank regiment, I though tit was nice and being the end of the day didn't think to much of it until I got it home and found out the motto is spelt incorrectly it reads 'Fear Nought' when the motto as I understand it is 'Fear Naught'. It looks original to me although someone as come along with some brass cleaner to clean it up but I'm thrown by the miss spelling. would really welcome other peoples views on this. Thanks
  5. wow I never even noticed the U but now you have pointed it out I can see it clear as day, thanks, also great to know it is original thank you all for your help.
  6. Here are some more photos, I can't see any markings on it.
  7. Hi Mike Thank you for the information, its such a shame there is no name or number on the medal as would have loved to have researched who it belonged to. The craftsmanship is to a very high standard so I think you are right that it would have been to officers / senior members.
  8. ok thats great, I'll get some more photos up either tomorrow or Wednesday thanks for your help
  9. Thats great Simon thank you very much for your help
  10. its does look very similar doesn't it... I think you could be right... interesting, so it's US? never thought of it being US. Do you think it is original? I've never seen it before so wondered if it was authentic...
  11. It does look similar my only thought was its quite slim being about 1.75 inches wide and just under 4 inches long. I did wonder if perhaps it was German rather than British. Although my initial thought was British. The only reason being, if it could be German for the MP40 Semi Automatic Machine Pistol, but again I though the Magazines for the gun were longer. hmmm very puzzling.
  12. Hi I came across this Magazine case. Firstly I had no idea as to what it was as was wrapped in wax type paper, unwrapping it saw it was a magazine case but I have no idea for what kind of Automatic Rifle it would have been used for. Also I think its British and from the WW2 era, but again I don't really know. I was hoping someone on here would be able to help. Thank you all in advance for all the info you may have
  13. Hi Paul, Yes I've had a really good look and no such luck on the name... sadly will never know who it belonged to, but it really is lovely all the same...
  14. Yes it is lovely and I won't be planing on selling it anytime soon It has been fascinating to find out more about it and the H.A.C.