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  1. Hi I have this single webbing pouch I think is an ammo pouch but I am not 100% sure it is for the British army (WW2) I was hoping someone on here would be able to confirm or not if it is British and WW2 if not what nations and period is it from. Thanks for your help
  2. HI Grey Thank you for the translation is ealing interesting, been interesting to look up Gu Zhutong (made be made up name also).
  3. Hi I was wondering if someone would be able to tell more something about this medal, I can't seem to find in any any book or on line I think it is Japanese and WW2 but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help.
  4. I think a database would be really helpful. Although this forum site has to be the most helpful one I have found thus far. I'm pleased I didn't spend loads as it was part of other items which I know I little bit more about. you always hope for that rare find in the bottom of the box which means you can give up the day job... Still I have found it really interesting to find out about it and thank you for all your help.
  5. Hi Jerry Thats Thank you so much, so as 1958 pattern? this would fit with the numbers I think is the year 65 but is really hard to make out.
  6. Ahh thats really interesting, I wonder who he was.... I'm just not sure of the date :\
  7. Ahhh yes I didn't think of a compass, the stamp is really hard to make out the top line has the letters MEC and numbers 19 and is either 64 or 45 W I think its 64 but really hard to see and the second line number are 973 - 5 (or 8 or s) 960. I'm guessing after the MEC is the year date? is it British do you think?
  8. Ahhh well thats very disappointing and a tad frustrating. oh well never mind.
  9. hmmmm this is all very interesting I guess my question is if its a fake what is it a fake of? i'm rather intrigued by it all. I sent some images to an auction house to their military expert. He said he was stumped not seen one before either. he did say lots of awards were mass produced at the time he thought it looked right so didn't think it was a fake, but had no idea of what it was off. So it would be rather interesting to find out more.
  10. Hi I recently bought a box of military items from auction and there are a few things in the box I know nothing about very much at all. these being one of the items I don't really know about. There are the same belt buckle but one is larger than the other and they have the letters D.R.G.M on the back. I have had a google and they seem to link with Hitler Youth but I have know idea when these were in circulation and also why would they be different sizes? I've never seem them before so really hoping someone on here will be able to help. Thank you.
  11. oh no really? It was in an actions lot there was a note it which said Asia Medal Commander 3rd Unit V Japanese WW2 Honourable and I could make out the last word... but when been looking it up I couldn't see anything about this on line. hence why posted on here as unknown Japanese and WW2 as thats as about as much info I have.