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  1. Interesting stuff and nice to learn a something about that era of British history. I have noticed during my investigations that there is little recorded history about these regiments, possible due to the amature nature of there being.
  2. That's a nice little collection of BMR medals and quite a niche market. I wish I had more info on the background of my own medals but my Grandfather is no longer here to tell the tales. Here is a pic of the Empress medal although I think it could be a later reproduction.
  3. Hi Brett, i'm guessing therefore that mine is from a one off markmanship competition. I'm not sure though if it is solid silver or not, and if indeed it has any collectable value. Like I mentioned above, I cannot find anything similar on the net. mark
  4. Gents Has anyone seen, or does any know anything about this medal? It was passed it to me in a box of various collectables after the death of my Grandfather. On one face it has 2 crossed rifles with the word "MARKSMAN", and on the other face it has a bugle & crown with the words "east indianrailway volunteers rifle corps". size 26mm dia No date given. I cannot see any other example on the internet. see photo. Any help appreciated. PS The other medal is a Queen Victoria Empress of India 1877 also 26mm