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  1. Very nice, Nick. Can you post a better (larger) image of the document? What is the number of its decree?
  2. Yes, it says he was the honorary adjutant between 1930-1940 and the king's military attaché in Germany.
  3. He could have been General Gheorghe Atanasescu.
  4. It is Michael's cipher during WWII, or at least during its beginning. And coming back to the cases, I have a hunch that the first one is for the Loyal Service Order.
  5. I'd rather say that the second one is for the Order of Carol I judging by the shape of the inserts.
  6. Very nice site. Congratulations!
  7. The text on the badge says on top Pentru patria noastra Republica Socialista Romania (For our motherland the Socialist Republic of Romania) and on bottom Evidentiat in pregatirea pentru apararea patriei (Distingushed in training for the defence of the motherland). As the name Socialist Republic of Romania suggests it is pre-revolution. I am not very familiar with these badges, but I would say they are Patriotic Guards-related.
  8. Another photo of King Carol II wearing the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit
  9. Nice copy, indeed. Congratulations!
  10. Many years ago they had the items carefully labelled. I managed to retrieve an image of their Serbian Order of the White Eagle with Swords. I also remember seeing an exhibition of Russian badges. And something more:
  11. Hello : these are some pics N 1 the sanitatsauto  used to ride convalescent wounded soldiers N2 a group of covalescent nurses dr wurschmidt and other N3 a nurse and a doctor N4 Dr Wurschmidt ,left , cradling a x ray tube 





    1. Bayern




      More pics , The first is the sanitatsflugzeug , just landed on a field near the lazarett , the plane is a C tyoe with the machine gun removed .was used to spot woundeds and to transport medicines and other medical supplies , the second pic is of a russian polkovnik wounded and prisoner interned in the lazarett . my grandfather uses to chat with the colonel in french . The lazarett was Reserve Lazarett 26 Erlangen 

  12. Nice find, Megan!
  13. One badge in the case of issue and with the award certificate (from the museum in Hohensalzburg Castle)