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  1. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    The order is no longer awarded. Please take a look on its official description.
  2. Star of Romania

    I know of no regulation that described the model to the left, so I assume it was made either as "transitional" insignia (as you put it) in ignorance of the regulations or directly as a fantasy piece to deceive collectors into believing it is a rare piece. A giveaway should be the wrong ribbon on which is mounted.
  3. Wallachian and Moldavian uniforms 1750-1815?

    Andrei, you should go on a visit to the National Military Museum. They have a very nice collection of uniforms, including from the period you are interested in. Please take a look the the thread describing a tour through the Romanian Military Museum.
  4. Thank you both for the replies. Please keep the fingers crossed so that I'll get a good price. Here is the box:
  5. Your opinion on this piece? Thanks!
  6. I thought that the photo had the kind of emulsion that was not sensitive to blue. It's only too bad that the resolution of the photo is poor and we cannot even see whether there is the shadow of the blue cross.
  7. I might be mistaken, but the marked star could be the Order of the Star of Romania.
  8. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Thank you all for your contributions on this detective search. I am amazed by all your knowledge and for how quick you have replied me.
  9. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Thank you all for the replies. You seem to have extraordinary knowledge. With your help I can conclude that in the studio photo from Bistrita, most likely taken in 1898 (he wears the Jubilee Commemorative Medal of 1898 - maybe the reason to take the photo), Eduard was a feldwebel. Then, in the group photo taken at the latest in 1899 (maybe it marked the end of the 'Metalka-era' of the regiment), Eduard was a fähnrich. Now it remains the question of the regiments in which he served. In 1898 he could have been part of the 63rd Infantry Regiment. Then in 1899 he was part of the 2nd Hungarian Infantry Regiment stationed in Metalka. I understand that the collar colour of the 63rd Infantry Regiment was orange-yellow. What was the colour of the 2nd Hungarian Infantry Regiment? Or of the 22nd Landwehr Regiment? I have seen that the latter was stationed in Cernauti (Czernowitz in German). Maybe this was the reason Eduard later settled in Bucovina? Was any of these regiments stationed in Prague between 1917-1918? A bit of quick research showed that 32ndLandwehr Regiment was also stationed in Bistrita, so I think we should add this to our detective search.
  10. Photo of old Austrian unit

    What was his rank in the Metalka photo? Was he a Feldwebel in the studio photo? Was his uniform special in any way? In the family he was mentioned as being part of the Austrian military postal service in the last years of the empire. After the war he settled in the Itcani (Itzkany in German) suburb of Suceava, where he worked for the Romanian postal service until the 1930s. Detail of the studio photo.
  11. Photo of old Austrian unit

    This is the best I could do.
  12. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Thanks a lot. I think he was only NCO. Earlier opinions on the forum based on the studio photo were Zugsführer or Feldwebel. I think I have identified him in the first photo. What can you say about his rank in comparison to the studio photo?
  13. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Hi! Can you post the whole list? Maybe we can find him there. His name was Eduard Victor Gürtesch. Thanks in advance.
  14. Photo of old Austrian unit

    Thank you all for the additional information. A picture is worth a thousand words: the building in the photo looks like the building in the postcard posted by Paja. Can you comment on the inscription above the gates? Now some background information. I have found the photo among some old papers from my wife’s side. Her great grandfather, a Transylvanian Saxon, (photo below), had been in the Austrian army but no other details were available except a move to Prague between 1917-1918 with his whole family. I have mentioned him before on the forum but the photos have disappeared there. From your posts I suspect that he served in the 2nd Hungarian Infantry Regiment and he was probably posted in Metalka, Bosnia before 1899. Can anyone spot him in the photo? After that he married a girl from Bistrita (Bistritz or Nösen) and they had a daughter in 1902. I would appreciate if you can give any other information about the regiment and its moves.