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  1. Hello, here another trench image, this near Höhe 304. It was a very contested point on the western side of the Maas on the battlefield of Verdun. Won by the German troops almost 101 years ago today (29th May 1916), it remained contested till the allied forces won it back on 22nd August 1917. GreyC
  2. Good morning Bayern, thank you for the interesting details! GreyC
  3. Merci beaucoup, monsieur! GreyC
  4. Hello or better bonjour! I was able to buy some WW1 photos recently, among them these soldiers from what appears to be French cavalry before WW1? I am absolutely in the dark when it comes to French military, so I´d appreciate if anybody could enlighten my with regards to the unit and its garison, if different from town the photos were taken in. I believe the photos were taken in the 1890s or early 1900s? Thanks a lot! GreyC
  5. Hi Fritzel, with regard to the Verlustlisten: not all wounded or dead were listed during the afore mentioned timespan. Especially navy casualties, but also army were sometimes reported with delay or not at all, so not to inform the enemy in instances of classified actions (like losses of submarines etc.). GreyC
  6. Hi, I read it not as a name but as "Meine" - "my" Gastgeber / hosts. Beneath the names Franz Jonas ,Frau Jonas, Klaus Jonas GreyC
  7. Hi, he is not in the Kürschners Deutscher Literatur-Kalender 1930. GreyC
  8. Hi Cilli1902, you could send an inquiry to the Vienna City Archive asking them to find his entry in the Gewerberegister, where the founding date and other information of the factory are written down in. In some instances the archives also kept a file with additional data. Another option is the Handelsregister with varying amounts of information, dependend on the legal type of the business (OHG, GmbH, AG) GreyC
  9. Hi, for those not familiar with German photo A4: Gunposition point 148 Connay (Geschützstellung Höhe 148 Connay) GreyC
  10. Hi there seems to have been a commemorative medal with the profil of his in 1917 and 1918: and and he seems to hae been promoted to SA Brigadeführer in 1942 (or someone with the same name).ührer GreyC
  11. Good evening gentlemen, the photo was taken between 1930 the earliest and prior to Aug 1939 but at that time still recent, as the General mailed a copy of it to the State Archiv then. The Generalleutnant a.D. was first listed a citizen of Weimar in 1931, however there is no address-book of 1930. So theoretically he could have lived there from late 1929/1930 onwards. See: GreyC
  12. Hi, can´t say anything about the general, but the photographer seems to have been Louis Held, a nationally renkown photographer from Weimar. The first word in 2nd line is, I think, either "Gau" or "Bau" GreyC
  13. Hi Chip, if I remember correctly it´s from the unit´s history. L. Knies: Das württembergische Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 13 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918 (H. Flaischlen: Die württembergischen Regimenter im Weltkrieg 1914-1918 , Band 41), Chr. Belser AG, Verlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart 1927 GreyC
  14. Thanks for pointing that out, Chris. Didn´t know the Prince Alfons Commemorative Badge. GreyC
  15. Hi, I also see a Schlesischer Adler 2nd class (2. Stufe) (4th from right), and 1st class (1. Stufe) beneath EKI which means he was active in a Freikorps for a while. Besides that Generalleutnant Eduard Lang, Generalmajor Otto Staubwasser and the yet to be identified Major all seem to share the same badge/emblem/medal, which is the highly reflecting rectangular one. Whereas the Generals wear it beneath their medalbars, the Major wears it next to his pinned on crosses above the belt. GreyC