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  1. Could it be one of those badges distributed for the paticipants of the early NSDAP get-togethers that were allowed to be worn on the uniforms during early Wehrmacht/Kriegsmarine times? GreyC
  2. Hi Paul, that echos my thoughts. Maybe not Russia but Greece/Balkans? GreyC
  3. Hi, I am actually sceptical that it is either. On second thoughts.... Here is a black one. GreyC
  4. Hi Komtur, as someone collecting photographs and documents of members of the Freiwillige Kriegskrankenpflege this is a wonderful post. Thank´s for sharing! GreyC
  5. Hi, now that you are mentioning it.... Unteroffizier der Reichswehr Schießauszeichnung 2nd grade plus sharpshooter grade, at Andy: Thanks for the nice illustration. GreyC
  6. Yes, but to my knowledge most of them were worn on the other side, were they not? GreyC
  7. Superb photo. Thanks for posting! GreyC
  8. Yes, single cockade becausee the photo was made well prior to 1897, when the national cockade was introduced. Thanks, GreyC
  9. Ah, ok. Did firefighters of that period have long service stripes? The stripes on the sleeves remind me of the long service stripes of the Red Cross. GreyC
  10. Hi, for my 500th post I thought I treat you to this Bavarian soldier with marksman stripes prior to the introduction of the cord in 1894. Not too often found, but not superspecial, so appropriate for the occassion. Have enjoyed being part of this forum so far! GreyC
  11. Maybe an Admin or Mod of this forum can help you out? Why don´t you send them a personal message and explain...? GreyC
  12. Hi, I wonder if there is a whistle at the end of the cord? GreyC
  13. Hi, an interesting bar. When did they have to stop wearing these unofficial medals, if at all. I guess from at least 1935 this was all over with? Best, GreyC
  14. Thanks! I appreciate that☺️ GreyC