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  1. Hi, I read Heinrich Schwenold. A name you find in Bavaria once in a while. No guesswork necessary. GreyC
  2. Hi, though I have difficulties deciphering all, I´ll give you what I can make out so far: 1.) Vati/father Givet 1914 2.) Vati (Hauptmann); Betr[iebs] Ing[enieur] [=operations engineer] ??ampel; ??? Bmstr [Betriebsmeister/head of operations] Hoffmann; Amtsgehilfe [clerk] Betriebsamt Givet 1914/15 (Belgien) 3.) Betriebsamt Givet 1914/15 4.) Dein Schwager Will z.[ur] Z.[eit] Bukarest 1917 5.) Rumänien 1917 GreyC
  3. Yes. An Artillerie-Regiment is divided into (2) Abteilungen which are subdivided into Batterien. 1st Batterie is part of 1st Abt. IR´s did not have Batterien. My guess is, because there was no FuArt 50 it seemed superflous to write FAR 50 as it was the only option. GreyC
  4. Hi, as far as i know, there was no FuAR 50. The FeldAR 50 was founded in 1899 and from Karlsruhe. The IR 50 was from Posen. GreyC
  5. Hi, like the medal a lot. Here a photo from the ship from my collection. GreyC
  6. Hi, could he have gotten the Chinese medal during the events surrounding the Boxeraufstand in 1900? Maybe not as a soldier but on diplomatic mission? GreyC
  7. Thanks Laurentius, I attach a photo of a braunschweiger Förster who earned EKII and EKI as well as the braunschweiger Kriegsverdienstkreuz II and I. Klasse. The latter was only awarded since 20.März 1918 by Herzog Ernst August. The photo was taken in 1925. I like it because of the symmetry. GreyC
  8. Quite an impressive display, there, Alan. I have seen photos on which soldiers wore two different crosses besides the EKI. I wonder if there were also soldiers with more than that? If so, probably Generals and higher. GreyC
  9. Well, I am not so sure about that. If he wasn´t in the German Luftstreitkräfte from the get go, he might have been enlisted in an infantry regiment from Hamburg, got wounded, was declared unfit for infantry service at the front and switched to the FA33. This happened quite often. However upon checking the German loss-list there was no candidate that seemed likely. There was one Droth from Lübeck who got wounded... I think it is more likely he got the Hanseatenkreuz for helping out some unit of Hamburg origin with his service. GreyC
  10. Hi, I am not familiar with these, but isn´t the Oldenburg cross the one next to the EKI on the left (from looking at it)? Best, GreyC
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