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  1. Hi, I would still go with special ammo-pouches. The bags for disk-grenades were larger and were carried on the waistbelt. https://www.feldgrau-forum.com/threads/was-ist-das-fuer-ein-ausruestungsgegenstand.31583/#post-127900 GreyC
  2. Hi Chris, a specialist from a German WW1 forum (Feldgrau-Forum) identified it as a rare bandolier for Schneeschuhtruppen from Bavaria later also worn by colleagues from Wurttemberg. GreyC
  3. Hi Glenn, I was told by an expert on German colonial questions that it is not the EKII but the KO4x for his stint in Samoa in 1888. GreyC
  4. Hi, this is an old post, but I´d like to present a photo of Hugo Emsmann as Kommandeur of Helgoland around 1908. GreyC
  5. Hi Gary, it is always better to post a photo of the original in question. s/l= seinem lieben= his beloved z.Erg. is probably an unusually abbriviaton Erg =zur Erinnerung= in memory of/to remind you of GreyC
  6. Could it be one of those badges distributed for the paticipants of the early NSDAP get-togethers that were allowed to be worn on the uniforms during early Wehrmacht/Kriegsmarine times? GreyC
  7. Hi Paul, that echos my thoughts. Maybe not Russia but Greece/Balkans? GreyC
  8. Hi, I am actually sceptical that it is either. On second thoughts.... Here is a black one. GreyC
  9. Hi Komtur, as someone collecting photographs and documents of members of the Freiwillige Kriegskrankenpflege this is a wonderful post. Thank´s for sharing! GreyC
  10. Hi, now that you are mentioning it.... Unteroffizier der Reichswehr Schießauszeichnung 2nd grade plus sharpshooter grade, at Andy: Thanks for the nice illustration. GreyC
  11. Yes, but to my knowledge most of them were worn on the other side, were they not? GreyC
  12. Superb photo. Thanks for posting! GreyC