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  1. I stand corrected. At least I mentioned that there was another one. GreyC
  2. Actually, the correct name is von Bartenwerffer. During the war there were two Oberst and one Generalmajor as well as one Oberleutnant active by that name. Your Hauptmann in 1907/09 was Major at the beginning of the war serving in the Großer Generalstab and ended it as Oberst and Chief of Staff of Generalkommando 55. GreyC
  3. Hi, the name is "von Bartenwerfer" there was a staff-officer under Ludendorff´s command by this name. But if it´s him or a relative I don´t know. GreyC
  4. Hi, the 2nd photo shows a Vizefeldwebel of the Friedensheer (after January 1st 1919, the predecessor organisation of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. From 12.07.1919 rank insignia were changed to those of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. You should allow some time as transition-period for dating the photo. Middle of January to end of July should cover it. Here´s my example of a Vizefeldwebel of IR 149 with EKI and silver or gold wound badge in the post war version. GreyC
  5. Hi, could be the later Generalmajor Weiz. Before the war Oberstlt. with the IR 117 from 20th Mai 1914 Commander of 31 Reserve Inf. Brigade. Ended war as GM. Maybe he switched from the 31st RIBr to 42nd IR. According to the Kriegsgliederung der deutschen Truppen im Cernabogen Mitte November 1916 he was with the 42nd IR at that time. GreyC
  6. Hi Dave, now that you write it.... Spot on! I shall give up on trying to decipher signatures. GreyC
  7. Hi, can´t help much. He was Halbflotillen-Chef of the IVth Minensuchhalbflotille. He was a "von" and his name starts (I think) with an SCH. Coud be von Schemich? or sth like it. GreyC
  8. Hi, here´s mine, a Hanseaten-Kreuz from Hamburg in a combination with EKII and FA Cross (Oldenburg) as Frack-Schnalle and bar. GreyC
  9. Hi, from 1865 Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen, 1871 Fürst von Bismarck, from 1890 also Herzog zu Lauenburg, a title he himself did not want nor used. He lived in Reinbek which was part of the county/district of Storman bordering Lauenburg. GreyC
  10. Hi, just to prevent misunderstandings: I didn´t refer to the articles on ebay, just referred to the use of CDVs/RPPCs GreyC
  11. Hi, the real photo postcard was offered from around the late 1890s by some and then increasing numbers of German photo-studios. From 1914 on most studio had replaced CDVs, CABs etc. with RPPCs. However, some studios still used them till the 1920s (as shown above), in other countries even to the 30s, especially in rural areas. But these are fairly rare. GreyC
  12. Hi cwdts, "kerning" is a typographical terms and denots the distance between letters and/ or words (in short and simplified terms), so that the distances between them look the same and thererfore pleasant to the eye though due to the different width of the letters the gaps between them are not all the same. GreyC