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  1. Hi Bayern, thank you for your suggestion. As I am not quite sure what badge you are referring to, can you give an example, please? Thanks, Deichkind
  2. Hi Dave, thank you for pointing that out. GreyC
  3. Hi Chris, thank you for the reply. You´re right, he wears three rings. The Flugzeugführerabzeichen came to my mind, too. The design of the eagle seems unusual for a German one in this period. I wonder if it could be early Reichswehr. GreyC
  4. Hello Dansson, thank you for posting it. Very nicely photographed. GreyC
  5. Thank you, Bolewts58, he seems to have served two month till November of that year, according to the backside of his ID. GreyC
  6. Good evening Gentlemen! Got this photo of a German soldier who wears two rings that might be connected to certain units or branches of the military. Can anybody ID the rings or sport an educated guess? Thanks! GreyC
  7. Hi, there seem to be Jäger-collectors as other photos of Bavarian and other Jäger units fetched between 35-45 Euros as well. I paid 2€ for this one at a fleamarket, though I am not quite sure if this is a Jäger. Your opinions are very welcome. GreyC
  8. Hi, here is mine from 1st Oct 1919. 3. Landesjäger-Schwadron / formerly 14. Ulanen Regiment. GreyC
  9. Hi, translation of two-liner: Rear echelon motherer with white tassel in crotch 1913. "Kraddel" is from the dialect of the Saarland. So he´s probably from there. GreyC
  10. Saxony police badge.

    Good evening, the Polizei-Tschako in Niedersachesen after WWII was worn between 1947/48 and 1968. See: http://www.militaria-lexikon.de/html/militaria-lexikon_de_-_polizei.html GreyC
  11. Hi Dave and Dansson, thank you both for your contributions, very helpful. The Württemberger ribbon seems a bit "sloppy" with regard to shape of the ribbon, but the fold is discernable non the less. Also interesting the saxon pentagon fold as provided by link by Dansson. Here the color-stripes run vertical, not sideways as with mine. There seems not to have been any regulations to that end? GreyC
  12. Hi Tony, I can´t help you there, I am afraid. GreyC
  13. Hi, nice pic! Text: Communication trench to farmhouse. What does the cut off text say? Seems to be an offical news photo or the like from what I can make out. GreyC