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  1. To specify the differences between German and Allied inscriptions on aerial photographs here are the main differences: German dates were written with dots inbetween as in: 29.7.16. Never with "-" The time (?) 17H is not German. The time was written in the 12 hour format V[ormittags]=a.m., N[achmittags]=p.m.. The square format was only used by very few German army field flying units and was more often used by German Naval Squadrons. Hope that helps a bit. A good source for infos concerning German aerial photogrphy are the books by Helmut Jäger, a former recon expert of the Bundeswehr.
  2. Hi Patrick, I have no knowledge when it comes to British navy uniforms. Sailors of the German Navy had different stripes on their sleeves to indicate what watch they belonged to. There were also badges on large warships to indicate what "Division" of that ship (like a company in the army) they belonged to. Don´t know if this is a possiblility. GreyC
  3. Hi Don, the first picture in #1 is the full size picture the 2nd pic is a detail out of the 1st. GreyC
  4. Hello Peter, thank you for your opinion. The latter explanation seems to have a lot going for it. Thanks for sharing your insights. GreyC
  5. Hello Gentlemen, This aerial photography caught my attention because of the trench design perfectly visible in this aerial photo. I have seen quite a few trench systems on photos from the air, none in this form though. It reminds me of the outline-design of old fortresses to avoid blind spots. Unfortunately no information on place or photographer. Only the date that seems to point to the battle of the Somme. The way the information was written on the photo seems to indicate a none German origin. Does any of you have any idea of the idea and function of this design, by what country it was built and maybe the place where this was? Thank you! GreyC
  6. Hi, I don´t know anything about Bulgarian orders and medals but I sure like your page dedicated to the Royal ones! GreyC
  7. Hi! Not beeing supplied with data could have to do with him not beeing dead long enough for that. There is a ban on personal data of people to those not directly related to them (if I remember correctly) of 30 years if the person in question is not a significant figure in history. GreyC
  8. Hi, I´ll keep my fingers crossed. GreyC
  9. Hi, that was unusually quick for the WASt! And the news are good. Herbert Göbel survived the war and died 1993. His wife died in 2002. The lady from the agency also states that there not only is a surviving daughter, but that she contacted her and forwarded her your contact information. So if she is interested, she will contact you. Congrats! GreyC
  10. Hi, it looks like it is from VII th AK, because the cuff´s piping is white and the shoulderboards blue. If you have the jacket at home, look for a stamp in the inside lining. It is a peacetime uniform so there should be a stamp in any case. GreyC
  11. Hi, sorry I seem to be visually impaired. What Regiment/Battalion are you looking for? There were K. Gremmels in at least IR 77, RIR 81, RIR 203, RIR 215 and 1.GResR. GreyC
  12. Ah, Newcastle! Love that place and the region! Was able to spend some time there. GreyC
  13. From my experiene it can take up to 6 months, but you should hear from them in any case. GreyC
  14. Hi, these traditions were not only upheld by the Wehrmacht as dedehansen rightly writes, but earlier from the Reichswehr, too. Usually the units that took over the tradition of an old regiment were somehow related to the old unit (if only by sake of use of same weapon). However, this need not be the case always. GreyC
  15. Hi, they tell you that your query was redirected from the Red Cross to the WAST (Wehrmachts-Auskunft-Stelle). They started research on it, but as it takes time no news yet. if they find anythink, they´ll contact you again. Best, GreyC