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  1. Give me your email,I will send you Pdf version of this document.
  2. left column: 武 Take 宮 Miya 書 sho 記 ki 官 kan it means Take Miya secretary right column: 宮 Ku 内 nai 省 shou it means Ministry of Imperial Household,after Japan Unconditional surrender ,it renames to 宮内庁(Imperial Household Agency)
  3. According to the China Incident Commemorative Medal command Related documents(支那事変記念章令關系文書),It will be granted to those people: And the totally awards in plan was 3068700 And the Award statute as follows:
  4. The Friends of the military community of China(ROC),founded in October 31st of the 40th year of the Republic of China(1951),
  5. Low-level fake