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  1. Portrait with Auxiliary Cruiser Badge. As far as I know this man served on Hilfskreuzer Pinguin Unfortunately I am not able to find out his name.
  2. Thanks GreyC for the information. Exactly what I was hoping for. I can only guess that the Hilfskreuzer Pinguin survivor whose album these come from was one of the people receiving the EK I and that this was probably prior to 1940 and not after the 1941 sinking of Hilfskreuzer Pinguin. I could not understand the presence of the SS Oberführer at a naval event but I imagine that this was a common ceremonial task. Thanks so much!
  3. I recently acquired a photo album that belonged to a survivor of Hilfskreuzer Pinguin. I am hoping to contextualize some of the photos which are of a ceremony. If anyone can help with ANY info please let me know.
  4. I think these are HK Hilfskreuzer Pinguin Survivors at a ceremony in the 1970s. From an album which includes many older photos and one negative. The negative appears to be a portrait with the medal being worn and I will post it here as soon as I can get it developed.
  5. Now I can see the initials are EV. Thanks so much for your help! Really great to know the name & story behind the autograph.
  6. I've just joined the forum in order to look for help. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to assist! I am going through a collection of 5 autographs from WWI. They are on Feldpost cards. I have been successful in identifying two so far but this one is proving difficult. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? I am assuming that it would have to be someone fairly well known if they were sending out autographs? The problem is I just cannot read the handwriting. The other two cards I have identified are from Sarkotić, the Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina & Rudolf Singule SMU 4 U-Boot Commander.