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  1. Belgian Medal?

    Medal of the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian Congo
  2. WWII Belgian Forces Britain Cross Medal Brigade Piron (not official) Diving regularly on sales sites. But are greatly exaggerated in my opinion
  3. Thanks Carol I forr the explination I'm looking for an offcier of the first type.
  4. Hi, Can some one tell me the difference betweens those 2 medals ?
  5. Finds of the day

    Hi Kris Still interesting. No, I'm not so musical that I could use this. Or maybe for things it should not be used for ...
  6. Vincent, it is quite possible. I have little knowledge of Civilian decoration.
  7. Finds of the day

    Top, some military stuff between it
  8. Antwerp regalia

    I like those
  9. the fifth is also general. You can see it on his shoulderstbs on his uniform
  10. Thanks Kris. He also did wrote De Kempeneer and also Dekempeneer (Major Dekempeneer nommé Lt Colonel ---- le 26 december 1917)
  11. Nomaly it is Dekempeneer (this is the name in his miltary file) I have a copy of a handwritten lettre and also signed Dekempeneer But in many times it also De Kempeneer written, after he became Baron it was written de Kempeneer de Steenstraete (where he was wounded on 8/4/1915) Guy
  12. Top !! Kris, Iff you will find some info in the diary concerning commandant / Major (1915) Dekempeneer (also 1ste grenadiers) I like to hear it. Thanks Guy