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  1. Nice helmet and not easy to find
  2. Hello, Can someone tell me more about the following order. Military Order of the Firing Squad. Was given in 1972 and mayby had to do with the Korean war ?? Perhaps no official medal ?? Thanks
  3. The third from the left Insigne de l'association Nationale de volontaires du 11.11.1918 au 28.06.1919 de l'armée de campagne.
  4. Thanks or the identification. Is or was it normal that a Belgian officer got the Palmes Académiques - Officier de l'instruction publique (France) ?
  5. Hello, Can someone identify these ribbons. 1-2-3 thanks
  6. Thanks Binky. This medal was a part of the medals (including a DFC dated 1943) of a Belgian pilot flew in WW II in the 103 sqadron (RAF).
  7. Thanks Michael. regards Guy
  8. Hello What is the meaning of this emblem on the French-German star? Thanks
  9. Thanks Michael. Sorry, I'm not a good photographer I hope this pictures are better
  10. Hello, Would this DSO be a real or a false one? Thanks
  11. Hello Kris, The mini's are beautiful pieces I agree with Graf. I know these pieces with real diamonds / brilliants are quite expensive. I have never bought it myself, but have been offered several.
  12. Thank you Gentlemen for the possible explanation. Is it possible that color discolouration, both the front and the back, the entire ribbon and even the loops to match have the same color ? Even between the I see no discolouration. My question is no whether this original ribbons are. My question is only meant to know the difference between both colors. Even in large auction houses, I see the difference in ribbon coming back.
  13. Who can help me ? What's the difference between these 2 neck ribbons. Both are a member of the Polish Order of the Restituta. One ribbon in red with white. The other one is more orange with white. I have also seen these ribbons on the same medals on various sales sites. But there is no mention of the difference. Thanks