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  1. Hendrik is a member of this forum. He can answer your question himself.
  2. Thanks Karhu, This indeed seems to be the right medal Guy
  3. Sorry thats the only picture I have ( source site 2de commando). It is possible that this medal has something to do with "Sahel" Niger in 1973 when he as Major commanded a Belgian military detachment. Thanks Spasm
  4. Hello, Do somebody know this madel (black arrow) on the pictures ? Thanks. Guy
  5. Kris, Great find. I like it.
  6. Hello, Thanks The stars are embroidered on a seperate piece of cloth, but the eagle is embroidered on the cap.
  7. Be careful with your keyboard. I appreciate very much your appreciation Thanks Peter.
  8. Maby this link can help you Guy
  9. I'd like to propose a shapska for a Belgian Senior officer (Major or Lieutenant Colonel) of the 3rd Lancers Regiment. This headgear were worn between the period 1863 and 1915. Enjoy it because we see them very little.
  10. I suspect this will be the right one. Many thanks Dave.
  11. Thanks Dave. It's possible, but the man was already in duty in the Belgian army sinds He was born in Messancy on January 9, 1899. Near the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. War Volunteer on March 3, 1915. (He got also the Belgian war volunteer medal 14/18) So would it be thar it is one of 1914/1918 ?
  12. Unknown medal ribbon. Who can help my with the ribbon nr 1 ? In his case there is no reference to this ribbon Thanks
  13. 922F, Thanks for that answer. I mean the difference between de real an a copy /fake medal ? That difference, I would like to know. I have also the Borné in my libary