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  1. the fifth is also general. You can see it on his shoulderstbs on his uniform
  2. Thanks Kris. He also did wrote De Kempeneer and also Dekempeneer (Major Dekempeneer nommé Lt Colonel ---- le 26 december 1917)
  3. Nomaly it is Dekempeneer (this is the name in his miltary file) I have a copy of a handwritten lettre and also signed Dekempeneer But in many times it also De Kempeneer written, after he became Baron it was written de Kempeneer de Steenstraete (where he was wounded on 8/4/1915) Guy
  4. Top !! Kris, Iff you will find some info in the diary concerning commandant / Major (1915) Dekempeneer (also 1ste grenadiers) I like to hear it. Thanks Guy
  5. Nice lot. But I think not al the medals of that colonel Normally, according to his years of service, a colonel should also have Commendeur in the Order of the Crown and officer in the order of Leopold. I also do not see a military cross in the lot. I also find 1938/1939 Capt Commandant Van Horen M. L. F. ° 25-8-1895 1 regiment Grenadiers Stamnummer 21480 In 1939 he already got the following medals Off Orde Crown with palm off orde leopold War cross 14-18 medal war volunteer 14 - 18 Ysermedal Victory medal Commemorative medal 14-18 medal 1830-1930 Van Horen (brigade Piron) with picture Maj Bde staf coy http://www.brigade-piron.be/noms_v_nl.html
  6. Jef Militaria Belgica 1994 on page 90/91 I did sold al those MB last week on 2de hands. Regards Guy
  7. I only find a drawing and a description of the medal in an article by A. Borné. Nowhere is there a condition to get this medal. A Borné has written several articles (most descriptions of medals without any form of explanation for getting them, since they were issued as private expenses from host country associations). Borné treated only Belgian medals in his articles. Has also made a book about the official Belgian medals and is regarded as expert in this area. Borné treated only Belgian medals in his articles. Borné treated only Belgian medals in his articles. Borné treated only Belgian medals in his articles.
  8. Association nationale des Résistants combattants
  9. I think commandeur in de Leopoldsorde Commandeur Kroon orde Politiek gevangen 14-18 Burgerlijk eretekens 1ste klas Eeuwfeest medaille Order of st Olaf ?????
  10. Nice one, 1 or 2 regiment ? regards Guy
  11. Hello, Can some one help me to the identification of the 2 ribbons Thanks
  12. Who can identify this medal. It is a commander croos I think. Sorry, no other pictures Thanks
  13. Who can identify the ribbon labeled with the white arrow Thanks
  14. Top Also on my wantlist
  15. Thank you Wim for the explination. Regards Guy
  16. Thanks my friends. 922F I do not know the name off te officer at this moment. I have to check the yearbooks concerning the Belgien air force officers period 1946/1953 and hope to find him. But I hope the ribbons can tell me more about him.. It is good possible that the last order is the orde of Danneborg
  17. Thanks I also think the first ribbon is the Star of Ethiopia. The first ribbonl I do not think it could be the order of thousand Hills. Iff I'm not wrong, the Order was instituted some time between 1982 and 1985) and this ribbon is on a uniforme that dates between 1939 ans 1953. But there also medals from the WW I. So It can be offered at this offer before 1939. The second France, Order of Agricultural Merit, Commander on a military uniform off a pilot ? Is this possible ?
  18. Thanks Trooper D I have find the solution It is : Order of Merit of the Hungarian republic military section https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Merit_of_the_Republic_of_Hungary regards Guy
  19. Thanks, I do not think it is the St. Agatha order I know this image is not good, but I do not have an other. The uniform ribbon is the same but the cross is on the ribbon. Not like the usual commander ribbons with the silver line behind the rozette. Also not good image off the ribbon.
  20. Thanks friends. But what is the diffent between those 2 (with arrows)