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  1. Chip would have guessed with his eyes closed. That darker crown is a mystery, though. Is it metal, or felt with a slightly different pigment that shows darker, perhaps?
  2. You know it is all downhill from here, right? ;P
  3. Man o man, you stepped in it with this, Chris. Congrats!
  4. Chip, have you got a date in 1918 for that? Were these a softer bill, or hard bill?
  5. Hah--so there is. "1917 E. Koehn, Geneve, Suisse" and a small arrow are more or less etched in like an inscription, as opposed to die stamped in the back of the compass. Top of the case has a more traditional "Verner's Pattern VII" inscribed. Dial has mother of pearl. The 1916 dated cover I now see a broad arrow. This was procured from a seller in Bavaria. May have lucked into something with this, eh? I thought it was more a generic Suisse, not thinking I had military markings. An early reenactor item for me--I barely got to look it over until now and also see the N-S-E-W lettering.
  6. I have this Swiss one dated 1916. I thought it may be something that would be private purchase. FOr $30 I felt it worth the shot.
  7. I'd say 2.k or 3.k, depending how the pigments photographed. Provide his name and town or birthdate, I am sure a lot more information can be found. Great portrait to have of your Urgroßvater!
  8. Another recent find--one of only two in the series I confirm
  9. Among my favourite photos, everyday chores, work, tasks, and the like always intrigue me. I have wondered about the nature of the aprons. Are they black, dark grey, or even blue? Was anything akin to Denim possibly used, or is that essentially very American? I would also gather that a Schuster would likely wear a leather apron, or that a Fleischer could even have a rubberised apron? I do some living history, and would like to be able to properly sport an apron if I am cleaning boots or my rifle in public. Thank you!
  10. Very nice. Would like to see more of the harness...
  11. Verdammte Scheisse! ~I~ am even more insanely jealous. I have been itching to find a nice one, and that pig maker mark really is top!
  12. Well, if you have to have an early war tag....
  13. A friend just found this in the wilds of West Virginia. I know the device from seeing the Raupenhelm, but this era is not my forte. Any suggestions what it is from are much appreciated. Vielen Dank! It is approx 20cm, but he has not given me an exact measurement.