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  1. I retained these images for my Bavarian 10.IR archive, but this is not one I am well versed about. These are for a specific type of uniform, or may just dress up the usual uniform for certain events. I'd gather the 24.IR may have had this simple private purchase type, but is it a Bavarian specific style, or used by other German armies?
  2. Any suggestions for an oversized Bavarian cockade? Shown alongside my only other example--Unteroffizier mit Portepee style in the normal size. This came with some other original cockades for caps and Pickelhauben. Digital often messes with the colours. Danke!
  3. I know of them worn on the arm for Btn Lichterfelde 15 RW Brig, which I have noted as being a Freikorps garde sleeve badge prior. That may be slightly garbled from the source comments made on a photo a man showed of his grandfather wearing it, otherwise appearing to be a standard 1918 soldier photo. I am sure someone can explain it more fully. Hopefully that gives you something to start with.
  4. Just got this--the mix of uniforms and missing shoulder boards and Reichskokarden lead me to think the men are friends post war in a local Verein. There are two cap badges. One appears to be an Edelweiss, perhaps with some movement to the man's head blurring it? The other a more rectangular badge could be the Austrian 21 Korps.
  5. Scroll up. Looks like mine on the orange wool. Here is the back--same:
  6. These are fantastic! I have this generic in tin that is kind of neat. Hülle aus Zinkblech mit Militärpass von 1881 Pionier Bataillon No 9:
  7. That is flippin' awesome, Andy! First time I have seen the 10.ID Verbandsabzeichen in a photo. Not to mention the style the soldier exhibits wearing them as he does, and overall look of the photo. Exceptional find! What regiment does he have on his Schulterklappen?
  8. I think it just appears a little larger because of placement on the cap curving around the head. The shape is right, even looking at the other men.
  9. Thanks, Chris! I proudly own one, but yes, photographic evidence is tough as well. Andy, I think it is just the turn of the badge as pinned. Cropped in on the detail:
  10. Bayr. 8. Res. Div. Reviewing again, seems just one XXI Korps may be present, but many have Heeresfront Erzherzog Carl.
  11. Just picked up this photo. Stamped on back "Sturmabteilung Bayr 8. Res. Division" 1917. XXI Korps, Erzherzog Carl and kb RID Verbandsabzeichen appear to be worn willy nilly.
  12. Oh--thank you as well for the kind comment on my collection, and the thoughts on the small one. I got so excited to see the Soldbuch entry. Of course. I know these were living documents, and entries span the time in service.
  13. That is fantastic! What an exceptional document. May I share by email with a couple of friends who are not on this forum?
  14. Probably the holding point for my small collection. A small grouping brought three more--all are 40mm across the longest point, but the small is 34mm. Shall I consider that WWII? Regarding the DAOV, having read the thread often, I am happy to include these two with the collection. Top row, the first two are steel. The rest are not magnetic, and appear to be Neusilber.
  15. Fantastic! Very glad to see that you do not have the chinstrap "over the visor" like every other collector assumes to do.
  16. In terms of Wappen for 1880's thru WWI, not correct, but is it possibly a repro (and the dirty one authentic) of this? Officer's specimen is shown. I believe I have seen the brass/Tombak on black leather or atop a brass front with black leather. Simply some items stumbled on--I have a passing ability to ID older Bavarian stuff, but 1914-1918 is my core area.
  17. Danke. Still interesting to see the Bavarian influence on their device. That works for me.
  18. Because of the design I am very happy to add the 22. Schützen Div. tinnie, which has a Bavarian button as a shield for a medieval warrior. The unit fought as part of the German 14th Army, which was in Italy from inception to the end of the war. The Austrian I. Korps and Bavarian III Korps were part of the 14. Armee, so I would venture the 22. Schützen Div. was influenced by Bavarians in the sector. My question; is it likely this was worn by Bavarian/German troops? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/14th_Army_(German_Empire)?wprov=sfla1
  19. Unknown tinny

    Seems inconsistent with the German and Austrian badges I have been encountering. Almost seems like it could be a worker badge for some sort of plant--maybe at some naval base or factory?
  20. Well, on eBay out of Austria almost 2 weeks ago... Chip, I gather this could well be a Salzbeutel.
  21. Just received this fantastic little find for my BDIII list, which contains two ID tags to the same soldier with different cities--from the famous Garnison location of Ingolstadt as well as the city of my family. Josef Birnkammer, 24.2.1889, Ers. Abteilung, bay. 6. Feld Artillerie Regt. One is for the city of Ingolstadt (2 Ers. Battr.) and the other for Freising (Garnison Battr.) Each tag has its original cord. The backs are blank The 10cm x 18cm striped bag is marked distinctively specific to the Bavarian BDIII, kb III Armeekorps Bekleidungs Depot, with 1915 date and Hersteller code.
  22. Sleeve Insignia

    Would this be both sleeves, or just the left?
  23. Well, I have seen a handful, and this was easily the understanding. Private purchase?
  24. Rolled Straps?

    That was my first reaction, too--tho odd they did not just remove them. One from my collection.