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  1. Very nice British Grenadier Bearskin! I am no expert on these, but it's in such good condition, it looks like you went back in time and took it from 1770 whatever. However, perhaps as it could be a grenadier drummer's bearskin (appears to be a drummer or musicians) the drummer kept it and it's been stored and kept in good condition and it's been stored in perhaps a family house addict. I saw an article somewhere, a Royal Navy Lieutenant who served with Admiral Nelson in the early 1800s Napoleonic period (I think Trafalgar) kept his uniform after his service and it's been stored in the family addict for hundreds of years and was uncovered recently, in untouched condition, and it's the only known example to a RN Lieutenant of that period to exist so far. Long story short, it could be a fake, and I'm no expert, but if uniforms can survive from around the period (I've seen some really nice Napoleonic uniforms (VERY expensive, but very nice) in very good condition, from very prestigious militaria sellers... then I think it is very possible that that this could be authentic, but when dealing with rare, expensive examples like this, it is often worthwhile for forgers and fakers to fake a hat such as this one, so you must be cautious with these. Stuart Bates, a well known hat collector, who is on this forum, has (or at least had, probably still has, not speaking for him, though) a very similar example. His hat collection topic, page 1 Don't know if you've seen it or not yet, but maybe you should contact him as he may able to help you authenticate it. That's just my insight, hope it helps. Best regards, -Jamie
  2. It is a beautiful hat, I was also tempted to buy it as well, however I was still thinking if I wanted to get a slouch or not, and I came across the Royal Scots slouch and I knew I probably wouldn't see another Royal Scots slouch, nor a Scottish slouch in general for quite a while. After that I actually went to check on the Welsh Slouch and noticed it had been sold, recently too. I do really like your collection of Slouches, Jerry, and it's nice to meet another Slouch collector. Well, I only have one, but I look forward to getting more in the future, most slouches look very nice and display well.
  3. Jerry, Peter many thanks. Though you can't see it in the pictures provided from the seller, the date is hard to read and apparently 1939 dated. It is a little early because the 1st Battalion (which fought in Burma) of the Royal Scots was sent to British India in 1942, but they could've been made prior and then sent with the soldier once the Burma Campaign had begun. This is an other ranks example, correct? Officer examples would've been more "nice", correct? I am very lucky to still have the badge on mine, or I would've never known it was Royal Scots. Those are some very nice examples, Jerry, I really like your Welch Regiment one with the flash. Here is another example I've seen on a militaria website to the Welsh Regiment (previously sold, I was keeping my eye on it when it was still for sale, though) and as you can see it looks a bit different than your example.
  4. Greetings fellow forum members. I am "new" to this forum on this account, but I have been on in the past on a previous account which I forgot it's details and only had one of two posts on it anyway, so I have made this new account. I tend to focus on Victorian uniforms, but a recent interest of mine has been WWII slouch hats, specifically Scottish regiments slouches that were used in the far east campaigns such as Burma in WWII. I just purchased a WWII Royal Scots Slouch Hat as used in the far east campaigns. I've already posted this in a WWII forum, but I wanted to start a topic here to get back onto this forum. Were Slouch Hats worn in battle in campaigns like Burma, used to when not in battle for the heat, or both? Other than this example that I just purchased, the only other Scottish regiment slouch I've seen is to the Royal Scots Greys, however I've seen many, many English examples and a couple of Welsh examples before. Are these Scottish regiment slouches somewhat rare? I would like my fellow forum members to post examples of their either Scottish Regiment or British in general examples in their collections. Here is my Royal Scots Slouch hat that I just purchased today, photos from the sellers store. Thank you all for reading.