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  1. Hi Paul - Eric here, Anita's husband I really appreciate the help on this matter, I nearly forked out 3000 Euros for this set. and it was very kind of you to help us out. All the best Anita and Eric
  2. You are true Gentleman Paul, thank you How would you go about estimate both medals? they are offered as a set. Anita
  3. Paul, thank you kindly for taking your time and replying. I really appreciate it. What do you think of this medal?? was it tampered with?
  4. Hi everyone, thank you kindly for reply I had an opportunity to purchase these medals but wanted to make research first making sure they are real. My husband collects medals (mostly Irish) but now and again he gets some English too. here are some photos. Can't post any more, any idea how can I upload more photos of the second medal?
  5. Hi all, Im very new here I came across a Waterloo medals and one of them has this on the rim **Serg Major. W. Fielding. 95 foot I was googling a little and the only similar person that comes out is Colonel Lieutenant William Fielding. is there any archive where I can get some information about this person? any help appreciated