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  1. Thx for help, i will exchange montenegrin heroism with silver bravery medal 85, when you have time pls post photo of general Franasovic, would be nice to see his bar and orders which he get. Best
  2. Yes regarding medal for geroism you could be right, and also might have logic to put instead montenegrin heroism (kolajna) silver bravery 85-86, it will look aligned and it has suspended ring. Idea to put montenegrin medal for heroism i took actually from the bar presented in Muhic/Car book, which you mentioned. But my biggest dilema are positions 3),4),5). Look at the hight of the loops (zakacaljjki) and allignment in this option. It doesnt look well. That was the reason why i am sure that on position 3) is takovo5th, position 4) golden bravery and position 5) despite ita not according to rules (should be on the end of the bar) i choose red cross
  3. Regarding medal of king peter, also what tells me that maybe this is not option is the period of the active service of that officer, it would mean that he was active for over 40 yrs of service, maybe too long period
  4. Since you mentioned general Dragutin Franasovic, see this one and btw do you have his original photo? And this regarding barbi absolutely agree with you about regulations you mentioned and how they didnt stick to them, but when you put as you mentioned silver serbian bravery - kolajna then you dont have line below, hope you understand what i mean, which is also showing sime kind of correctness of order of medals and orders . Could you please post a photo and bar od General D Franasovic? Look at this option
  5. Thx Pajo, 1) and 2) i agree with you, postiton 3 and 4 with takovo crosses 4 and 5 are a bit too much , together with takovo cross with swords would result in 3 takovo crosses on bar. Not many seen like that, maybe on positions 3), 4), 5) are: takovo cross 5th, golden bravery 77, red cross of prinicality serbia ( same ribbon as prevoous two). On the position 7) after montenegrin bravery medal can not go serbian silver bravery 76,77-78, based on rules, this one should go after golden bravery 77, but in any case before foreign - montenegrin bravery medal. Regarding position 8) rule and order was to put it immediately after the orders so not likely from my opininon, but i was also thinking about that option too
  6. And with montenegrin medals What is the order/medal on position 5 from left? Are the positions 6 and 7 from left for montenegrin medals as i put on photos? If not, what should go on positions 6 and 7?
  7. Here is an interested bar, unfortunatelly found without orders. Obviousely it belonged to highest ranked officer, i am trying to reconstruct it for a while, but i am not sure of combination of orders and medals. We can try to do it together. For those medals and orders which are attached on the bar on this picture i am pretty much sure that itbis correct. The order of orders and medals which i guess its correct, from left to right: 1) white eagle order 4or 5 class with monogram- obrenovic period 2) unkown - but i guess takovo cross order with swords 4th class 3)takovo cross 5th class 4) unknown- but i guess golden bravery medal from 1877 5) unkown - 6) unkown - possibly montenegro silver medal for bravery or medal of proclamation of kingdom 1882 ( less probably) 7) umkown - possibly montenegro medal for courage 1862 8) medal on entering constitution in force 1894 9) military virtues 10) medal for turkish wars 1876-78 11) medal for serbian bulgarian war 1885
  8. Grey would it be too much if i ask you to write me exact text written on the ribbon on german, original? Please!
  9. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_von_Knobelsdorff_(General,_1826) About general major Wilhelm von Knobelsdorff , mentioned also battle of SOOR
  10. Grey thx a lot, wow this is really interesting text, thx a lot once again
  11. Dear friend, here is austrian bravery medal, der tapferkeit, i would say second model from period 1859-1866, 1st class, (40mm), silver, with original patina and original ribbon. On ribbon is attached small text, i guess on awarding, date is visible 28.6.1866, but other text i cant understand. What do you think about it? Could someone maybe read text on ribbon? What do you think on her value? thx, veljko
  12. Imperial cross of st george

    Thx a lot! One more :-) what so you think is value of original soldiers cros, app?
  13. Imperial cross of st george

    Igor thx , i am sure about 1st one that is original, could you identified period of awarding based on numeration?