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  1. Hi new world, no these are correct ribbons, for example for ref. pls check excerpt from Muhic-Car book, as their photos are in color. Maybe you were confused since Red Cross order from kingdom period has different ribbon - white one and Takovo Cross with swords, has different ribbon-the red one. But ordinary Takovo Cross (without swords) and Red Cross order (from principality) have the same ribbon, as shown on the bar and photos from the book.
  2. Here is an interested bar, unfortunatelly found without orders. Obviousely it belonged to highest ranked officer, i am trying to reconstruct it for a while, but i am not sure of combination of orders and medals. We can try to do it together. For those medals and orders which are attached on the bar on this picture i am pretty much sure that itbis correct. The order of orders and medals which i guess its correct, from left to right: 1) white eagle order 4or 5 class with monogram- obrenovic period 2) unkown - but i guess takovo cross order with swords 4th class 3)takovo cross 5th class 4) unknown- but i guess golden bravery medal from 1877 5) unkown - 6) unkown - possibly montenegro silver medal for bravery or medal of proclamation of kingdom 1882 ( less probably) 7) umkown - possibly montenegro medal for courage 1862 8) medal on entering constitution in force 1894 9) military virtues 10) medal for turkish wars 1876-78 11) medal for serbian bulgarian war 1885
  3. And also related to this topic, here is awarding document for the royal household golden medal with crown Close look on the seal of the Marechalate of the court
  4. And if i can contribute to the topic, this is an example of same medal manufactured by Arthus Berthrand. They were made from bronze and guilded, and the crown and letters are slightly different And here we can compare and see difference between GA Scheid and Arthus Bertrand, golden ones with crown and without are manufactured by Arthus Bertrand and both silver medals are manufactured by GA Scheid
  5. D Hi i actually made some changes and i think that this is 99% how it looked originally. Unfortunatelly I'm still missing Takovo cross with swords 4th class
  6. Ivan Kosančić

    Ivan Kosancic is a historical person, medieval Serbian knight and nobleman who died in battle of Kosovo with Turks in 1389. He was from Gornje Toplice, Kosanica river area , near Kursumlija. He was son of Ognjen Kosancic, nobleman and knight from the personal guard of Emperor Dusan Silni. He was recognized as one of the best swordsman (mačevalac) in Serbian army of that time. He was very famous for his style, fighting with two swords at the same time , the long one and short sword.
  7. 40 yrs of reign medal od Prince Nicholas, later King, silver and golden one
  8. Prince Nicholas had idea to order for manufacturing two types, golden medal and silvered , but it was too late when they ordered it from Vinc Meyer - just before planned celebration ( and celebration was planned for 19th Dec - St Nicholas day according to Serbian orthodox calendar). In addition order was incomplete - Prince Nicholas portrait was not sent tiimely which was corrected and sent immediately after request from Vinc Meyer. Than Vinc Meyer suggested to produce golden medal from guilded bronze and silver medal from silver with portrait model as received. This was accepted and result is, as we can see, design of medal as in photos attached, and golden medal was made from guilded bronze and silvered medal from silver.
  9. It was manufactured only in two grades : golden - made from gilded bronze silver- made from silver Third type -only bronze, as mentioned in D Romanoff book, from which i attached excerpt ,doesn't existed, neither was planned or ordered for manufacturing. This was author's mistake.
  10. Really rare medal, it was very reputable in Montenegro to receive this medal , among Montenegrins also known as "medal for long service" (medalja za dugogodisnje sluzbovanje). Designed by Szirmay and manufactured by Vinc Meyer. It was planned to order from manufacturer 100 gold ones and 400 silver ones. Correct number of received medals is not known. And one correction to the text attached, bronze medal doesnt existed, only golden and silver.
  11. Hi Paja i am chasing to find General Franasovic longer bar than this one on a picture. But i can't, in the meantime did you find some new photo of Gen Franasovic with longer bar? cheers
  12. Very interesting and actual topic Paja. I can add an opinion / gossip that majority of cockades of Kingdom of Serbia and Yugoslavia/SHS are newly produced in Zagreb, that some well known names and even bookwriters on military topics are involved. I am pretty much sure that you heard this story too. All those newly made cockades are excellently produced so it is allmost imposible to notice the difference between them and the old ones. I also saw same question and discussion on one other serbian militaria forum about this same cockade. I can add that one of the discutants there is a person involved in production and distribution of those new ones, as i heard.
  13. Russian cosack uniform

    Well i couldnt resist not to correct history unjustice and make small improvements.... I am sure that now this painting is finally finish according to Grigorii Ivanovich Samoilov real will, which is to give tribute to his ancestors, family and great heroes of Russian Imperial White army. No more dilemmas.
  14. Russian cosack uniform

    I found interesting aquarelle from done by Russian emigrant Grigoriy Ivanovic Samoylov, who lived in Kingdom Yugoslavia after revolution. It shows cossack in uniform on horse. Does anyone recognise uniform and polk which uniform belongs? Is this scene from the revolution, ww1 or earlier? Any info would be welcome Артист: Григории Иванович Самоилов
  15. Russian cosack uniform

    Артист: Григории Иванович Самоилов hi egorka, you are right very interesting, i looked hat closely, looks like star by shape but its not, also its not washed, inscription with pencil is in serbian and it says " to Mile (name) for the memory on , than lower i cant read exactly because of border of frame but it looks like war (рат- serbian воина). I would say dthat all this togethwr with budoni march is some later inscription. I will open frame and see more exactly. Pls could you try to read on wikipedia about grigorije samojlov. He was cosack, emigrant, finished architecture, in ww2 as member of Yugoslavian royalist army in german camp, than he returned to yugoslavia. Before ww2 he made projected russian emigrants chapel , than projected several churches even in camp he made church with ikonostas which is now protected by unesco. I doubt that this work is some cosack before ww2, but when he returned he was maybe afraid of communists and added this lebedev kumach text, and inscription in serbian with pencil!? Really strange. Maybe pencil inscription is not his. Later when ww2 finished he started to work on руски дом , in cimmunist period soviet cultural centre and he was the author of soviet amblem which is put in communist period. Also after ww2 he continued to work on big projects , like building of techincal faculties etc. He was clearly anti comunist but after ww2 he started to cooperate and he lived in yugoslavia without problems ( contrary to many other russian emigrants). I ll open the frame and tell you tomorrow whats the exact pencil inscription. But everything is very strange, best https://sr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Григорије_Самојлов born in Tangarog in rich cosack family on the coast of Azov see
  16. Thx for help, i will exchange montenegrin heroism with silver bravery medal 85, when you have time pls post photo of general Franasovic, would be nice to see his bar and orders which he get. Best
  17. Yes regarding medal for geroism you could be right, and also might have logic to put instead montenegrin heroism (kolajna) silver bravery 85-86, it will look aligned and it has suspended ring. Idea to put montenegrin medal for heroism i took actually from the bar presented in Muhic/Car book, which you mentioned. But my biggest dilema are positions 3),4),5). Look at the hight of the loops (zakacaljjki) and allignment in this option. It doesnt look well. That was the reason why i am sure that on position 3) is takovo5th, position 4) golden bravery and position 5) despite ita not according to rules (should be on the end of the bar) i choose red cross
  18. Regarding medal of king peter, also what tells me that maybe this is not option is the period of the active service of that officer, it would mean that he was active for over 40 yrs of service, maybe too long period
  19. Since you mentioned general Dragutin Franasovic, see this one and btw do you have his original photo? And this regarding barbi absolutely agree with you about regulations you mentioned and how they didnt stick to them, but when you put as you mentioned silver serbian bravery - kolajna then you dont have line below, hope you understand what i mean, which is also showing sime kind of correctness of order of medals and orders . Could you please post a photo and bar od General D Franasovic? Look at this option
  20. Thx Pajo, 1) and 2) i agree with you, postiton 3 and 4 with takovo crosses 4 and 5 are a bit too much , together with takovo cross with swords would result in 3 takovo crosses on bar. Not many seen like that, maybe on positions 3), 4), 5) are: takovo cross 5th, golden bravery 77, red cross of prinicality serbia ( same ribbon as prevoous two). On the position 7) after montenegrin bravery medal can not go serbian silver bravery 76,77-78, based on rules, this one should go after golden bravery 77, but in any case before foreign - montenegrin bravery medal. Regarding position 8) rule and order was to put it immediately after the orders so not likely from my opininon, but i was also thinking about that option too
  21. And with montenegrin medals What is the order/medal on position 5 from left? Are the positions 6 and 7 from left for montenegrin medals as i put on photos? If not, what should go on positions 6 and 7?
  22. Dear friend, here is austrian bravery medal, der tapferkeit, i would say second model from period 1859-1866, 1st class, (40mm), silver, with original patina and original ribbon. On ribbon is attached small text, i guess on awarding, date is visible 28.6.1866, but other text i cant understand. What do you think about it? Could someone maybe read text on ribbon? What do you think on her value? thx, veljko