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  1. Hello all, my local militaria dealer had this one show up in a small bring back grouping, please let me know if any of you have seen this one. I'm speculating it might be Vichy based on the cross, but I am not an expert on French medals. Thanks!
  2. Mystery Medal - Potential French Navy Medal

    Hmm, that is an interesting lead. By all means, please do.
  3. Adrian Paul Brodeur

    What a story and grouping, history being preserved is well worth sharing. PS - Nice looking displays behind the uniform too!
  4. Great looking badges John! Your scanner is laudatory too.
  5. Now that is interesting, I know where I can buy an HJ Grip Diamond, but I am unsure if the pins on the back of the badge would match up with the configuration on this grip. I'll take some photos and let you know!
  6. My newest acquisition M1874 McKeever Ammo Pouch

    Hi Joel, the 16 could be for the 16th Regiment as they did fight in the Indian Wars (and they're one of the few continuous Federal Units in US Army history), but it's hard to say for sure without a state mark if it could be a Militia unit too. I have a Trapdoor that was issued to a Nebraska Cavalry unit which was Federalized in the late 1880's.
  7. I'm not a fan of the maker mark, it has the wrong font of known war time S&L Crosses. I am no expert regarding the crosses themselves (I'm much better with badges) , but maker marks are a lot easier to fake. I'd be curious what Jim says. Of note, it does appear that the core has been repainted as well.
  8. Looks like a decent Transitional Eickhorn SA Dagger, no Gruppe mark definitely fits the era of production for this dagger too. Did you wind up buying this one?
  9. Hi Bayern, I'l slam the door on this badge right now, it's a poorly executed fake. Scholze had two distinctive patterns of PAB's and this one matches neither. OP, if you need some leads to more reputable dealers or potential affordable badges that I know are around my area, please give me a PM. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I've spent a lot of time since entering the hobby studying badges in hand and online. It's quite a minefield, but it is a rewarding hobby with a lot of very informative folks in it. The badge John posted up is the typical mid war Scholze manufactured PAB, these are plentiful on the market and only in close to 100% condition should draw a high price at all.
  10. Hey, that looks great! I'm glad the eagle arrived safe & sound too.
  11. Another interesting Ribbon Bar, as far as I could gather, this gent earned the following: Bavarian MVK EKII Reuss Merit Medal Hindenburg Cross Bavarian Luitpold Jubilee Medal (the faintest hints of green on the edges on the reverse, I thought it was ) Bavarian Long Service Medal (faded terribly) Saxon War Merit Cross
  12. EKI Wiederholungsspangen

    To add to the reference for everyone, here is a rare Funcke & Brüninghaus EKI Spange in Tombak marked L/56. Regrettably this Spange was repaired and has been cleaned in the past, but it is too rare not to show.
  13. Congrats on quite a discovery, the badges held up pretty well underground too.
  14. Single piece EK

    Sorry to bump an old thread, it's nice to see one of these pop up. I wonder how many of these got thrown away due to being not being "made of multiple pieces"?
  15. Crispy ribbon bar there Uffz, I have a lone Baltic Cross 1st Class that is likely a Meybauer. This thread has a cornucopia of variants!
  16. Nice early RZM piece, Stephan. These early Belt Buckles are hard to beat for quality.
  17. Hi, this is a very neat picture GreyC, as for the General to the right of the LW General, he is Hungarian, they have a uniquely shaped set of collar tabs upon reaching the rank of general, the pocket of the Hungarian uniform is a bit inspired by the Uniforms of the Reichsheer as well. I vaguely recognize the German LW General too. Can't put a name to a face, but I'd recognize his sad face anywhere.
  18. I've got a 25 Year Civil Service Medal with an eagle attached to it, I'm sure we could work out a deal on it if you're needing that device. PS - Nice looking two place bar!
  19. After perusing many of the great threads on here dedicated to the German States in the WWI era, I had to post this cross. It truly is a mutt IMO and cannot be specifically attributed to anyone other than Prussia, but if this bar could talk about who it's recipient was, it would have one heck of a story to tell. From what I can gather, this bar has the following: Prussian WWI War Merit Cross for War Aid (worn backwards) Prussian XV Year Service Medal - sadly the dye in the ribbon faded horribly. Südwest Afrika Colonial Service Medal (thankfully the gunk on this one is merely caked on, I'll clean it eventually) Württemberg Wilhelm Cross for War Merit Tyrol Service Medal Saxon Friedrich August Medaille - The ribbon is throwing me, is it for a different time period (Pre-WWI)? Thanks for looking!
  20. Pattons Soviet Awards

    I am so glad this topic got refreshed, I have photos of all of the Patton's awards on display at the Museum at Fort Knox so if you'd like to see them, please let me know! As for the Order of Kutuzov 1st Class, here you go!
  21. My newest acquisition M1874 McKeever Ammo Pouch

    Hi, the brass in this box (which is a lot nicer than most) is from at least post 1900. I would imagine someone bought some raw .45-70 lead and spent casings for reloading purposes and did this to keep the loops taut. Original Indian Wars era .45-70's will be copper cased, which partially contributed to the massacre of the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn. Early .45-70's are also rimfire in lieu of being boxer primed like these are. That is a very nice McKeever, so many of these are getting torn up over the years. Congrats on a nice pickup!
  22. USA Ribbon Bars

    Hmm, at first I thought this was a Silver Star recipient, then I remembered that the France & Germany Star has identical ribbon to the US Silver Star. I would imagine the recipient was strictly in a non-combat role.
  23. Ah, thank you for the information! Nice looking bar Don!