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  1. im wondering what happened in the ussr if someone was caught wearing orders and medals not awarded to the individual , where there any laws against that ? , was that common practice ?
  2. since no one has replied and i was too curious about it , i did a little bit of research heroes of the soviet union were entitled to : A pension with survivor benefits in the event of the death of the title holder. First priority on the housing list with 50% rent reduction, tax exempt and an additional 15 square meters in living space. Annual round-trip first class ticket Free bus transportation Free annual visit to sanatorium Medical benefits Entertainment benefit full cavaliers of the order of glory were entitled to the same benefits that the HSU had . and for the cavaliers of the order of service to the homeland in the armed forces of the ussr priority in the choice of living quarters; yearly free round trip personal travel by rail (express or passenger trains), by ship (in first class cabins, express or passenger lines), by air or by long-distance road transport; free personal use of all types of urban passenger transport in rural areas within the limits of the Republic (except for taxis); free vouchers to a sanatorium or rest home (once a year on the recommendation of a medical institution); extraordinary availability to community services provided by domestic enterprises, cultural or educational institutions; and, a 15% increase in pension. do you guys know any other benefits that the cavaliers held ?
  3. So I what's wondering what benefits you could get for being awarded the gold star of the HSU or they're equivalents ; the full cavaliers of the order of glory or the full cavaliers of the order of service to the homeland in the armed forces of the ussr
  4. Thanks egorka , really apreciated that you were the only one to reply , anyways; ambition is never too high so I'm thinking an Alexander Nevsky , OPW , red star and HSU with a Lenin So any other not awkward possible combination ?
  5. i am doing some historical recreation and i want to do it as close to the real stuff as it gets so in order to get a nice uniform decorated i need the acurrate medals and orders , the medals are for a gimnasterka of a major of tank troops , the medals are the following , HSU , OL , NEVSKY , RED STAR, OPW I , MB (ZA OTVAGU) would these would be a normal set or would it be to strange ?
  6. well from my point of view , if the russian MD does promote a general to the rank of marshal of the russian federation it would not pose a threat to the russian government , as long as they dont promote a hardliner , and choose someone that seems very loyal to the government per see General of the army Shoygu or General of the army Gerasimov . or maybe they could be waiting for the last soviet marshal , Marshal of the Soviet Union Yazov to pass away and then promote a new marshal .
  7. so i was wondering why the russian government hasn't promoted any more russian generals to the rank of marshal of the russian federation since Igor sergeyev
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