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  1. G'day gents, I'm thinking of buying this excellent Tankist badge which claims to have been dug up and certainly looks like it. Thoughts? Real or Fake? Thanks,
  2. Gday gents, I am trying to collect communist Chinese medals and these 2 medals (1953 korea peace badge, civil war medal for liberation of northern china) look good to me but i am not an experienced collector so if somebody could tell me if these are real that would be great Thanks,
  3. Awarded to Bekmen Amankuyovich? Stamov, a Kazakh -Unfortunately document for Order Patriotic war is missing however ageing signs are similar to Moscow and Stalingrad medal and reputable dealer said it belonged to same man. -Unfortunately the first name has rubbed off the Stalingrad document but match Moscow document as it says NKVD in Stalingrad document (1945) and MVD in Moscow document (1946). -Order has seen enamel repair on left arm and hammer and sickle are slightly deformed, nonetheless a nice low serial wartime piece (No.239,395). -I have tried to research awards through podvig.naroda and pamyat.naroda but failed, probably because he served in NKVD. Enjoy,
  4. Thanks for the valuable Insight gents! Absolutely Bill ill post post photos of the whole group Also if anyone can shed more information on this brigade's involvement in the defence of Stalingrad and Moscow that would be amazing
  5. Gday gents, here i have the bottom of a medal document which is almost unreadable, the only words i can make out are: komandira, VV NKVD and Podpolkovnik If anyone can help me decipher the whole thing such as who signed it, what division, etc that would be amazing. Thanks, Damo
  6. Thanks for info, how could u tell this was fake? Also is their like a mondvor.ru type reference website for Chinese medals?
  7. Gday Gents, Here i have what looks to be a PRC badge of some sort which i picked up at a flea market in Beijing. -Made of BRASS which shows clear signs of oxidation and ageing in recessed areas -Would be great if anyone could identify this for me and translate the inscription on the back -Would also be great if anyone could value this in US dollars for me Thanks,