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  1. nickstrenk

    Norwegian Plaquette

    Thank you very much for your answer.As I correctly undrestood it is a souvenir.This condition is not excellent,you right .I will try to sell it on Ebay for 20-30euro.
  2. Please,identify this plaquette.5cmx8cm.Probably gilted bronze.Weight 160gr.in the edge numbers 0991/5000.Many thanks for your answers.
  3. I do not think it is a copy,too.I agree with you.It is an original badge.How many opinions do you need?15-20 years ago I had a few in my possessions.
  4. For Merit in Development of Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš,white metal
  5. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    These versions are not seen very often.
  6. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    The importance of the topic to be active-Excellent Scout-Sapper
  7. Dear collegues,how much are these 4 items.The quality is not excellent,but not too bad.The items are for sale.Thanks for answers.
  8. I decided to show my medals.They are not in an excellent condition,but they deserve to be in my collection.Both of them bestowed on Slovak partisans.25-20 years ago there were many of them for sale but in present time it is necessary to look for to buy.
  9. nickstrenk

    Ordre du Mérite combattant Commandeur -Price

    Many,many thanks.That means it will be no problem to sell it for 250euro.I did not know about existence of French ebay.I am registerred only in the US ebay.
  10. Hello,collegues!Who will be so kind and tell me the price of this award?I am not able to find out it throuhg the internet.Award -the order is in original etue but with some damages of enamel in the circle.I hope I will add some pictures of the item later.Thanks for your answers.
  11. How much does this version cost -full set in original etue?I mean unnumbered.Some people have it in the Collectors meeting.
  12. The only only award for this soldier.Seeing the number everybody could expect Afganistan.
  13. nickstrenk

    Partisan badges.

    These badges were actually awarded to partisan members in 1970-80s.
  14. nickstrenk

    14 Mongolian Badges

    Another photo of Mongolian badges
  15. I hope somebody has already seen this medal and will be able to identify it.All commentaries are welcome.Thank you.