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  1. nickstrenk

    Vatican-Order of Holy Sepulchre

    Thank you very much for nice advice.I will try to offer him 100euro.
  2. nickstrenk

    Vatican-Order of Holy Sepulchre

    Many thanks for attribution to the topic.One man offers it to me.Does it cost 150euro?Yes,the hallmarks are Austrian ones.
  3. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    Red Combat Banner 235391 150euro Red Star-pjatka 233506 180euro I have free Red Labor Banner,numbers 133748,207907 a piece 70euro
  4. nickstrenk

    Vatican-Order of Holy Sepulchre

    Has nobody seen this grade of the order on sale?
  5. Dear collegues,who will be able to evaluate this order?And assing to the period.Order is from silver,in the reverse we can recognize 2 marks.
  6. Modest in number,but there some pieces you can be proud-Aleksander Nevskiy Order,Red Banner Order -screwed,Glory Order-2nd Grade,2x Sevastopol Defence Medals...All military awards.Show the reverses of the orders,please.
  7. nickstrenk

    50 years of 1st Horses Army

    The badge was sold together with these 4 bagdes in one Russian forum.
  8. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    I am glad,the topic is interesting for you.2 Russian collectors are interested very much I Slava-Glory with the document and in Red Star with a document.They are familiar with names of awarded people.You know it is a big difference to have the award with a document or without it. Concerning the Red Star ,it was belonged to Sergeant Kobzev.
  9. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    http://podvignaroda.ru/?#tab=navResult Concernig Grigorij Grigoryevich Kobzev I found the information in the link podvig naroda .There were 2 names those could be related. Sergeant Grigorij Grigoryevich Kobzev man-at-arms Grigorij Gigoryevich .Kobzev I read the facts about them and I think the Orders booklet with the Order of Red Star could belong sergeant GGK .
  10. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    This is some info about Kapichula.He was a sapper,Lance-Corporal. The material is in Russian.
  11. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    Red Star also joint grit,number 253391 is for sale.The order is not in excellent condition. These versions with the scrap are still looked for by collectioners. Order of Glory 3rd grade ,the booklet on Kapichula Dmitrij Stepanovich,number 331163 It is interesting only one award in the booklet Next Orders of Glory,number 689916 is quite interesting,I suppose it fot Hungarian Revolt in 1956, Order of Glory number 457112 is also for sale,the photo is missing For Valour and Merit in Combat I forgot to take the picture of the obverse but we can see they were earlier versions. The medals are for sale but first i must know the price.
  12. nickstrenk

    A Heap of Soviet Awards

    Set of Klybnyak Anisij Leontyevich:Red Star 2991993,Red Banner 450613 I will keep this set despite of the fact it is postwar. Set on Kobzev Grigorij Grigoryevich,but only Red Star numb.162250 is left,Order of Glory and Medal for merit in Combat are lost?
  13. Yesterday I bought some Soviet awards.There were about 40 of them.Some of them ,e.g. I am going to keep in my collection,some of them I will try to sell on ebay or aukro. Some of them are really worth to see. Order of Red Labour Flag.One with number 20952 and probably 62025 are interesting to keep. Numbers 452939 and 624720 will be for sale. 3x Orders of Red Flag are for sale:501740,112639-with small damages on the enamel,235391 Order of October Revolution,numb.27832
  14. A good condition.If somebody needs I am ready to sell it.White metal-brass?Height-7 cm.Number 0896
  15. nickstrenk

    A Chainlet of 5 Minis

    What an excellent job!I read your reply with an enthusiasm.That means there are no state awards there.