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  1. Thoughts positive.The order is in a very nice condition.If you do not like the ribbon there is not the problem to change it.
  2. Of course ,it is not a Soviet award.First,Soviet awards are of good quality,second they use of cyrillica and the proletarian sings:a red star,hammer,sickle Your bagde looks like a bijouterie or a costume jewellery. Probably it could be a badge of some Orthodox Society of Russian Church?I wrote the title Dei Gratia Leonardus I Princips into Wikipedia but I did not get any answer.
  3. Spomenica Domovinskog rata If it is possible some more infos-number of awards,price...etc.Many thanks for reply.
  4. It is interesting to see the converse of his all awards after war.Probably,he took part the Parade of Victory in 1945 in Red Square.
  5. My good Ukrainian friend allowed me to put the Order for Liberty of 1st Grade bestowed on Carpatian Ukrainian Corporal in Reserve Jan Ivan Kočerhan.The order was bestowed in memoriam.It is not easy to find the certificate of this order to the collection.Two unusual things say about its rarity-the order was bestowed on the foreigner a with so low rank.It says about a heroic act.
  6. nickstrenk

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    If somebody needs I will sell 6 photos.9x14 a 10,5x16,5cm.Price with the postage 25euro.Photos are in a good condition.I have already tried to sell them in aukro.cz but nobody was interested in them.Probably here?
  7. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    No,they are not.I sold them immediately in the Russian forum-faleristika.info.Do you collect them?See the topic,I hope in the future to sell some again.
  8. Please,identify this badge.6x4cm Many thanks for your help.
  9. Exemplary Worker of Cinema Production
  10. The most important thing you like this Copy.What material is made it from?
  11. Sorry,Craig,but I do not have any information about the company that produces the ribbons to this medal.Personally ,i do not have this medal in property,but it is not difficult to buy it in veterans.Lenght of the ribbon?8-9cm ,I do not know.I do not collect these medals. I do not know if it is possible to buy the medal abroad,but in Slovakia it si possible.If you need the medal in the future I can ask the dealers in the Collectors Meeting ,27.10.Sooner,not.
  12. Craig,do you mean this award?It is not easy to get the ribbon,I do not work the material.But the medal is not expensive,it is not difficult to buy it.30-40euro?
  13. If it does not matter I will put the Star from my collection to your topic.
  14. The award is original,but I think something was done with ring on the ray of the star.Was it in repair?Wait for a nicer piece.It is my opinion. The seller has a good material,but personally I do not have any experience with the dealer.
  15. nickstrenk

    Order of Lenin #269466

    Good price for the order with the order booklet.Nice condition ,too.I would not hesitate if you need it.