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  1. Exemplary Sapper Exemplary Gunner Exemplary Paratrooper
  2. Megan,thanks for apprecation.You can use them,of course.It will be a geat honour for me.It si a pity I cannot show any state awards,there are only 5 of them:Orders of White Two-Cross,Andrej Hlinka,Ľudovít Štúr,M.R.Štefaník,Prince Pribina.I do not own any of them,but later I will show some of them,because some of my friends have some. I am showing the awards of branches.
  3. The picture of the 1st grade of the award of the Customs Goverment.The ribbon of the 1st grade is the same as in the Commemorative Medal of the 50th anniversary of the victory over fascism. The Commemorative medal of the battalion of the sudden operation. Obverse-the titlle-The battalion of the sudden operation Reverse 1995-2005 The anniversary of the formation-battalion. And the motto of Ľudovít Štur:The way back is impossible,it is necessary to go ahead.
  4. The same seller has a nick European in sold this star from his party of the stars a week ago in for 22.000 crowns-800euro. Zobrazit všechny nabídky prodejce means See all items of the seller
  5. Commemorative Medal for Service in Railroad Police Diameter 4 cm. Material -bronze. For Exemplary Service in Administration of Customs In the picture is the medal of the 2 nd grade.White metal,diameter 3,5 cm. The ribbon of the medal is the same like in the Commemorative Medal of 50 anniversary of Slovak National Uprising. Medals of this administration are very rare.
  6. Commemorative Medal of the National Security Director Established in 2007.Diameter 40mm, made from white metal Medal for Merit in Slovak Information Service There are 3 grades of this award. Diameter 38mm,made from brass Medal for Service in Railroad Police There are 3 grades of this award Made from brass,diameter 39 mm
  7. The medals are for sale.Probably somebody will be interested in some of them.Some are quite interesting,e.g. MVD Russia,KGB the USSR,MOOP ... In my opinion MOOP of Russia is in silver?Maybe KGB ,too?
  8. The Brilliant or Platinum Medal-for 60 blood giving,bronze gilted.
  9. I have found it,but I do not see the difference between the medal and the decoration.
  10. Hungarian collegues,please help mi identify these Hungarian awards.It is important for me.Thanks for your answers .Mikuláš
  11. These badges I am not able to identify exactly,so I will try to guess. 23.The Best in Printing? 24.For Merit in Newspapering?It is interesting-no star in the design of the badge but the picture of Julius Fučík. Simply I did not have any certificates with these badges.
  12. I am going to add some more pictures of the bagdes.Some of them are mine,some I took from internet. 14.Central Administration of Water Economy 15.Ministry of Precise Machine-Building 16.Ministry of Cars and Agriculture machines 17.Exemplary Of Foreign Trade 18.The Best of Foreign Trade 19.The best of Water and Forest Economy 20.Exemplary of Ministry of Culture 21.The Best Worker of Heavy Machine-Building 22.The Best of Food Industry
  13. 15.Ministry of Internal Affairs Medal for Selfsacrifice-it is awarded to policemen but also firemen for heroic acts,help or saving people in danger,rescue of huge value. It is made of white metal,diameter 38mm.In the obverse is the title-Za obetavosť-For Selfsacrifice,in the reverse-emblem of Ministry of Internal Affairs
  14. 13.Badge Military Veteran It has the design of a medal on ribbon.Medal looks like as a clover of 4 leaves.Date of Establishment-2007.I do not have much information for what merit it is awarded.It is made from white metal. 14.Badge Slovak Honour Regiment It was made for Association of Slovak soldiers.We know the grade on ribbon and screwback. diameter of the medal 5x5cm diameter of the screwback badge 6x6cm
  15. 11..Commemorative Medal for participation in Military Operation.They differ only with the labels on the ribbons-Kosovo,Afganistan ...,there 4 of them.Medal links.Plus the picture of the reverse from internet 12.Commemorative Medal of the Chief of general Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic Date of establishment - 2005 Structure 3 grades