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  1. Emmanuel,I did not read properly.You meant a Ministerium award but I meant the State one. Yes,there were 2 versions of the Ministerium award,they differed with the title in the reverse. Again I had a look in Wikipedia.The Medal for Excellence in Military Service.There were 4 versions.Except of the medals you showed there were versions 2002 and version from 2005.But I do not have picture of the last one. http://wawards.org/oldsite/azia/kyr/7/medal.html here we have the next medal ,look at the ribbon
  2. За отличие в воинской службе I would not translate For ditinguished military merit but For excellence in military service.For military service I undrestand as a Combat service. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Медаль_«За_отличие_в_воинской_службе»_(Киргизия) next version
  3. Partisan Group Major bronze,diam.5cm 50pieces were awarded,50 are for sale price 30euro without shipping
  4. Raven,hi! Reduce or cut the size of the photo of the medal.. Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  5. Please,help to identify this badge.I was not able to find it in Jaroslav Semotiuks book Ukrajinski vijskovi vidznaky.Thanks.
  6. Of,course,I am not an expert,but I like brians medal more,I am sorry.
  7. Do you write correctly in cyrillic Surname,2nd Name and Name? E.g. Петров Иванович Владимир
  8. A what about this Romanian one?Identify ,please.
  9. For Victory over Germany-Prague Version.Production-Zineger.I do not know the reason for maikg these medals in Czechoslovakia.Also The Medal For Liberation of Prague of this firm exists.This one is for sale.
  10. Please,identify this Austrian bagde.Thanks,for answers.
  11. Отделение Женских Медицинских Курсов-Пражский Свободный Университет. The Department Of Womens Medical Courses
  12. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Община_святой_Евгении 2nd Jeton is identified. The 1st Badge is some School?
  13. Egorka,thank you very much. https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Стефанівка_(селище)
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