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  1. Do you want to buy it?It is the latest version with the number below the text.I think the medal is Ok. It would be good the buy this item with the documents if you have extra money.
  2. You gave the link to Gold Medal of the Hero of the Socialist Labour. I am not lazy to take the picture and show you the Medal of the Soviet State Prize from my collection.70-80th.Gold 585-14 K. Compare wih yours.
  3. nickstrenk

    A Japanese Badge

    Please,help me with the identification of this Japanese badge.I think it looks very new.Many thanks for your prompts.
  4. nickstrenk

    Is it Libya?

    ...and what about this one?Is it a Lybian medal ,too?Thanks,for the reply.
  5. nickstrenk

    Order of Lenin

    A very nice piece with a low number.Is it yours?How much did you pay for it?Congratulations!
  6. nickstrenk

    George Cross-yellow metal

    Many,many thanks for your explanation.
  7. nickstrenk

    George Cross-yellow metal

    some more photos
  8. nickstrenk

    George Cross-yellow metal

    1st Grade,please, tell me the approxiamate price.Many thanks.
  9. The Order is not good.Did you check it for silver?
  10. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    I have to admit,you are right.36 pages with Михаил Михайлович Петров in Память народа.
  11. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    In Podvid naroda I have found only one person concerning Mikhail Mikhailovich Petrov.The Guard soldier of 307 infantry Mortar Regiment.Awards-only Medal For Victory over Germany in 1946.Nobody else with this first name,second name and surname.
  12. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    http://podvignaroda.ru/podvig-flash/ I have found some information about Mikhail Mikhailovich Petrov here.Only one person with this data. The guard soldier of 307 Infantry Mortar Regiment.
  13. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    It was a common practice to award for disability in the 70th and 80th.But I do not have any more information.
  14. I think,it is interestnig to see.Awarded in 1972.
  15. Exemplary Worker of the Ministry of National Defence