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  1. I have found it,but I do not see the difference between the medal and the decoration.
  2. Hungarian collegues,please help mi identify these Hungarian awards.It is important for me.Thanks for your answers .Mikuláš
  3. These badges I am not able to identify exactly,so I will try to guess. 23.The Best in Printing? 24.For Merit in Newspapering?It is interesting-no star in the design of the badge but the picture of Julius Fučík. Simply I did not have any certificates with these badges.
  4. I am going to add some more pictures of the bagdes.Some of them are mine,some I took from internet. 14.Central Administration of Water Economy 15.Ministry of Precise Machine-Building 16.Ministry of Cars and Agriculture machines 17.Exemplary Of Foreign Trade 18.The Best of Foreign Trade 19.The best of Water and Forest Economy 20.Exemplary of Ministry of Culture 21.The Best Worker of Heavy Machine-Building 22.The Best of Food Industry
  5. 15.Ministry of Internal Affairs Medal for Selfsacrifice-it is awarded to policemen but also firemen for heroic acts,help or saving people in danger,rescue of huge value. It is made of white metal,diameter 38mm.In the obverse is the title-Za obetavosť-For Selfsacrifice,in the reverse-emblem of Ministry of Internal Affairs
  6. 13.Badge Military Veteran It has the design of a medal on ribbon.Medal looks like as a clover of 4 leaves.Date of Establishment-2007.I do not have much information for what merit it is awarded.It is made from white metal. 14.Badge Slovak Honour Regiment It was made for Association of Slovak soldiers.We know the grade on ribbon and screwback. diameter of the medal 5x5cm diameter of the screwback badge 6x6cm
  7. 11..Commemorative Medal for participation in Military Operation.They differ only with the labels on the ribbons-Kosovo,Afganistan ...,there 4 of them.Medal links.Plus the picture of the reverse from internet 12.Commemorative Medal of the Chief of general Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic Date of establishment - 2005 Structure 3 grades
  8. 9.For service in peacekeeping missions -the 1 st version existed from 1994 to 2003.There were 6 grades of the medal.Diameter of the medal 4 cm,the width of the ribbon 3,8 cm,the reverse of the medal has the title Minister of Defence of the Slovak republic.Medals were made from white metal. Grades consisted not only in number of missions but also in bravery in the field and other merit. I am sorry but there was not any picture first.I hope it will be OK and the images will be uploaded. 10.For service in peacekeeping observers missions - this medals have been used since 2003.The pictures in the medals have been changed and the title-name of medals changed a little.The lentils with the numbers in the ribbons mean grades.
  9. The Slovak Republic in 1941 took part together with Nacist Germany in campaign against the USSR.There were not many awards for simple soldiers,so that is why they made some for themselves.Wellknown and popular among them became the badges of Fast Divisions-odznaky Rýchlej divízie.There were many versions of them. 1.type made from bearings metal layed with some chrome.The dimensions of the badge-4x5cm.Weight about 50gr.There were two kinds of them-full and perforated 2.type Light version from aluminium,data 1941-42-43 I would to add the photo of a soldier of Slovak Army with a badge on the pocket and a ceritificate Badges were worn on the leather hanger.Notice the group of awards,the badge of the Fast Divison is down left. Down right is the badge of the Fast Division-Crimea-Krim. At present time I cannot to show the badge for officers made from zinc that was worn on clip.I sold it my friend,but in the future I will ask for it and take the pictures.
  10. Collegues,I am not able to define this medal.I suppose it Ethiopian.I has gone through emedals,Medals of the world,but I could not find it.Probably somebody saw and knows.Thanks for answer. Mikuláš
  11. Versions with swords were from 1886. 1-Swords under crown-for merit during war 2-Swords X in the center-for bravery in the battle,but also from 1888 for bravery in peace
  12. Herman,the upper bar has the Slovak medal For service in peacekeeping observers missions.It is the 2nd version of medal For service in peacekeeping missions.There are 6 classes of the medal. Probably 3 years ago I sold all these medals-2 versions. In the future I will put the example of the medal to this topic.Simply I do not want to steal pictures only from internet.
  13. Some data weight 65gr diameter 5cm. I found some information only about the ship but not about the medal.
  14. I helped myself and borrowed the photos from internet to show the 3rd grade of the order.The medal in the 3rd grade is complemented with crossed rifles in hanger.The grade is silvered. The titlle in the reverse-Czechoslovak National Union of Shooters
  15. Crimea badges 3rd Empire/3te Reich/ and Slovak Republic 1939-45-Fast Division-Rýchla divízia. Already I am not an owner the rare Slovak badge.