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    Volunteer Officer’s 1888 Pattern Scarlet Dress Tunic of the Northumberland Fusiliers, in excellent condition. Gosling Green cuffs and collar in mint condition. Gilt braid edgings and detail undamaged and complete. White metal silver plated buttons all complete, with backmark E Stillwell & Son Ld London. There is a small amount of damage by moths on the front, four small moth holes on the back (two worst ones in photo), and one above a cuff as shown in the photo. Quilted silk lining in excellent condition. White lining is a little moth-eaten and there are a couple of black marks as shown. Seams at the back of both armpits have been re-sewn. No size label, but estimated to be a 34 inch chest. Length from bottom of collar to bottom 25 inches, sleeve length 19 inches beneath, 24 inches above. Selling on behalf of my father who is reducing his own personal collection.


    SLEAFORD, Lincolnshire - GB