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  1. Peter was able to provide us with lots of really helpful information. I've thanked him in email, but would like to publicly acknowledge my appreciation for his time and effort.
  2. Thank you Peter, I actually had just checked on the progress the Archilves were making last week. I was hoping they'd get to him before the 100th anniversary of Vimy, but I know they'll get to him eventually. My aunt went to France last year and visited his grave so that was nice. Some day I'll make it there myself! Thank you for your reply, I will be keeping an eye on the Archives. Rebecca
  3. Yeah, we're a little protective of Vimy. That being said, I would have probably been looking for a way in too! I understand what you mean about ownership of medals, my husband's UN medals and CD are an incredible accomplishment that I'm very proud of him for earning and some day I will look after them, but they will never be mine. I am very glad to hear that Jim's medal has landed in the hands of someone like you who is taking such good care of it and who thinks of him and all of the WW I casualties.
  4. I saw your post about James Olde and had to sign up to reply. First let me thank you for posting the photo of Jim's Victory Medal. I didn't know it still exsisted! I am a distant cousin of his and still live in the area where he lived when he came to Canada. I have heard bits about Jim over the years, but it has really been in more recent years that WW I info has become easier to find. Vimy Ridge is looked upon as a defining battle for Canada and my Aunt and I have been trying to gather info in the hopes of putting something together about him. I think that you would probably already have the info about Jim from Veteran's Affairs, but I'll attach a newspaper clipping that you might not have (sorry about the quality of the scan) and a photo of his grave :