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  1. Unknown class of a Japanese ribbon

    Keep in mind he was a Kapitan zur See during that time, not a Vizeadmiral. So you still think it's the 4th Class? I.e. the Officer's Cross?
  2. Unknown class of a Japanese ribbon

    Hello, what class of the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure is this? This is the ribbon bar of Vizeadmiral Joachim Lietzmann who was the Naval-Attaché at the German Embassy in Tokyo, Japan (24 Aug 1937-30 Mar 1940).
  3. Unknown classes of two ribbon awards

    Thank you John. I believe the 2nd to last ribbon in the first row is the Spanish Order of Naval Merit, because the owner of this ribbon bar, Vizeadmiral Joachim Lietzmann was the recipient of the Grand Cross of the Spanish Order of Naval Merit with White Decoration. And the Spanish War campaign medal has black stripes on each end of the ribbon.
  4. Hello, can someone please tell me what are the classes of the two circled awards? And if the awards I name below are correct for the assigned ribbons? 1st row: -Spanish Order of Military Merit 2nd row: -Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure
  5. Does someone have a bio and awards list of the above mentioned man (maybe from Hildebrand's "Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945 band 4)? A photo would be nice too. I have these photos where he can be seen... Thanks. First photo Uthemann standing in the first row second from the left. Second photo Uthemann on the far right.
  6. Does someone have a bio and awards list of the above mentioned man? A photo would be nice too. I have these photos where he can be seen... Thanks. First photo Uthemann standing in the first row second from the left. Second photo Uthemann on the far right.
  7. Hello, does someone own all 4 scanned volumes of the "Hans H. Hildebrand und Ernest Henriot: Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945": Band 1. A-G (Ackermann – Gygas). 1988. 481 Seiten. Band 2. H-O (Habicht bis Orth). 1989. 555 Seiten. Band 3. P-Z. Osnabrück, Biblio Verlag, 1990, Gebundene Ausgabe, Ganzleineneinband, 617 Seiten. Band 4. Marinebeamte im Admiralsrang. Osnabrück, Biblio Verlag, 1996, Gebundene Ausgabe, Ganzleineneinband, 277 Seiten. And if yes, would you be willing to share them? They are very rare to buy in phisycal form and pretty expensive. As I am a history student I really need them for research purposes. I also know about the ABR sites that are based on these books, but they only list WW2 officers. Many thanks.
  8. Hello, does someone know for how long was the Centenary Medal awarded? It was established on 22 March 1897, but surely it wasn't awarded for just one day. While researching some Admirals I found information that they recieved the Centenary Medal in April 1897 (for example Hans Erler who joined the Kaiserliche Marine on 16 April 1897). Thanks.
  9. Hello, This is an offcier whose ranks confuse me: Charakter als Kapitän zur See (11 Dec 1920); Charakter als Konteradmiral (01 Jun 1940); Kapitän zur See z.V. (07 Apr 1941) Why was he promoted to Kapitän zur See z.V. and didn't get the patent to Konteradmiral z.V.? Is it because earlier he was only a Charakter als Kapitän zur See? If so, look at his photo below, he is clearly wearing and Admirals cap. So if the photo was taken after 07 April 1941 (when he was promoted to Kapitän zur See z.V.) does this mean he was still allowed to wear a Konteradmirals uniform even though he was promoted to Kapitän zur See z.V.? As previously explained to me: "A charakterisierter Konteradmiral wears the Uniform of a Konteradmiral and is adressed as "Herr Admiral", but he is serving in the position of a Kapitän zur See and paid as such. Very often, officers received the Charakter of the next higher rank with their retirement as an appreciation of their services." But Erler was promoted to Charakter als Konteradmiral while placed at the disposal of the Kriegsmarine, not before retiring. Could someone share any light on this particular case? Many thanks.
  10. Thank you. So is it possible it was awarded for several months? Or should I say, is it possible that Hans Erler recieved it in April?
  11. Please help me ID the awards of this Vizeadmiral. What I have so far: 1914 EK II Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer Südwestafrika Denkmünze China Denkmünze Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz Finn. Freiheitskreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern ??? Erinnerungsmedaille des "Finnischen Freiheitskrieges" 1918 mit Spange ??? It is possible the 2 unknown awards are foreign. Thanks.
  12. So you agree the last medal is the Finnische Tapferkeitsmedaille in Silber? Could you post a photo of the medal so we can compare?
  13. I agree it could well be the Finnische Tapferkeitsmedaille. In Silber right? That would make the awards from his medal bar on this photo as following: -1914 EK II -Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz -China Denkmünze -Südwestafrika Denkmünze -Finn. Freiheitskreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern -Erinnerungsmedaille des "Finnischen Freiheitskrieges" 1918 mit Spange -Finnische Tapferkeitsmedaille in Silber Also, no Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer on this photo because it is pre 1934. The last ribbon could be the Grand Cross of the Spanish Order of Naval Merit with White Decoration, seen on the last photo you posted.
  14. Is this the Kriegsabzeichen für Hilfskreuzer Vizeadmiral Rieve is wearing?
  15. Sorry for the bad quality of the pics. Konteradmirals Otto Klüber (portrait) and Waldemar Kober (standing on the photo). They both recieved the Spainenkreuz, but I don't know the Class? Klüber perhaps the Spanienkreuz in Silber mit Schwertern? Kober also? Although he was the Chief Engineer on the Cruiser ‘Nürnberg’, so perhaps ohne Schwertern? Also, 2 unknown Awards below their Iron Crosses 1st Class? Klüber's is unfortunately covered by his hand... Thanks.
  16. Hello, what award is this? Thanks. The funeral pillow of Vizeadmiral Bernhard Rogge.
  17. Hello. I want to start this topic because I am researching Kriegsmarine Konteradmirals and I require their Awards. I do not own any of the Ranglists that list the Awards (Kaiserliche Marine and Reichsmarine Ranglists) and I really need help from those forum members that do have the Ranglists. I will post the Konteradmiral whose Awards I need on this topic almost every day and I hope someone will be able to help me. I will also post the photo of the Konteradmiral if his ribbon/medal bar is visible and someone might be able to ID some additional Awards that are not listed in the Ranglists. To start off, I need the Awards of Konteradmiral Ernst Hintzmann. Below are photos with his ribbon bar visible. These are the Awards I managed to find: -Iron Cross (1914) 1st Class -Iron Cross (1914) 2nd Class -Knight's Cross of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords -Prussian Order of the Red Eagle 4th Class -Mecklenburg Military Merit Cross 2nd Class -The Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918 -Medal "For Valour in the World War 1914-1918" (Commemorative Medal of the Union of German Naval Veterans Associations) *Note: this one isn't confirmed, but as he was the Chairman of the Union of German Naval Veterans Associations I think he could have been awarded this medal.
  18. Awards of Konteradmirals needed

    And why are some names and awards coloured red?
  19. Awards of Konteradmirals needed

    WOW, thank you so much for this! Can I ask you what do these columns represent? A Name B ? C Awards D Rank E Ranklist? F ? And why are some names and awards in red? Thanks!
  20. Awards of Konteradmirals needed

    Awards of Konteradmiral Waldemar Hirth?
  21. Could you please write the full names of these awards: RA-Orden m.Schl.u,Schw; EK1; DA-Kreuz; Baden: O.v.Zähr. Löwen RK 3. Kl m.schw.; Meckl-Schw. Mil-Verdienstkr. 2. Kl.; Hanseatenkreuz Bremen, u. Lübeck; Braunschweig, Komdt. I can't really figure out all of them. Thank you!
  22. Can you please help me ID this Konteradmiral, photo was taken in Norway.
  23. This is what I managed to ID. 3 Admiral Ehrhard Schmidt (1863-1946) 4 Admiral Paul Behncke (1866-1937) 6 Vizeadmiral Adolf von Trotha (1868-1940) 7 Vizeadmiral Friedrich Boedicker (1866-1944) 8 Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon (1864-1946) 9 Vizeadmiral Ludwig von Reuter (1869-1943) 10 Konteradmiral Magnus von Levetzow (1871-1939) 11 Konteradmiral Max Bastian (1883-1958) 13 Korvettenkapitän Felix Graf von Luckner (1881-1966) I'm missing numbers 1,2,5 and 12... Any ideas?
  24. Could you please help me identify the Naval Officers under numbers 1, 2, 5 and 12? The photo was taken at the solemn opening on May, 30th 1936 of the memorial in Laboe. Thank you.