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  1. These came in silver and gold and were honor pins für a regional sports union.
  2. I think that it's the middle of a DAF membership pin and the rest has been cut off.
  3. Hi ! There was a really huge amount of these sympathizers badges. I have 5 only with old Adolf on it but there were also others with the swastika.
  4. You only have to have a look into the Hüsken catalogue. Round about 99 % of the German badges with the symbol for the sun are from my collection. Regards
  5. Hi ! It's surely a German item. I found it twice here but I don't know fro which organisation it is.
  6. A very nice find ! You only see the golden ones on the German market so that yours is more rare and also original.
  7. Nice type which I've never seen before.
  8. Hi ! I got a different one which seems to be the normal one and yours the honor pin.
  9. There were also 2 types for 50 years. One with the 50 at the bottom like the shown one and one with a 50 in a type of circle on the top of the pin.
  10. The normal membership pins are more rare than those with the oakleaves but I think that the normal ones were given back after being awarded with the oakleaf ones.
  11. It might be a regional shooting tinnie. I also own some medals which have a relation to the olympic games.
  12. Hi ! Is it a 800 silver one in 3 cm size ? These are very rare and only given to honor guests.
  13. Nice badge which I only know from the old catalogue.
  14. Hi ! Never seen this one before and also no membership book or card with it. Regards