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  1. Yasser

    Pakistani 1965 War Medal Naming ?

    SR = Sutlej Rangers. After River Sutlej which one of the 5 rivers in Punjab. In the 1965 war, troops were deployed on all the rivers of Pakistan. I hope this helps. Regards, Yasser.
  2. Yasser

    Pakistan ranks ID required thakyou .

    Hi, I thought about it and it may be MT and not NT. If it is MT, then it stands for Motor Transport. Please check the engraving on the medal and double-check. Regards, Yasser.
  3. Yasser

    Pakistan ranks ID required thakyou .

    Hi Hasan, It can't be named if the 2 medals you mentioned are the Tamgha-e-Jang 1965 and Tangshan-e-Jang 1971. They were issued unnamed. Maybe you meant Sitara-e-Harb 1965 which is named. So you are aware, only the Pakistan Independence Medal 1947 (PIM) and the Sitara-e-Harb 1965 medals were officially named by the Pakistan Mint. However, I have seen several examples of the PIM unnamed in the market. Can you please post a photo of the medal or write here in Full what it says on the medal. Regards, Yasser.
  4. Hi Duncan, I have it. PM me. regards, yasser.
  5. Yasser

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi, i have struggled to navigate his website. It's a rubbish design and he knows it as I spoke to him as well. His ribbons are of mixed stock. Mostly new repro stuff with some older Spinks made ribbons. They are in the process of updating their website as it is not user friendly. They aim to get this sorted in few weeks. I hope this helps everyone in some way. If anyone has any Pakistani medal groups or medals for sale, please let me know. Regards, Yasser.
  6. Yasser

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Brian and Hugh, Thank you both for your fast replies. Birmingham supplier eh! Hmmmm now who would that be? Was he on eBay or had a website? I added to my collection today a WW1 Bahawalpur star which came with a ribbon. Also, I wonder if anyone has the attachment bar that came on some of these Bahwalpur medals. Regards, Yasser.
  7. Yasser

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone found ribbons for the Bhawalpur medals? I am still looking. If anyone has any now, please let me know. Regards, Yasser.
  8. Thanks Bill. Original stuff is just amazing. It does pop up now and then and somewhat in OK quantities. Roy W was selling some again on BMF few weeks ago but I missed out on that opportunity. It would be nice to continue your work on comparison of ribbons on your site. I think it is very helpful to collectors sourcing original ribbons. Regards, Yasser.
  9. Hi Bill, do you have any updates since this post on the original variations of the WW1 medal ribbon especially the Victory medal ribbon? regards, yasser