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  1. Hallo, Jock Auld Thanks for stoping by. So is this sort of " Deutsche Autobahn Polizei " ??? Regards, FRITZEL P.S. Sorry Gents, it ended up here ( wrong forum ) but I thought it was a military subject.
  2. Hallo, Thank you for taking time to reply and explanation. I do not have rights to the pic so I am unable to grant you permission.( some of pics are 100 years old plus so not sure if copy rights still apply - pardon me but I am not a lawyer - and computer geek ) Regards, FRITZEL
  3. Hallo , Recently , I came across picture from WW 1 era and just wonder what sort of device is on soldiers back? Can't be wireless set- way to early for that sort of device. Can someone explain what is it and what is it for. Regards, Fritzel
  4. SHould read as follow : Is this a uniform from Leib-Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm III (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr.8
  5. Can someone confirm that on picture this is Leib-Guaarde Regiment VIII from Frankfurt am Oder ? Can enyone help me ?
  6. Hallo Der Preuße, During WW 2 my family was displaced several times and unfortunately only few photographs survived.
  7. DER PREUSSE, I send you private message - hope it went thorough. Regards, FRITZEL
  8. Hi The Prussian, ofcouse I know his name - may I PM you in this matter ? I do not want to plaster his name all over net. In my post about his original unit Marine See Batalion you will find his picture and original post card he wrote to his fiance family ( future wife ) in 1914. Cheers, FRITZEL
  9. Hallo Der Preuße, Hi GreyC, Thank you for your reply and input. The Prussian, Thanks for detailed maps of Krim - truly appreciated here. Now thanks to you man, I can start track of my family member whereabouts in WW 1. Since he was severely wounded in Flanders previous year he got transfered to East Front. In 1918 as a Stabgefreiter /Transaltor / he spend whole 1918 in Ukraine until he got sick with Malaria virus. P.S. If you have more info on troops/ units in Odessa that will be great. Sincerely, FRITZEL
  10. Hallo Der Preuße, Sir, Please accept my sincere apology for my use of wrong grammar form in my previous post. I am so embarrassed by that and from now on I will stick to English ( translating in to foreign language via google may produce more embarasemant for me ) If you do not mind - I would like to ask you few more questions in regard to German units in WW1. Some of my questions may be trivial to you but they are very important to me and may shed some new light in my research. Here we go: 1. How often Germans updated Armee - Verordnungsblatt / Verlustlisten ? ( I came across information that all casualties were counted in ten day period - wounded and dead where added every 10 days ) Is this a true statement ? ( if someone is listed as wounded on certain day - does it mean that it occured about 2 weeks earlier- prior to that date ??? 2. Is there a record or list of decorated soldiers who received Eisernes Kreuz I and II Klass ? if so where and how to obtain such records??? 3. What is Sanitätsbericht über das Deutsche Heer und Marine im Weltkriege 1914-18 ??? - please briefly explain if possible. 4. And Last VI. SeeBattalion - ( Reserve in 1914 ) formed from new conscripts had 4 Kompannien ( 5,6,7,8 ) and II. and IV. and VI. ( 3 Battalonen ) ( later thet add VII so 4 total ) formed 2nd Regiment Marine Infanterie stationed in Flanders.- Do I got this right ??? Please advise ... Sincerely, FRITZEL
  11. Hallo Die Preußische, Thank you for taking time to reply to my "cry for help" in this lesser known subject of WW 1. I do appreciate your input and thanks for providing good links. Cheers, FRITZEL
  12. Hallo Gents, I am looking for any info regarding Kaiserlische Army and Marine Battalions involved in Crimea ( especially Odessa area ) in 1918. ( Germans stayed there till Nov 1918 ) Does anyone have any info on them? General info, Sulkevich Pupet Goverment info or Units involved , order of battle etc? Or perhaps book titles dealing with mentioned subject. Anything will be appreciated. Regards, FRITZEL
  13. Hi all, I have been interested in the Naval Land Forces (Infantry) in the WWI cause my wife's grand father served in 6 Kompanie VI Battalion 2 Regiment from 1914 till 1917 (then he got injured ) I have not been able to find any real info on this unit. So Please help !!! Does anyone have any info on them? General info, order of battle etc? Any hepl will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Regards, FRITZEL
  14. Hallo Gents, Loking for info regarding Kaiserlische Marine S.B. especially 6./VI. B. Jnf. Ers. Truppe in Flanders in the end of 1917. Can anyone point me in right direction - where to start. Would like to get some pics and retrace unit movement in fall of 1917 but any info related to this unit prior to 1917 will be also greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for time and effort and if I posted my query in wrong place - Please be kind and forgive me and feel free to move it accordingly. Regards, Fritzel