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  1. Thank you both for the extra information! I am happy to know the history of this man!
  2. Simon, Thank you for the extra details. I did check the casualty roll and didn't find him so assumed he survived. Where did you get the overseas date?
  3. As an Imperial German collector, I often turn up other material while on the hunt. Mostly "stuff" but every once in a while I find something nice. I purchased this group from an Estate Sale owner. He had a few items I purchased but this is the nicest. MM - 303241 PTE H.A. DALY 1/2 HIGH:F.A.R.A.M.C-T.F. 14/15 star - 1758. PTE H.A.DALY R.A.M.C BWM - 1758. PTE H.DALY R.A.M.C VIC, - 1758. PTE H.DALY R.A.M.C I have done some research on this and see he is Scottish in the 1/2 Highland Field Ambulance and the MM was after the 1917 renumbering. What I don't understand was that a Territorial Force soldier got a MM in France. I though T.F. people stayed at home in the UK? Did he volunteer to go over or is my assumption on T.F. incorrect? Also, in general are these medical groups considered more desirable or less desirable than combatant groups? Can a citation be found for the MM? This was really a surprise find for me and I am enjoying it. Still wish the Germans would have named their medals.
  4. So you bought the grouping! Nice! I wouldn't necessarily say it was made to go under another order. Somewhere on here the should be a picture of one of my Johanniters mounted the same way and a picture of it in wear. This was done to have the order out from under the collar.
  5. Not it one stop! This is about 20 years with a few in there when I didn't collect. Only the Finnish one is new to the collection and I have waited about 15 years to get it!
  6. Here is a miniature bar that took about 15 years to acquire! It comes from a good friends collection and he liked it as much as I do. I always wanted it to see what Rick L. would say. I think I know! It also has a little metal tag on the back that ought to make Claudio smile.
  7. To all, I am going through my items to gain more knowledge about them and I am having trouble with the old Sutterlin. Can someone please help with his name and where he was born? i see Marlin but the other two I can't even guess on. He served in the 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment. Thanks!
  8. Pure silver as in 100%? I highly doubt it. Most would be 800 to 935 or 80% to 93.5%. There are devices that tell you the makeup of these as far as silver content. I wouldn't let anyone do the old grind it on a stone and test it with acid method. Don't harm history.
  9. 2005 as found on post 95 of this thread and then today.
  10. I like to add items to the collection that fit into one of 4 categories: 1) Medal Bar 2) Cased Item 3) Something odd or rare 4) Something to do with Saxony (Baden is #2) This one hit all 4! The nice early (1905-1911) version of the Carl Eduard Medaille, the smaller diameter.