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  1. So you bought the grouping! Nice! I wouldn't necessarily say it was made to go under another order. Somewhere on here the should be a picture of one of my Johanniters mounted the same way and a picture of it in wear. This was done to have the order out from under the collar.
  2. Not it one stop! This is about 20 years with a few in there when I didn't collect. Only the Finnish one is new to the collection and I have waited about 15 years to get it!
  3. Here is a miniature bar that took about 15 years to acquire! It comes from a good friends collection and he liked it as much as I do. I always wanted it to see what Rick L. would say. I think I know! It also has a little metal tag on the back that ought to make Claudio smile.
  4. To all, I am going through my items to gain more knowledge about them and I am having trouble with the old Sutterlin. Can someone please help with his name and where he was born? i see Marlin but the other two I can't even guess on. He served in the 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment. Thanks!
  5. Pure silver as in 100%? I highly doubt it. Most would be 800 to 935 or 80% to 93.5%. There are devices that tell you the makeup of these as far as silver content. I wouldn't let anyone do the old grind it on a stone and test it with acid method. Don't harm history.
  6. 2005 as found on post 95 of this thread and then today.
  7. I like to add items to the collection that fit into one of 4 categories: 1) Medal Bar 2) Cased Item 3) Something odd or rare 4) Something to do with Saxony (Baden is #2) This one hit all 4! The nice early (1905-1911) version of the Carl Eduard Medaille, the smaller diameter.
  8. Jock, Thanks for posting yours. I immediately notice that your lettering is heavier than mine. Mine had some kind of weak felt material used as a backing. I don't see these often but really like the looks of yours.
  9. Wrong order as Rick states and a very Prussian style of ribbon mounting for a Saxon. Anyone have a trapezoid Saxon bar? I don't think any of mine are. I would pass on this one if I found it at a show.
  10. Brian, Here is the pre 1934 ribbon bar to your first medal bar!
  11. Paul, Nothing is named. I found these antiquing and to those people the history is not really important in most cases. The British/US set is on a jacket like the three gentlemen are wearing in post 30. The center guy has the same rank even. You can see the medals have been on and off a couple times. The lady told me I could have the whole coat for $25! The three bar AF group came from an estate around San Antonio Texas. The guy had a couple of outstanding CBI leather patches that he thought came from the same place. I bought those as well. Looking at this again - where is the WW2 victory medal?