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  1. Amazing what pops up when you dig deep and get lucky! I’ve noticed a couple items posted by you that show you know exactly how hard you have to look to find these treasures.
  2. It took me a few years to catch up but I finally got a specimen for my little collection. Wish Rick was here!
  3. Look at the guy in the center. Is #5 on the bar a Hindenburg Cross?
  4. I’ve looked at that bar a couple of times. The Saxon medal could be issued without the swords. The long service medal or lack of a higher one bothers me. The price is too steep for me also.
  5. I saw a two place bar that had it. This is really out of my typical collecting interest but I realize that very few of these were ever mounted in groups and decided to add it.
  6. Round 3. The top of the 3 is not a straight line. Bought mine accidentally on a medal bar.
  7. Actually, I’m pretty sure DK is the 25 year Long Service. Can anyone make sense of the Turkish nomenclature? It doesn’t follow the German Rank Lists.
  8. So much great information here on this man. While recently looking at pictures of a friends collection I found another piece of his!!! It took some time to secure it but my friend wanted the pieces reunited and I was happy to have the opportunity. So, to thank those that looked at this thread or commented - I give you one more piece of the grouping that is now here with me.
  9. Very nice bar. The last medal is the FAM and it is on the noncombatant ribbon. Not too easy to find. To me the fifth medal has been swapped. It could be a pre 1905 Bavarian MVO which will run you some decent money to replace. There was also a Bavarian fireman long service cross given on this ribbon but that doesn’t fit the bar.
  10. Is there a visible seam around the outside of this? The surface is quite pitted and frankly this medal would concern me as far as originality goes. Look at the pits at 9 o'clock on the obverse near the rim. I'm not comfortable with this medal based on the photos.
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