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  1. Hello Peter, Thank you for the copy of this interesting item, superb indeed. It´s from the time 1933/34 when the Nazis tried to form a HJ branch in SWA and organized some marchings up. But short time later the German Scout Organization in SWA was forbidden. Not before May 1935 the authorities of the mandated territory allowed to found a new organization but under another name. Today German Scouts are member of Namibia Scout Organization. Once more thank you Peter.
  2. Hi, if you understand German go to this Internetpage Please, let me have for our page a copy of the triangular badge however without the white letters. Thank you. The badge is a Scout badge from about 1934/35. The badge shows a white-horn and swastika. manni_0412
  3. Give in Google " Ritterkreuz Karl Heinz Wilhelm ". There you will find different pictures and more. manni_0412
  4. Sorry, but I really do not know what it is. Have never seen it. Greetings, manni_0412
  5. Hello, I am Scouter and search for good copies of pins, bages, medals, decorations, photographs etc. for a publication of the history of German Scouts In South West Africa on our Internet page Who can help me? Thank you in advance. manni_0412