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  1. Here are some additional images of my jackboots (1864/66). They include a comparison of a pair of restored and unrestored jackboots (definitely original). I got the unrestored boots from an attic in northern Brandenburg. One of the previous owners stuffed some documents inside of them, dating back to 1941 (see picture below). Bye Tobias
  2. Hello Gentlemen, here are additional images from my prussian uniform and gear. Bye Tobias
  3. Hello Gentlemen! Here's my uniform for a prussian soldier (infantry) from 1870-1907/15. This sevice tunic was produced in 1867-1887 (no sidehooks). The black trouser with red braid (1870-1895) had one little pocket on the right side (post 1895 the trousers got two pockets). -facine knife from 1864 -sword knot ( lost the crown) -belt buckle from 1847 -breadbag/haversack is the old type (white canvas) from marine infantry (imperial german navy), but identically contructed -canteen is from a swiss-depot and identically with the german 1867 canteen -the socket bayonet was for the Zündnadelgewehr in the 1860´s Bye Tobias
  4. Hi there! Unfortunately, I don't have any personal info about the former owner. I bought the tunic a while ago, but didn't receive any details about it's history. But the tunic is rather small, so the wearer wasn't a tall guy. Tobias
  5. Hello Gentleman, this tunic was from the "Königlich Bayerisches 1. Infanterie-Regiment 10. Kompanie" (1st July 1778 - 14th December 1918). The side hook buttons were produced in 1887 for the German Army service tunics. In 1887 the bavarian army received a new belt buckle with a size of 6,5x5 centimetres, post 1895 it became 6,3x4,7. Bye, Tobias
  6. Hello Gentleman, here are the pictures of the markings from the East German paramilitary gear and differant typs of the y-straps. MDJ=MDI (Ministerium des Inneren) Bye, Tobias
  7. Hello Gentlemen, today I present to you the East German service tunic from 1962-1965/68 in olive stone grey. In 1962 the East German Border Troops replaced their khaki uniforms with the stone grey version you see here. The camouflage smock was from 1958. Bye, Tobias
  8. Hello Gordon, the replacement material k98 mag pouches (from 1953) were blackened on the inside and therefore have no visible markings. The canvas mag pouch was indeed from the ww2 Soviet ppsh 41. This was a standard weapon from Combat Groups of the Working Class in the 50s (as well as stg44/k98). The Combat Groups used outdated German and Soviet ww2 weapons in general. And yes the man in the coverall is a member of the armoured car crew. Bye! Tobias
  9. Hello Gentlemen, here is my original East German paramilitary (Combat Groups of the Working Class, "Kampfgruppe") collection from 1961. The brown double prong buckles and the y-strap were replacement material from 1953 (first gear for this paramilitary group). The M54 helmet came from the police and was stone grey-colored for the paramilitary in the 50s. Bye!