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  1. Dear Claudio Once again a lovely medalbar, sometimes I am truly envious of your collection. It is in my opinion charming that the embroided police eagle has been put on the ribbon in a nice fashion, sadly often we see how these embroided eagles barely hang on to the ribbon, due to lacking attachment to the bar. As I said, a lovely bar. I do have one question, could you supply us with a close-up of the Lübeck hanseatic cross? I can't see whether the claws are red or black. Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  2. Dear fellow collectors I had my father's medal mounted for fathersday (file attached) and I also bought a miniature for him to wear in his buttonhole, he had expressed his wish to own one, and knowing that I was a collector he felt that I would surely know someone to get one. I managed to do this and the result is good, although the buttonhole miniature is a bit small in my opinion (some of the german WW1 buttonhole miniatures that I own or have owned where atleast 2X times bigger. I am looking for a place where they sell miniature ribbon for this order so I can try to make one myself, would any of the collectors of Polish medals know someone? Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  3. Dear 1812 ouverture It's not the same spange, the third medal is different. The spange above has no golden marraige medal and the medalbar above also has two medals from the third reich (if we don't count the FEK). Dear sftrooper86 I am not certain about the originality of the medalbar you've shown. The MVK2krx looks a bit weird in my eyes, but I would prefer a collector of MVK's or a collector of Bavarian medals to give a better opinion. For the rest the bar looks fine. Regarding your question on the ribbon, it is true that this ribbon is for military officials, so it is not uncommon to see it being worn with swords. Kind regards, Laurentius
  4. Dear fellow collectors Emedals had an update which showed this grade of the Leopold-orden, I have never before encountered such a piece and I wondered if any of you could provide any info on it. https://www.emedals.com/europe/austria-imperial/orders/order-of-leopold/austria-empire-an-imperial-order-of-leopold-badge-for-officers-officials-second-model Kind regards, Laurentius
  5. Dear fellow collectors Last sunday was the Houten militaria fair in the Netherlands and I was able to buy this lovely hanseatic bar. I already framed it so there is no picture of the back most unfortenatly. I especially like the early orange ribbon on the KVK. Normally I'm not really a WW2 collector but I did not mind these two on my bar. Kind regards, Laurentius
  6. Dear Kriegsmarine Admiral I don't know what it is, it could be a Braunschweig Kriegsverdienstkreus 1. Klasse. I only meant to say that the argument that there is a size-difference is wrong. I think we need better pictures before we can make a proper judgement. Kind regards, Laurentius
  7. Dear Webr55 I looked at it and I put a ruler against my screen to measure them, the EK1 and the KVK1 are roughly the same size Kind regards, laurentius
  8. dear Webr55 The Brunswick Ernst-August cross 1st class is 41 MM whilst the EK1 is around 42 MM (sizes may differ a bit per maker). So the KVK1 and the EK1 are roughly the same size. It is the cross 2nd class that is 30 MM, the one you are probably thinking of. Kind regards, Laurentius
  9. Dear fellow collectors To me the award looked a bit like the Steckkreuz für Treue Dienste from Schaumburg-lippe, the cross 1st class. The arms seem less wide than those of the Iron cross, and we see a small emblem in the center of the cross, which could very well be the capital 'A' on the cross. I will attach some pictures. Kind regards, Laurentius
  10. Dear Drspeck The lovely bars seem to keep coming, another tremendous beauty for your collection. Regarding the Bavarian award I would think it to be a MVO. The RAO, KO and SA are all awards given to officers, so a MVK seems unlikely. Once again, a true beauty. Kind regards, Laurentius
  11. Dear Drspeck Lovely bar once again, a gorgeous Prussian-first bar. I agree that the second to last ribbon could very well be the Hessian medal for bravery. Kind regards, Laurentius
  12. Dear Alex K Yeah, it is described as a Großkreuz in Sonderstufe, which translates to grandcross in special class. This one was apparently made for the rulers of Lippe-detmold and Schaumburg-Lippe, and since the creation of the Fürstlich Lippischer Hausorden (1869) only 7 rulers of the Lippe kingdoms have lived (if we count both the kingdoms without the regents for Alexander von Lippe who was mentally ill). That makes 7 grandcrosses in this special size, and the rulers would likely have had a pair of them, in case one got damaged. That's sometimes the problem with the collecting of awards from the German states, some medals were given out so little that it is sometimes impossible to find info or pictures. Kind regards, Laurentius
  13. Dear Alex K The laurel between the arms was only in the Sonderstufe (special grade) which was only worn by the monarch of Lippe-detmold. It was for sale at the last Zeige auction at the beginning of the year. I have the catalogue with a A4 size picture of it. I found the catalogue online so here are the pictures. Kind regards, Laurentius
  14. Dear Drspeck The bar looks original to me, and the double RAO is also not a problem IMO. I think it's a 4th class cross with crown and a 3rd class cross with Schleife. Lovely pre-WW1 medalbar. Kind regards, Laurentius
  15. Dear 03fahnen I was thinking that too, but how would a german WW1 officer/soldier have gotten those? It was mainly awarded to germans during the Spanish civil war, but there is no FEK so I doubt that as a possibility. Maybe some Freikorp award? Kind regards, Laurentius