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  1. Dear Mattyboy We can see an Iron Cross 1st class (OEK 1908), which is clearly sown onto the uniform! You don't see that too often, furthermore there is a mecklenburg militarverdienstkreuz (MVK) 1.st class (OEK 1350), the badge on the left looks a bit similar to the Prinz Alfons erinnerungsabzeichen and I don't know the badge on the right. It looks like something that could come from the saxon/thuringian states. Kind regards, Laurentius
  2. Dear chris I think it was called ´´infantrie greift an´´ because it discussed infantry and not gebirgsschutzen tactics. If I'm not mistaken it was largely about stoßtruppen, which were universally used in ww1, On every front and by all kinds of branches, simply because it worked. The former members of the army high command must have felt stupid during the kaiserschlacht, they had thrown away the lives of millions of young germans during offensives in which stronghold positions couldn't be captured, while the stoßtruppen just went around them and captured hugh chunks of land. Kind regards, Laurentius
  3. Dear chris He did, the centenar-medal was a commerative medal, given out to everyone who served in the german army, and everyone who served under emporer (then king of Prussia) Wilhelm I (If they were still alive). Kronprinz Wilhelm, was made an honorary leuitenant in the 1.st garde infantry regiment, stationed in potsdam. The rank of leuitenant was given at the same time as the Order of the black eagle. This order was bestowed on every male from the hohenzollern family (both protestant and catholic branches) at the age of ten. Kind regards, Laurentius
  4. Dear Chris As you said extrawurstchen was a thing of the time, just like kronprinz wilhelm having a centenary-medal for his position of ´´leuitenant´´ in the 1.st garde regiment in 1897, despite being 10. Kind regards, Laurentius
  5. Dear Chris I think the kampfwagen badges were awarded just like the flugzeugfuhrerabzeichen was awarded. A new technology, with a high casualty-rate. If I recall correctly Rick onces said that there was a deadrate of 90-95% among pilots in WW1. The tanks were a new technology, which was dangerous to use. One good blow from a big artillery gun and the whole crew (9-11 men) were dead. Badges for these new (now intregated) technologies were and still are a part of awardceremonies all around the world, submarine, tanks and planes all had their own award, simply because they were new. This was pushed through in WW2 and the army highcommand then choose to give every profession in the army it's own badge. There was simply no time to think about new awards for every branch of the army in ww1. Maybe if ww1 had been longer there would have been a Stoßtruppen-badge, and an artillery-badge. We'll never know... Kind regards, Laurentius
  6. I must say Paul, you have quite impressed me. When I first saw this bar up for auction a few weeks ago I wouldn't have thought it possible to have it ID'ed. You truly are an asset to GMIC. Kind regards Laurentius
  7. What a lovely bar claudio, I was also attanding the auction. I hoped to get the bavarian bar with the MVO4x, but most unfortunatly, someone was willing to pay more than me. But again, a lovely acquisition for your collection. Kind regards Laurentius
  8. Beautifull medalbar pegasus1831, a shame the medals are no longer present. I especially like the Austrian awards on the bar, from which you can see the Austrian connection to the regiment. If I'm not mistaken the 5th and the last medal are austrian? The 5th is a order of the iron crown for sure. A lovely bar to have Kind regards, Laurentius
  9. Dear fellow collectors Although this topic hasn't been used since april of 2016 I do have a question regarding this medalbar. How is it possible that the red piece of ribbon of the Ehrenkreuz fur Frontkampfer is faded, while the rest of the red ribbons are bright, even those awarded 15 to 20 years earlier? Thanks in advance Kind regards Laurentius
  10. Dear Harrydonut Are you sure that the box is meant for a PLM? If I look correctly to the picture I see a medalcase which is too large for the medal. Kind regards Laurentius
  11. Dear Fontana Enrica Although I think that 12 pounds is a bit much, you don't see it often on a austrian trifold ribbon. Nice addition. Kind regards Laurentius
  12. Dear harrydonut Welcome to GMIC, and I hope you'll learn a lot but in order to give a reliable opinion we do need pictures of the PLM. Kind regards Laurentius
  13. Dear 03fahnen This is quite a pity, if it were to be real it would have been a nice addition to your collection. If I'm not mistaken Weitze offers a lifelong authenticity, so if you go to them and show them the evidence (quite clear in this case) they will probably give you back your money. Kind regards Laurentius
  14. Dear Scottplen Just a nice austrian medalbar, nothing special but still nice. Kind regards Laurentius
  15. Dear 03Fahnen I see a small maker mark on the ring, can you read it? It might help with determining whether the EK is real or not. Kind regards Laurentius