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  1. Dear Padro I am most graftefull for your response, I will keep it in mind next time I'm going to buy a MVK. But I must ask, to which auctionsite are you referring? Kind regards Laurentius
  2. I agree with Chris, Lets keep the discussion about the rings and the medals. Kind regards Laurentius
  3. Dear Spolei Could you tell me what is wrong with the medal, is it the crown, or the details? Thanks in advance Kind regards Laurentius
  4. Hello What do you guys think of this piece? Thanks in advance Kind regards Laurentius
  5. Dear fellow collectors This item has come up for sale at an auction and I intent on buying it. The higher grades of the MVK are a minefield so to be safe I would like to hear your opinions on this einzelspange. Thanks in advance Kind regards Laurentius
  6. Despite this terrible news, I also see it as a chance. Now we know which medals were present on the bar we could maybe see what his rank was, or his regiment? There are probably not enough medals to get a name out of it. We know that he had a 15 year LS from mecklenburg which was only given out untill 1913, Which means he joined atleast in 1898. which would explain why there isn't a centenarymedal, as that one was given out a year earlier Kind regards Laurentius
  7. Dear peter Thank you for your loving words, Yet I'm so surprised, the collector who sold it to me is known as a great person. I and many others have bought from her, It is very unexpected from her. Worst thing is, I sold her a spange, got knows what has happened to that piece!
  8. Goding dammit I bought the hanseatic cross lubeck and the ribbonbar without the swords and the ehrenzeichen. , my seller split the group and cut the medals. She told me the hanseatic cross belonged on a bar and that was the reason there was still sowing on the ribbon. My god, I can only imagine what foul human being could do such a thing. I wouldn't have sold the hanseatic cross if I had known it was from one group. I feel terrible.
  9. Dear people of GMIC I have recently acquired this ribbonbar, which I have restored by putting a sword and a treudienst-ehrenzeichen miniature on it( there were holes in the ribbon, as indication this pieces onces where there). I would like to know if it is possible to be identified. I think it might be a hard job, even impossible maybe. But we could find out the regiment he was in or his rank? Thanks in advance Kind regards Laurentius
  10. Dear Chris What do you mean? What is done? Is there a problem with your collection? a forum on german imperial awards is no place for LOTR, no matter how good the movies were. Kind regards Laurentius
  11. He actually received a Deutschblütigkeitserklärung from Hitler to show he was a real german. this was neccesary as Zukertort was a half jew.
  12. Dear Dedehansen I'm talking about wartime awards, but as I like to learn I'd also love to new it about the peacetime medals. Kind regards Laurentius
  13. Dear people of GMIC I have a question, Was the saxon FA-medal in bronze or silver also given to people from other german states? Kind regards Laurentius
  14. Hmm, seems to me a diplomat from wurttemberg. Sure, before the great war started there was a habit in europe to decorate foreign officers, but the orders (they are all orders, except for the second from the right) are too widespread to belong to an officer. I'd say a ambassador to several countries during his time of work. Kind regards Laurentius
  15. What do you guys think of this red eagle order 4th. class? Thanks in advance Kind regards, Laurentius