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  1. Daffy Duck

    Kingdom of Yugoslavia - cap badge

    Gendarmerie was incorporated into Army, as it’s a case even in nowadays in some countries. It should be dated in the period 1921-1941.
  2. I bought couple of items (mostly yugoslav orders) and he made quite good impression. Once I have received the package I was expecting, and somehow the most expensive order was missing from the rest of the bulk. I have contacted Tasic right away, and in no time I received that with extra order, as a compensation for my stress. He explained that his assistant made a fault. Most of the items on the site are original, but I can name at least few of them ( Yugoslav medal for Tito’s trip to Burma, etc) which could be doubted. Prices on the site are fair, at least if we compare them to some other, like Emedals and LiverpoolMedals.
  3. Here is another one which is obviously fake. At least seller stated that it is a replica. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/YUGOSLAVIA-SERBIA-ORDER-OF-PARTISAN-STAR-1-First-CLASS-MEDAL-ORDEN-/283318130272
  4. Daffy Duck

    Legion D'Honour

    Privatly made lux variant, but some "diamonds" could be missing.
  5. Daffy Duck

    Order of the Yugoslav star

    Here are some pictures from my phone:
  6. Daffy Duck

    Order of the Yugoslav star

    Yes, it’s from my humble collection. I will do my best to post the close up of the hallmarks.
  7. Daffy Duck

    2 early Legion D'honneur medals (Help?)

    Someone could easily remove cross on the top of the crown. The biggest problem for early dating is missing three stars at the bottom of reverse medallion (under the eagle). I would say that present appearance is more common for the reign of Napoleon III. This is the closest LH I have in mind: http://www.lacollectionphaleristique.com/presidence-chevalier-v6
  8. I would like to present the most prestigious yugoslav order (the one divided in classes) - Order of the Yugoslav star. It was created in 1954, and initially it was for the highest foreign personalities. There were three classes of this order plus Medal of merit. The highest Yugoslav decoration should also belong here, but it was by the low placed in to completely separated order. We have here: the brest star of the Order of the Yugoslav star with sash (first model) the brest star of the Order of the Yugoslav star with golden wreath (second model with artificial rubies) the Order of Yugoslav star on cravat (first model with enameled star).
  9. Daffy Duck

    2 early Legion D'honneur medals (Help?)

    First Legion of Honor could be as well from the period of Napoleon III, but from the earliest time, when he was a president of the Republic (1851-1852)
  10. Daffy Duck

    Serbian Orthodox Church orders

    I am laughing as I am just reading about him and Cromwell in Rutherford ,,Sarum” and the battle of Naseby. I will post some pictures of both gramatas. it looks maybe strange, but the Order of Saint Sava comes first in the Serbian Orthodox Church hierarchy. The difference in appearance is rather strange.
  11. Many thanks. I know nothing about their decorations. I thought that’s a church award.
  12. Daffy Duck

    2 early Legion D'honneur medals (Help?)

    I can confirm for the second that it was issued during Napoleon III.
  13. Daffy Duck

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    Those orders were issued to one Yugoslav (Serbian) colonel of AA branch. He was a high officer in Kingdom of Yugoslavia and was in charge of AA protection of Belgrade at the beginning of Second world war. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any of his pre war decorations, and I suppose that they don’t exist any more as I have bought all which was left after he deceased. The only pre communist item is that POW id plate. He was in Yugoslav People Army till mid 50s with a rank of colonel. What is interesting is that his Order of People’s army II class was awarded in 1952, in the same year that order was established. He was also awarded with the Order of Military merits I class as well as with Order of merits for the people II class. There are two additional plaques, both on the theme of AA defense. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any awarding documents, but some photos from his trip to the USA in 1952 where he was leading one official yugoslav delegation to Fort Bliss, TX.
  14. Those are two sole orders of Serbian Orthodox Church in my collection. The one in blue case is Order of Saint Sava III class, and the one in red is Order of Saint king Milutin of Serbia ( the sole class order). Order of Saint Sava was instituted in 1985 and was divided in to three classes ( the easiest way to recognize classes is by color: I-white; II-red; III-blue). It was the only order of Serbian Orthodox Church until 2009, when the others (6) were created. In later years some new were found as well on the local level (on the episcopal level). Those initial six are covering different fields (Church-state cooperations, self sacrifice, humanitarian work, achievements in culture, etc). The Order of Saint King Milutin of Serbia is established for church founders (ktitor), and those who helped in rebuilding churches and monasteries. Those two orders were given to the same person in 2010s and were followed by gramatas (documents signed by the Patriarch)