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  1. Montenegro - Bravery Award

    What the striking difference between two medals, especially in the thickness.
  2. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Paja, that was excellent! Thank you for your effort!
  3. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    Well you have the most prized one, the one which belonged to Pavkovic Concerning the others from the internet, I am quite sure that no.2 and no. 3 are traceable. First one is good, but before the year 1985.
  4. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    In those times I thought that collecting decorations is extremely expensive hobby, so I have focused on military uniforms. I possess few of them (all with ribbon bars), but wanted to have those with some historical importance. Back than, the most important thing was to have a credible supplier, someone from the army, who can sell you those things. Amazingly, most of the uniforms were left behind on the cleaning, or in the offices after they left their positions. Once again, I never intended to collect solely ribbon bars.
  5. Recipient Order of Yugoslav Star

    Dragomir, many thanks on this complete list.
  6. Montenegro - Bravery Award

    Any guess about the medal between Nikola's 50 years and Gold medal for Bravery 1877?
  7. Montenegrin "Gold" Medal for Bravery

    Medal looks legit, but it shouldn't exist. As it appears to be from WWI period, what only comes to my mind is that was done during the exile of king Nikola of Montenegro. He could have ordered those instead of gold Obilic one, if manufacturer didn't have a possibility to produce Obilic's. Or maybe if a recipient lost his Obilic one and found only a producer which had a production of silver ones. Of course, it's a guessing.
  8. Wonderful! extremly useful information. Just pay attention to the difference between two Kardelj's orders!
  9. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    Proper time to collect most of the uniforms was the end of 90s, as I was able to find Mamula's uniform (very customized) as well the parts of uniforms of general Kadijevic and general Mirkovic (very strange emblem on the hat). Just after the war 1999, I have acquired mentioned Pavkovic's uniform and I am so unhappy that I have missed the cap of late general Lj. Velickovic. After that I stopped collecting uniforms and bars, just orders Concerning Mamula ribbon bar, it should be at least 16 ribbons, as he had received Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour as he's last decoration, and it's on the top of six row ribbon bar. There is also a version without mentioned Order.
  10. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    Wonderful indeed. I have to check, but I am certain to have one of his uniforms, but without the Order of Freedom bar. It must have been used before 1999. The crown in my collection is a gala uniform with bars which belonged to admiral of the fleet Branko Mamula, and he had all top decorations in Former Yugoslavia (except mentioned order). Unfortunatly I am away from Belgrade and will give photographs ASAP.
  11. There is a huge problem with all those numbers. We can speculate, but huge majority of all pieces were actually lower ranks. Just one step back, in that time Serbia hade a pretty introvert foreign policy, and most important foreign partners were AU monarchy, as well as Russia. Third one was Ottoman empire, a side of all hard times in bilateral relations. So we can guess that those were possibilities: It belonged to king Aleksandar; It was awarded to ex king Milan, which I personally doubt (newspapers at that time will write something about it) That this extremely expensive and delicate set was awarded ( or prepared to be awarded) to foreign recipient. I have to strongly advocate this possibility, but to who? First guess is FJ, and it's not so hard to check in Austrian archives. The other is Russian tzar Nikolai, but due to political reasons ( most probably) he never received it. Even if it's true that the list of foreign recipients is not concluded, I can't find any suitable recipient of that high status and with that political weight for Serbia to receive that kind of special Order. Last, but not the least possibility is that some of them ordered on their own a new set with brilliants, but that seems highly unlikely. Article from today's Serbian Newspaper ,,Novosti" http://www.novosti.rs/vesti/naslovna/reportaze/aktuelno.293.html:679601-Orden-Milosa-Velikog-nude-za-240000-dolara
  12. Karageorge Order with swords

    First time seeing this. It could be right and ok. If the person was awarded with Grand cross of the order, he was wearing on daily basis only fourth class. If he was obliged to wear uniform, this was the only way to show that he has higher class.
  13. Karageorge first class box

    I have slight doubts. locks are completely different, apart there are two of them instead of one in the AB box. It could be earlier version, or maybe even the prewar. They paid much more attention in later times to small details. Once again great find!
  14. Is there by any chance possibility to track down this order? It couldn't be done in no time, so there is maybe a chance to find something. Just to remind all that a year ago, two hat badges (kokarde) were sold on ebay with a cypher ,,A" and brilliants. Maybe there is some connection. Another hint, do we know anything about the existence od Grand crosses of this order? Anybody seen the one belonged to FJ? It's a pity that sash is not present. That could be the way to exclude queen Natalija if the sash is normal... I am just thinking, what if this piece was never actually bestowed. Maybe this was prepared for Russian tzar. King Aleksandar Obrenovic wanted badly to go to Russia, but after that scandal with the Draga fake pregnancy, everything was postponed for good.
  15. Pay attention to the remarkable difference between two types of awarding diplomas. Are they as well from the Yugoslav archive?