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  1. Hi 1812 Overture Great photos of it in wear.... Your example is a lovely thing! And the box is a beauty even without the clasp. Surely a scarce example?? tony
  2. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Bayern, Sadly impossible to make out the date stamp and unusually its not handwritten either. However, with an eyepiece, I can make out ‘ Fji ‘ on the cockade... and also just noticed an edelweiss, only one, on the cap of the man in the centre of the back row. ——-/://—— hi Gents Annotated. Names him as Herbert Von Bitter and I think it’s 301D or 30ID ‘X marks the spot’ man in the left - ‘Lans Kotsoki’ (I think...) and tony —-//—— Hi again Bayern, Just a thought- is there anything relevant about the finish of the peak of their caps? Does it help date it? the last pic above on this post has a black peak as do all 3 in the pic on previous post #63 the first picture on #63 (below) with 4 in it, just 1 ‘dark’ and rest pale.... cheers tony
  3. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents a couple with older tunics.... And tony edit : waffenrock..,
  4. Hi Gents, i was thinking maybe this was worth a couple of grand or so and buybackable.... Then i thought 42k was a typo? whats it worth please Gents? tony Agree!
  5. Hi Gents, nice one Mike, tony
  6. Hello Alan it may be of no help however I believe it is possible to request information about service of family members following a certain period after death. If you are still in contact with his family perhaps you offer to help them do so. The service number issue might not be such an issue in that case best wishes tony
  7. Hi Gents, Congratulations Stefan - what a great find, a really cool ‘thing’! I do like the back its not just the writing I like It looks to me like it is in its second or maybe third frame already and the current frame is quality and aged.... This has, I would say, been special to more than one generation. ——//——- I do like the front too! Your first post said ‘picture’, can you tell if it is painted? Or a print? As Its old and yet in colour and someone has framed it and it’s been preserved..., Do you think it is a unique bit of work? Nice one tony
  8. Hi Gents First is posted home and dated 9th sept 1917 i’ve the colour up a little on the image.... I think this card was is titled soldiers in cover or similar, and the image seems somewhat older than when the card was written.... A 1917 Rppc annotated by ‘Oscar’ I think. 3 Iron Cross holders to the left, one of whom, I believe has musician shoulder insignia. And a picture in the snow, sadly nothing on the back. tony
  9. Hi Gents More than a few with silver bravery, bronze bravery and Karl cross combinations... On the back row, right side, to me it looks like he has a large silver too.... and this Hungarian liked badges! I think 3 or 4 of them on his cap something on his right pocket flap And one on his left breast pocket - even with eye piece not sure if it’s an 8 or 9 on it. tony
  10. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents tony
  11. Hi Gents First one: Feldwebel Karl Klein 3komp RIR 81 Died in hospital 11/8/1916 and tony