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  1. Brilliant! Bayern do you get frustrated with us?? I can't help laughing. You knew what it was all the time! Nice one both, pleasure tony
  2. Hi Tony thanks for your reply Regrettably i have never researched it... or the majority of my others. I'm behind the times a bit when it comes to the web Are Hewitt's records available to all or pay per view?? ((About 2 years ago I got given an old I phone. Until then i had been off line for about ten years, I didn't know what I was missing! a lot has changed since XP on my Pc)) I found the same Tony. Both medals and badges - I still referred to books that said certain things proved originality - no longer. I had no idea how things had changed. Can't trust much nowadays.... sadly. cheers tony
  3. Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents ungarischer.... tony
  4. Hi Gents My only one of these... this is missing it's bar and I think even the suspenders is wrong but it's mine.... I bought this a while back described as 2 bar but it's only one bar. MIC said, I think , it's c1919? I could google relevant dates for appropriate bars but I'd rather wing it.... and say 18-23 ish... 3434 Sepoy Badar Din 1/55/RFLS tony
  5. Just realised that's old news ! tony
  6. Hi Gents Joel i not sure which way my edited pic will show. I've rotated yours 90' and side on it is really looks like an L and E intertwined. tony excuse my poor attempt
  7. Hi Gents i get sentimental sometimes.... moment of truth. As ive said I want to find this a good home. ive just read this thread through and I can see my struggle! to do what I should. It's wrong that I'm currently keeping this fella like this.... amongst some army surplus.!. -----/---////------- Bugler Jacobs is in danger of being lost in time. But today I received an e mail to which I have So - I have been mailing/'fishing' for any interest at the all the IWM and the museums you Gents have suggested... to no avail. Until today when I have got an answer.... So Gents Tomorrow, I will think, by making this offer i am foolish..,, I hope by then you Gents might reassure me!! tony
  8. Hi Jerry an Gents im staggered! Jerry, Are these your focus, your No.1 thing or ? im a bit of a magpie so my mind boggles. Do you mind me asking do you have a lot of other badges?? Ive 'only' got two fusiliers badges. The one is a dug up . The other, a bi-metal is well rubbed. I'll find them and post. til then Jerry..... hope you like.... tony
  9. Nice! I love getting it wrong! Luckily! my staybrite must be Welsh Brigade..... cheers Jerry tony
  10. Iver, can't thank you enough for the picture.... Appreciated both.... --------/- Hi Gents obviously I hope it's old and maybe military or even Royal! its the crest I thought made it worth a punt... I'll post pics once I've got it.... tony
  11. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents tony
  12. Hi Gents Iver, thank you. i don't know yet - I like the idea of a 'face' plate for a horse? Or 'chest' ? tony
  13. Hi Iver you tease! ive been googling But so little info when results are for us Brits (ie English Language!) ive tried breast plates and back plates and Cavalry uniforms.... Got a little clue for me?? Cheers tony Edit Read again - Horses!! On it!