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  1. Hi Gents This one dated October 1911 and this one dated June 1905 tony Thanks as always GreyC
  2. Hi Gents ——//——-/ No dates or info on any of these.. and tony
  3. Hi Gents a timely bang in the background... And, dated 22 July 1915.... RIR No. 3 2 Komp tony
  4. Farkas

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    Hi Gents. In memory of Georg Ostheimer 3. Triolet Kaiserjager Regiment He died 2nd April 1915, aged 21. tony
  5. Hi Gents im not sure what to make of this, a lot going on! 1912... i’m calling it ‘officers interests’ for now tony
  6. Yes GreyC, the ‘n’ is so clear in ‘Unft’ ( I thought it was Unff!), totally unlike the ‘u’.... nice tony
  7. Consider it done from now on GreyC... Thanks. What did you think of these? I did actually post them with you in mind... I think the first is a lovely portrait and the second is physically rather odd.... cheers tony
  8. Hi Gents 3 I have that all caught my eye yesterday for one reason or another.... ———-/————//- This first one I liked, mainly, because they actually look happy and of course his medal bar. If he’s 80 in 1927 then he was born in 1847... Perhaps a Veteran of the Franco Prussian war? ——////———- This one is different to anything else I have. The front is glossy, like plastic and reminds me of a film negative. And smaller than Rppc size. dated 2-9-1916 I was surprised to see from the reverse , that it has not been cut down in size. It is to all effect a smaller version of a full card. And, I’d say, it’s not reproduced from a larger original. The impression of the circular post stamp, as well as some of the writing, is visible in relief on the front. ——//———- this 3rd one is a snapshot... dated 1 March 1917 Peter Banes (I beleive) I can’t get over how ‘chilled’ he appears... Cheers Gents tony Hi GreyC Thanks for the above info... i spent ages googling British airship losses last night. All new to me. However, more questions than answers. I beleive this is a rigid frame airship. Gondolier to the fore. Brits only had one that saw action and none reported lost. There were quite a few other airships designs used mainly for shipping protection but the appearance doesnt match. They ere more like balloons. ‘Gasbags’ were over the channel but this looks, as I said, like a Rigid Frame Airship... supposedly none were lost..... Thanks again GreyC tony
  9. Hi Gents My first thought was it looked like Franz Joseph on the badge. Then I saw the trifold ribbon second. So maybe this one.... tony Edit. Mr The Prussian!! I wasn't expecting that! Lovely collection. tony
  10. Hi Gents Hi GreyC Dated 24-10-1911 Stamped ‘Strassburg’ Field Artillery Regiment 10 F.A.R. 10. The detail at the top of the card is largely embossed-swords, wreath, shields and Kaiser are all embossed. ——-///-/////:———- and the next one.... Stamped 21-10-1913 in Harburg (I think) or Marburg? marked as : 9 Pioneer Batt. 3kompagnie, On this card the 3 is the only embossing. It is pressed into a metallic disc added separately but prior to embossing. Some of the leaves and the acorn have been hand coloured gold. tony
  11. Hi Gents I spotted this in a ‘job lot’ To me , it is a photo of..... (Please pardon my usual optimism/enthusiasm) A partly collapsed airship, in flight, photographed from above, at altitude or in cloud , Of course maybe not ...Any musings Gents? tony
  12. Hi Gents This postcard image is dated as 1914 on the grave. Feldposte home stamped 23 November 1916. 185 Infant.Div. stamp and marked by sender as 7 Kompagnie Sent to Fraulein ? Stokle ((...Maria / Muriel? )) and family I think. ((Added as an afterthought)) 2 line address. tony Edit... To me, a 2 line address teases that it is either a small place or a big name ...
  13. Hi Gents this one turned up today... a bit special me thinks. It’s a german produced postcard written in Hungarian Stamped as sent from KuK IR27 and also marked as Feldkomp VII Censor stamp : ‘Zur Weiterbeforderang geeignet’ I believe meaning, roughly : ‘suitable for further transport’ It was sent home to Prague dated 14 October 1915. i hope you like it too Gents.... tony
  14. Farkas

    One of the rarest EK Awards...

    Hi Andy to me, the knowledge is Harry Potter standard too. tony
  15. Hi Gents I F**kn love this thread. It’s interesting, entertaining and unique in my opinion It is everything you could want from a forum in my limited opinion. I used to google my things and often found GMIC as a source of information. One day I joined so I could contribute about a family history post Re IR83 that I related to. Then I said to myself now share some things I have... —-///———-/— This thread is so interesting and informative about things I would never have enquired about. 1812 Overture is in China..,, he breaks the law to contribute... I have his email just in case we ever lose him. He expects that one day he will loose access for sure. I love him and his spirit! Tifes.... you have been a member a long time and when you post it is not flippant contribution! 922f your posts look from their ‘font’ to be translated. I know that takes time and effort. Thank you!’ im not being condescending- I mean it. So, i choose here, after a couple of vino to say thank you all because this is what it is all about. ———..\\—— MMO and MBO? could Gents please confirm the abbreviation for me? cheers tony ****_|\____-*** tony