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  1. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi gents tony
  2. Hi gents these all belong together... the first dated 1921, the last in the snow is 1927 I believe shoulder tabs on the next one look most like 23, certainly 2... tony
  3. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi gents sadly the front of this one is faded. Overcoats, rifles and entrenching tool are hung up in the background.... After adjusting it a bit..... I think the man on the left is on a field telephone tony
  4. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi gents tony ——///———- evening Bayern yes I see it now... I thought the Uhlan cap was one of the pickelhaube with an eagle on top.... thanks as always... tony
  5. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi IrishGunner I forgot to thank you for your comments on the heavy gun pics so... thank you, it’s always appreciated... and, as you ‘gently’ reminded me, the mortar is a 30.5cm and not a 20.5cm as I had labelled it.... thanks again tony
  6. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Bayern you know I readily jump to conclusions! I thought maybe the guy with his back to camera? And the one behind the ‘blurry’ guy? The headwear was the reason... tony
  7. Hi Gents a patriotic pc so you may have seen it before but it’s a good ‘un... tony
  8. Hi Gents i’ve just received this today... i noticed it it listed as a Signum Memoriae and grabbed it sharpish.... To my distraction when I tried google it only offered me ‘porn’ and I didn’t find anything out that this thread didn’t already tell me.... So does anyone have a link to some info about this please? i’m particularly interested in knowing how many were issued..... cheers tony
  9. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents War games I believe... with some Germans present.... and tony
  10. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents tony
  11. Hi Gents changed my mind about the scanner.... tony ****** too kind Sir
  12. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    hi GreyC that's a fantastic picture excellent thanks tony