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  1. I’m pretty sure the four pictures have been found together. However maybe the group pic isn’t related. I’m surprised to think that, if they still wore recognisable Uhlan uniform, that they wouldn't mark the crosses with some reference to it. Mind you - after 100 years.... cheers gents tony
  2. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents just posted these elsewhere and thought should go here too... tony
  3. Hi Gents Sadly. nothing on the back of either of these. First one- I'm guess it’s not that clear in the picture but I’m thinking there is a badge tucked in between a 1908 jubilee and a red ribboned merit cross ? In real world, with an eyepiece, it’s looks like the badge has an Hungarian crown with the same overall design that I’ve seen on belt buckles... ~~~~~ and this next one looks to me like the medal has been hung on an existing ribbon bar thread already on the uniform.? is it a plain merit cross on bravery ribbon? is that likely as a first medal for a man of his rank? i recall, in a recent thread, mention that studio props (equipment/uniform) were provided sometimes for use ...... anyway - here he is... Hope you like Gents tony
  4. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    hi gents tony
  5. Hi Gents thanks all for your replies... hi Alex... they certainly do count! Great find. Very nice..... Out of the 10, is that 7 or 8 you've got? Are they still in the booklet ? Hi Bayern, GreyC Of course you both know i never have noticed that! Do you think then, that the photo I missed is related to the Grave markers? They were ‘together’ all this time. Not bought from a military dealer. Bought from a postcard seller. And if you wouldn’t mind....I wonder now... Would dismounted Ulanen have been reassigned to an Infanterie regiment or retained their own identity? i would guess the latter? Thanks as always.... tony
  6. Thanks for the information... much appreciated tony
  7. Hi Gents there were four pictures of the 2 M.G.K. of the 30.b Inf reg for sale separately..,. I managed to get these three but not all . I missed out on a nice group pic. Separated in the real world now but I’m going to include a screen shot (apologies to the new owner) of it with the these. I wonder if it was taken before or after the others.... the closeness of dates indicates a difficult time... tony
  8. Hi photobomber! i didn’t mean that but it suits you well, i love them keep those pictures coming in any language 用我的朋友用任何语言保持图片的来临。 Best wishes tony Ps i like this one in particular... tony
  9. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi gents These are the last one’s from this group. First 4 are from Josef Sadek to Edward Sadek. as so often the case ... different spelling: schadek... The last one Its sent the other way. Turned into a marathon posting these but I’m glad I did. cheers gents tony
  10. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents last 8 of these to follow. these 3 then last group of 5 to follow. The first 2 to same addressee: Jan Gregor... October 1915 December 1916 This one sender details mention ‘Isonzo’ dated May 1918 tony
  11. Hi Gents that last one is a ‘funny’ one isn’t it. not everyone in the crowd looks that happy.... and i would have asked if it’s ‘Kaiser Karl’ as well, certainly looks like. ~~~~~<< Hello1812 Overture ... is there anything at all on the reverse of this last one please? tony
  12. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hello Enzo, thanks for the info... Sadly nothing on the reverse not even a makers name.... tony
  13. Sadly not my photos but a fine selection from 1812 Overture...
  14. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents three more from same group... , and tony
  15. Hi J-SK the rosette is usually the Hampshire Regiment. Queens crown means 1952 onwards.... hope that helps... tony