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  1. GreyC Quality photo. May be why the photographer got so popular.... - lovely. tony tony
  2. Mike! thank you ever so much. Really. need to take a proper look but did notice this...... "Index finger missing off right hand" thanks again tony
  3. Hi GreyC That's a really cool picture... ! what size is the card itself please? tony
  4. Hi Gents please feel free to add your own posts to this thread if you wish as this is the only Canadian awarded medal I have..... British War Medal awarded to : 602344 SJT. Thomas CMG Brigade.... (I believe he was a Brit btw...) Tony
  5. Hi Gents, I'm keeping it now. Mine! Thank you all. Isn't it sad I only paid 30 quid for Bugler Jacobs' Busby. That seems wrong to me. Any personal thing like this should be respected... I thought it deserved better so I got it, but as I be sentimental I always was thinking it needed a home that appreciated it more than I would. But not any more... !!!! So Thankyou All ------------/-////// Jamie when you mentioned The Cameronians I remembered a badge I have, age unknown,that I read up on before... and there was so much about them - History I ! anyway- i didn't appreciate it before then But still do now... (anyone still awake?). so- below is a couple of pics, probably sideways, of said badge.... Shall I put these together....? thanks everyone..... tony
  6. Hi Jamie First thanks for your info because it does support the case for a legit label - didn't know bout busby being less used. And also - it is battered but I wouldn't change a bit if it! I got it without knowledge of the labels. I loved the holes and tears and it was un loved so I grabbed it.... but Perhaps it needs a new home mate..? Do you happen to know if the Sco Rifles have a museum of their own? tony
  7. Hi Gents A little while ago i was looking for a period map - and got 5 for the price of 1 instead! I say five - the book did originally contain six. the remaining maps are still in lovely condition. So I don't think this book saw much use in itself but I like to think the owner removed the map he actually needed to use. tony
  8. Hi Gents thanks all for your thoughts, information and interest.... I'm humbled by what you Gents know. I never expected to be able to 'label' this one..... cheers all tony
  9. Here goes... files are tiny. I hope they work! tony Sorry both not much better are they. i'll have a practice tonight and post some more tomorrow tony
  10. Hi Chip i will dust off my scanner and post some better ones and close ups... in particular do you mean the one on the left or right of the guy in the civvies? tony
  11. Another.... Don't know why sideways tony A young looking soul tony
  12. Hi Gents i like this pic hope you do too.... the card itself is immaculate so I'm a bit suspicious of its age but whatever the Guys on it look great. tony
  13. Some more..... tony
  14. Hi Gents more to follow any questions or better pictures please ask.... Hope you like them tony