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  1. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    hi Nick you,re most welcome to add to these and thank you. I really like these photos they are of my favourite type however its the last one that catches the eye.... so young looking. thanks again best wishes tony
  2. Hi Simon sadly I havent followed things up with research.... i used to know more about some. A couple I have MIC roll copies for somewhere but that's about it. I'm having a serious rummage to reassess what I have. Maybe once that's done I'll spend the time looking into these properly. Mainly I have collected Austro Hungarian pictures but even those I still haven't researched. Only got on-line 2 years ago when my mum gave me her old I-phone! tony
  3. Farkas

    SIGNVM MEMORIAE - austrian medal

    Hi Gents all mine have an 'austr' ..., tony
  4. Farkas

    SIGNVM MEMORIAE - austrian medal

    I'm just home from a friends 50th and I read this.... love it! Brilliant! Back with mine in coupla minutes unless I have a snooze..., tony
  5. Hi Gents, Chris, does Leib denote 'Life Guards'? Or just Guards please? thanks tony
  6. Hi Gents a friend has a few items on the way. I usually get first refusal on some bits... ive been looking around to Id these two. But not seen the first at all... The first Looks like TSU? - Tyrol Security / police unit - Ww2 The second looks like an Albanian flag from '92 onwards but as Tyrol has used similar im not sure. Also the wing are a round design not straight top to bottom. Any thoughts appreciated Gents... cheers tony
  7. Hi Simon Thanks mate... over the weekend ill get me scanner out and redo in higher resolution- and sure I've got a few more to add.... tony
  8. Hi Simon id spotted the RM one before but not the others. Absolutely top notch. Thanks for highlighting them... and i agree they should be revived and prominent. tony
  9. Thanks Ulsterman i wasn't aware it was such a small timespan. Good to know. My family left Vienna in 1938 so I think that confirms he didn't collect his. cheers tony
  10. #superfluous Hi Gents, So happy! I've just started checking Leigh's threads - no contest- anything else I've got is going on them! Nice one Gents tony
  11. Thanks Simon these threads are amazing. tony