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  1. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    apologies - I had a few too many last night tony
  2. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Bayern tellermutzen…. different to a kepi(!) that I know... .. Just curious though .. why do think the guy on the left looks all dressed up compared to the rest?is he different or.. Just because he is prepared to brave the cold with coat off? and tony
  3. Good evening IrishGunner! at 01.57 Welsh time I decided to see what time it was for you by checking your location and the answer was 02.01 and I’m telling you this at 02.06(?)..... i’m not The quickest but that’s not the problem cos I am keen! I really appreciate your reply. I hoped for one like yours... 21.14am if I write a considerably long reply, pouring my heart out ish will you reply because if I did then I’d be gutted if you didn’t acknowledge it! Shall I go for it...? regards tony ps
  4. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi gents studio pic with FJi cockade tony
  5. Hi Both Many thanks for your thoughts and the info... i do hope they ‘belong’ together, having been together for 100+ years, that was the attraction for me. For now at least, I’ll treat them as such...! i’d rather post my stuff and ask about it here than google search it. It must seem lazy sometimes when the answer is ‘obvious’ but when you gents have questions too I don’t feel so bad! So thanks again best wishes tony
  6. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents tony
  7. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Bayern, Christian these are a little challenge for you to enjoy I hope... i know the dates - they’ve all got them on the reverse. I wonder if you can work them out?? The first two are related and taken a few months apart the third is separate.... and lastly Hope you like tony
  8. Farkas

    Found in a village

    hi Morar thanks for posting the pics on the other thread... interesting selection you've found I posted a link on the Austro Hungarian forum a little while back that leads to a list of weapon markings I cant read the ones on your sword from the picture but maybe you can find out a bit more about if you find a match for yours on there... perhaps too, it is of note that the helm has a cruciform base to the spike.... best wishes tony
  9. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    hi Morar Great photo and what a cool frame it is in I saw your other post about your journey which led to this and some other nice finds... Did the lady tell you which one of these was her relative? and maybe his name? I also notice each of the three has decoration on their trousers. the sort of thing I would have expected on a hussar tunic …. once again great photo , nice find... tony
  10. Hi Gents i feel I was lucky to get these together the other day.... the photo is a large framed photo of recruits for the reserve battalion of the Bayern 3rd infantry regiment and the bonus was this collar board that came with it. As it is the only one I have Gents, I wonder if it is a good example? I don’t mind a couple of moth holes! any thoughts or opinions welcome as always Gents tony
  11. Hi gents Kaiser Franz Garde Gren. Regt. Nr 2 2 Kompagnie 5-4-17 And dated 11-8-16 tony
  12. I should probably have realised it was a location from the format and hence no translation.. thanks IrishGunner tony
  13. Hi IrishGunner, that would make sense for sure.... I didn’t find a translation for that on the site I use... Would you mind translating for me please? i did notice the area looked ‘undusturbed’ however and the trees are in one piece! also is a reserve battalion... tony
  14. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi gents 2 related pics And a third possibly related another edelweiss hope you like them tony