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  1. Hi Uffz. Rohleder and Gents, First Sir, I read your post about your fight with your health and I wish you all the strength you need. Best wishes from all of us. ———- I remember, back in the 70’s, an Austrian uncle who lived in the US, sent a picture to my Sister who loved ‘ Starsky and Hutch ‘ Not a picture of hermann I admit, it was a signed picture of David Soul, (Hutch) it was pasted to a ‘chopping block’ of wood, about A4 size and an inch thick. ...with that in mind My thought is that perhaps this is a picture attached to the wood? The crazing on the image itself reminds me of hand coloured CDV.... The description says only “print on board” I think perhaps it is a’ print on board ‘ attached to wood block so would be a gamble i suppose? cheers tony
  2. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents an oldie.... Morsarbatterie Im Feuer IR4 16 Komp Posted home to family April 1915 tony
  3. Farkas

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    Hi Gents this is my last for now I think... Anton Mullauer October 1914 tony
  4. Thanks hucks216, its of no surprise to hear there were many more , the islands are still heavily fortified! cheers tony
  5. Farkas

    Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market orderandMedal

    Hi Gents, 1812 Overture i thought these were on display not for sale. Currency value mean these may be extremely tempting in this part of the world. Please show us more if you visit again.... 我认为这些都是出售而不是出售。货币价值意味着这些在世界这一地区可能极具诱惑力。如果您再次访问,请告诉我们更多.... 优秀。地址是什么? tony
  6. Farkas

    What is this medal

    I love a happy ending! usually the unknown is not so interesting! tony
  7. Farkas

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    Hi gents another from IR59 Lorenz Reudecter(?) tony
  8. Hi 1812 Overture Well done for braving the dogs and old men for our cause! i hope people like yourself can protect history such as this from development.... i enjoy your posts... Very interesting thanks tony 为我们的事业勇敢地为狗和老人做好事 我希望像你这样的人可以保护这样的历史不受发展的影响 接下来不是上面的英文. 我的好朋友, 你的帖子在这个论坛上是独一无二的。我是新来的,但我知道这一点。 我可以告诉人们这样的话题 tony
  9. Hi Gents Since I posted this thread, this soldier has caught and kept my interest. Thanks to hucks216 (thanks!) and his grave information I have been able to dig a little... I don’t usually ‘dig’ , I’m more a hoarder than historian (copyright Brian Wolfe!) Why this man and not an Austro-Hungarian, as I would expect -perhaps it is as simple as, me being able to find answers in English language on google. —-////—————-// Oberpionier Johann Buckreus still lies in the British Fort George military cemetery. These first pics are from Wiki: Johann Buckreus plot below There were already German WW1 POW’s buried on the Islands and during the occupation German soldiers were buried alongside the older graves in St. Brelade church cemetery. Also as in this case, some at the British Garrison Cemetery, Fort George. As it says in the above, in 1960 the German authorities requested agreement for the transfer of their Soldiers remains to France. This was agreed to, and, all were exhumed and moved - with the exception of the 111 men at Fort George. I’m unsure if this was agreed by both sides but I can imagine that it was. The graves at Fort George being respectfully cared for by the CWGC whereas the others were in church yards. ——////-//- i was curious which unit he might have served with... according to the above: The ‘pionierbattalion 15’ were stationed on Guernsey at some point. The ‘319th infantry division’ were the only ones stationed on the islands from late 1941, as the rest were sent off to Russia. Quite a shock I bet. This man died February ‘42. —-/////—-//——— So Gents i hope I haven’t gone on too long. this is my new ‘longest thread’....! tony —-/——/- footnote
  10. Hi Jerry the one below is on Ebay at the moment. .....I see a FAKE! * wings wrong * CARDIFF lettering wrong * Motto across the top has no gaps ——//—— I’m learning! thanks for your help.... tony
  11. Hello just my own thoughts obviously dont split them if you both plan to sell... if you both plan on keeping them then frame then all together and argue over that instead.... otherwise you probably both have your share in a drawer or tin or similar.... But i appreciate life is not often that simple ! tony
  12. Farkas

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    I watched a documentary the other day that named the poor fella who, supposedly, started the European flu epidemic.... A soldier from rural America who fell ill in the US but still went to France and then it spread from him to various camps/locations and beyond.... 50-100 million dead....
  13. Farkas

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    Ah wicked thanks GreyC I was confused as i have loads of cards stamped field-lazarett, not related to some kind of quarantine.... (eg flu epedemic) ‘Krankenhaus’ sounds like the sort of place I should be locked up in after an evening googling translations!! it’s not just us Brits who have more than one word for the same thing (or more than one thing for the same word probably!) tony
  14. Hi Gents Today I was going to post a thread with some pics of my feuerwehr helmet. I bought it together with this horse harness piece from an antique dealer in the US last year. I know they were from the same estate but hadn’t thought to actually connect the two Having looked back at the replies here I realise a possible link between the two..... i wonder if the harness was also a momento of service in the feuerwehr? perhaps the horse that wore it also served! Wurflach population : I don’t suppose there were many of these.... cheers gents tony