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  1. Hi Noor Did you have any luck? theres a Gent who might know... tony
  2. Hi Gents a pair of collar badges. I've cleaned the one on the right a bit. from the front.... no detail From the reverse..... detail ! in reverse it says South africa around the top but I can't suss the rest... hope you like Gents tony
  3. Hi Gents, Jerry my two Jerry.... hope you like tony Edit amongst these....
  4. Hi Gents not my usual thing but think this is nice find..... On their way to me still but for now these photos from the advert Hope you like tony
  5. Hi jf42 thanks for your replies all along... I don't know why having this troubles me so much. But it does. Historically prob the most significant thing I have. I've offered this to a Gent who I think, based on his posts, should have it. A gift in return for its safekeeping.... no answer yet- even to me it sounds like a scam so I understand that.... I hope he wants it. tony
  6. HELP

    Hi Gents, David, Simon i like these! id certainly give them a tin of their own and keep them together just in case.... just noticed this on the badge.... which is a good start... and the tags look good to me. As at least they match later issued ones I have - maybe other Gents know if this design matches those issued up to 1916? That he was buried at home supports the case that his effects could have made it home to a relative... I agree the glue doesn't help the chances of authenticity but a modern fraudster would have known that and not used it so I would suggest, and I personally would 'choose' to beleive, that the wings were bought in good faith by the 'keeper' of the other two items at a later date, rather than belonging to Morrell himself. I agree with Simon- they very unlikely his.... but part of the story that's lost in time! I like...., tony
  7. Hi Gents R.E.M.E. time..... Army Air Corps /REME beret And 'dress' kit Badges below - both Kings crown - pre '52 This one I'm guessing Ww2 economy issue... This one a 'Sweetheart' badge Buttons - shiny Queens crowns and pair of brass Kings crowns tony Edit Queens Crown staybrite Kings Crown Staybrite (1950-52)
  8. Ah that's interesting, good to know....thanks as always Peter best wishes tony
  9. Hi Gents I've just been googling and sadly saw this.... the description says "old reproduction - possibly stage prop..." i still like it but... To me, if this is another one it would seem odd - unless you have bought one of a pair from the same person....? hope this helps tony
  10. Hi David i like it what size is it? tony
  11. Brilliant! Bayern do you get frustrated with us?? I can't help laughing. You knew what it was all the time! Nice one both, pleasure tony