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    Austro Hungarian -- all things.
    Ww1 AVM. RPPC. CDV.
    Unloved things regardless.

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About Me

""About me""?

well if you're asking...



My interests start here. I'm proud to say my Grandfather served as an officer in KuK IR83.  Below pictured on an RPPC at 19yrs old . Officer in charge in Poland... at 19.



((my mum once asked her father in law over lunch..."so did you ever kill anyone?". He didn't answer... 

Years later when she told me of that - I showed her the above picture..... ))





In October 1938 he took his family from Vienna to Nairobi and later to London

My Dad born in Vienna ended up stuck with me in Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain, United Kingdom in 1970.

Georg Farkas died in 1968

Fritz Erwin Farkas (!) died in 2000

Anthony George  still alive....


Joined GMIC - June 17.

The People on this forum blow my mind. I hope to share and learn!