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  1. Hi Gents Mismatched pair....j Crowns differ so assume one old one new. ? Both very stiff metal. Backs different too... I think these are 'Army' collar insignia..... tony
  2. As a 47 year old that blows my mind! I've got a few Canadian cap/collar badges, I think though only from 1900 on, I will dig out and maybe if of possible interest will post. thanks again tony
  3. Hi Gents I seem to recall this 1941 helmet has a '39 liner. Helmet maker marked for 1941 but I can't see any markings on the liner - so perhaps to those who know there is a visual difference but I'm not one of them! There is also a peculiar clearly ink stamped, arrow marking stamped in the crown inside - its pointing to the crown liner bolthole.... I cant see it being required for the purpose of finding the hole - you can't miss it - but maybe they didn't take the chance! Can anyone know of a further purpose for it? It is in great nick with original paint and just a bit of wear. It's nothing Too special I suppose but I think it's worth sharing with you.,.. hope you like it tony
  4. The lanyard is total length about 34 cm. it is made from one piece of cord. The centre braid is 15cm then one end is 10cm the other is 8.5/9.0 cm. it went from a main tunic button to the shoulder. picture 5 above shows the knotted end- a clever unstitched tuck knot. That end is unbroken just knotted then returns picture 6 above shows the only stitching required to complete to work. It is discreetly tucked in the end of the braid work. the balls are solid and bristly. Each end with puncture holes for the threading of the suspending cords/lanyard that allowed them to hang. the two larger are 4cm diameter the odd one is 3cm in width. i acquired these and the CDV together along with a number of Alpine related items -some military and some I suppose are not. tony
  5. Hi Gents missing some bits.... tony
  6. Thanks Mike, after quick read,even with my beer goggles on- that link is spot on. --- You mention the Boer war- is that specifically your interest? I love postcards/pics of all sorts. I know somewhere I've got cards of scenes/uniforms that predate Ww1. I think I've even got some postage stamps of the like. Certainly vintage British Napoleonic themed illustrations of uniforms and antique late 19c German cards of all sorts.... if I dig them out would you or others be interested? if so, I would enjoy sharing them and would like to give you notice when they are up? either way - I appreciate you replying to this. cheers tony....
  7. Hi Mike, glad you like it and.... thanks for the heads up. (((Just between you and me....!... i got my nutsack burnt by asbestos in the mid 80's....))) So I will take care as of now...., ------- i don't suppose you could tell me the proper name for this ? there is another thread about a Canadian mark II helmet- would this be one also? i only know (think I know!) that Mark I is ww1 and mark 4 (Brit) was N. Ireland issue? Cheers tony
  8. Hi. Gents cant be sure if it is the case but this CDV is apparently the above award on the recipient.... sadly I could not get a name to go with it. tony
  9. Hi Gents Some additional pics.... tony
  10. Hi Gents some better photos... tony
  11. Hi Gents i've read these were painted green and the liner changed when brackets were added but this still has a 3 part liner. it came from the estate of a retired antique shop owner so I'm happy it is in its vintage condition but maybe it's not that straightforward a find. hope you like it, if you'd like more specific photos please ask. tony
  12. Thanks Demir I do..... and will.... ! Tony
  13. Hi Gents a talented man took time to make this - perhaps a Pow? hope you like it.... tony
  14. Nice find Jock were there any clues as to his name? Do you know if he's amongst the graves? tony
  15. Hi Gents please feel free to add your own posts to this thread if you wish as this is the only Canadian awarded medal I have..... British War Medal awarded to : 602344 SJT. Thomas CMG Brigade.... (I believe he was a Brit btw...) Tony
  16. hi Gents thanks for ongoing efforts.... i just found a picture on a Wikipedia page... Tony
  17. Sadly... This has had a hard time. Moths have been well fed...and the front has been chopped open- to remove the plume holder I guess. but happily there is more to it. I was unaware when I got it that it was named: "b company. Sco Rifles. no.1246 Bugler C. A.Jacobs ". (G.A.?) And labelled: "Dobson and sons" Sadly Bugler Jacobs is apparently not on medal rolls and I know no more..... tony
  18. GreyC Quality photo. May be why the photographer got so popular.... - lovely. tony tony
  19. Mike! thank you ever so much. Really. need to take a proper look but did notice this...... "Index finger missing off right hand" thanks again tony
  20. Hi GreyC That's a really cool picture... ! what size is the card itself please? tony
  21. Hi Gents, I'm keeping it now. Mine! Thank you all. Isn't it sad I only paid 30 quid for Bugler Jacobs' Busby. That seems wrong to me. Any personal thing like this should be respected... I thought it deserved better so I got it, but as I be sentimental I always was thinking it needed a home that appreciated it more than I would. But not any more... !!!! So Thankyou All ------------/-////// Jamie when you mentioned The Cameronians I remembered a badge I have, age unknown,that I read up on before... and there was so much about them - History I ! anyway- i didn't appreciate it before then But still do now... (anyone still awake?). so- below is a couple of pics, probably sideways, of said badge.... Shall I put these together....? thanks everyone..... tony
  22. Hi Gents i like this pic hope you do too.... the card itself is immaculate so I'm a bit suspicious of its age but whatever the Guys on it look great. tony
  23. Hi Jamie First thanks for your info because it does support the case for a legit label - didn't know bout busby being less used. And also - it is battered but I wouldn't change a bit if it! I got it without knowledge of the labels. I loved the holes and tears and it was un loved so I grabbed it.... but Perhaps it needs a new home mate..? Do you happen to know if the Sco Rifles have a museum of their own? tony
  24. Hi Gents A little while ago i was looking for a period map - and got 5 for the price of 1 instead! I say five - the book did originally contain six. the remaining maps are still in lovely condition. So I don't think this book saw much use in itself but I like to think the owner removed the map he actually needed to use. tony