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  1. Hi Gents A friend of mine has some WW2 named USAAF medal groups. Could any of you Gents suggest a good source/site where he could start his research? British records are limited for that period still. Is that also the case for US records? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.... tony
  2. Hi Gents a pair of collar badges. I've cleaned the one on the right a bit. from the front.... no detail From the reverse..... detail ! in reverse it says South africa around the top but I can't suss the rest... hope you like Gents tony
  3. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    hi Nick you,re most welcome to add to these and thank you. I really like these photos they are of my favourite type however its the last one that catches the eye.... so young looking. thanks again best wishes tony
  4. Hi Gents more to follow any questions or better pictures please ask.... Hope you like them tony
  5. Hi Gents a selection I hope you like. Any better pics in particular please ask. fronts and backs.... This unusual fella weighs 176 grms (over 5 ounces!) Hope you like tony
  6. Hi gents I didn't realise I had this many..... hope you like tony
  7. Hi Gents My new bar... Austro Hungarian is my first love so I couldn't resist this. possibly.... this is glaringly wrong to you more knowledgeable Gents. Would an MM cross be awarded without lower level bravery awards first? don't spare my feelings if you have doubts - I genuinely would rather hear your thoughts Gents. i won't lie... i paid out 250 plus post for this. Think it was a bit cheap? And I didn't know enough about it either, not enough to justify getting it - but - it didn't stop me, and, with mixed emotions I did... You Gents know the feeling?? that "gulp" feeling...?? ---////------/-- So when it turned up I wanted to know : was EK maker marked? Looked too crisp and new. was the Military Merit Cross genuine ? was the bar good quality ? Was the bar original? and if so had the original medals been swapped out? And so on and so on !! and then so on! ------- Some pics first then my thoughts on it.... ---/----/-//----- to me, the quality of the medal mounting/bar is top notch. ( hope not too good?) it is so rigid still. The folds do not move. It's thick, padded, uv negative and just a few stitches snapped to rear. I can't get to the ring of the MM cross without stressing the ribbon and cannot see how the award isn't original to the bar. Fellow Gent cimbineus has told me that at first glance this MM Cross looks good, a Friedrich Rothe made example. I had to (had to!) check the EK ring. It was tricky to prise the ribbon of the Iron Cross from the ring. I was relieved to see a mark (800?) (silver) I haven't poked any further yet... The ring is blackened, in contrast to the medal which now appears to have been cleaned, rather than new. The ring is small though - not the size I have on others or personally seen before.. that worries me slightly - should it? I hope to hear its because it's on a later bar and not period ww1 issue!? Or other similarly reassuring reason!. So Gents after my longest worded post ever (usually 3 words) I hope you like.... tony ************* Musketier Kessler Inf Regt 400 2 komp *************
  8. Hi Gents Nothing to shout about but I want to share these with names for 'the record'. If anyone named is special to you please let me know.... Btw. the first - 2326 Sjt J Coghlan Royal Artillery Is probably the only 'extra fine' medal I have! please add your own if you fancy... hope you like Gents
  9. Hi Simon sadly I havent followed things up with research.... i used to know more about some. A couple I have MIC roll copies for somewhere but that's about it. I'm having a serious rummage to reassess what I have. Maybe once that's done I'll spend the time looking into these properly. Mainly I have collected Austro Hungarian pictures but even those I still haven't researched. Only got on-line 2 years ago when my mum gave me her old I-phone! tony
  10. Farkas

    SIGNVM MEMORIAE - austrian medal

    Hi Gents all mine have an 'austr' ..., tony
  11. Farkas

    SIGNVM MEMORIAE - austrian medal

    I'm just home from a friends 50th and I read this.... love it! Brilliant! Back with mine in coupla minutes unless I have a snooze..., tony
  12. Hi Gents, Chris, does Leib denote 'Life Guards'? Or just Guards please? thanks tony
  13. Hi Gents just a few to share..... tony
  14. Hi Gents a friend has a few items on the way. I usually get first refusal on some bits... ive been looking around to Id these two. But not seen the first at all... The first Looks like TSU? - Tyrol Security / police unit - Ww2 The second looks like an Albanian flag from '92 onwards but as Tyrol has used similar im not sure. Also the wing are a round design not straight top to bottom. Any thoughts appreciated Gents... cheers tony
  15. Hi Simon Thanks mate... over the weekend ill get me scanner out and redo in higher resolution- and sure I've got a few more to add.... tony
  16. Hi Simon id spotted the RM one before but not the others. Absolutely top notch. Thanks for highlighting them... and i agree they should be revived and prominent. tony
  17. Hi Gents i'm battling through a sort out/ rummage/ to put my 'stuff' in some order I can share with you Gents. Eventually it all will look like this. when I'm done? Royal Army Pay Corps Royal Corps of Signals The Royal Engineers I've got a lot of buttons*... Some badges and bits... Some match and that's what I'm sorting through. Royal Gurkha Rifles (?) I haven't really sought anything here it is all picked up with other items I wanted or things cost Very little. So there will surely be some pics of 'unlikely to be original' things that I would enjoy any opinions of.... if you Gents would like of course? For example - these are all currently available copied.... So fingers crossed.... Hope you like Gents tony Edit middle one dodgey? t
  18. Thanks Ulsterman i wasn't aware it was such a small timespan. Good to know. My family left Vienna in 1938 so I think that confirms he didn't collect his. cheers tony
  19. #superfluous Hi Gents, So happy! I've just started checking Leigh's threads - no contest- anything else I've got is going on them! Nice one Gents tony
  20. Thanks Simon these threads are amazing. tony