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  1. Nice! I love getting it wrong! Luckily! my staybrite must be Welsh Brigade..... cheers Jerry tony
  2. Hi Gents the only badge I've ever gone looking for. As a Cardiff boy born and bred I couldn't resist. It was bought before I knew people faked everything we treasure and revere. So. With a big 'gulp' I share this.... all opinions appreciated either way... Cardiff Pals Badge. 30 x 45 mm ish cheers Gents tony
  3. Iver, can't thank you enough for the picture.... Appreciated both.... --------/- Hi Gents obviously I hope it's old and maybe military or even Royal! its the crest I thought made it worth a punt... I'll post pics once I've got it.... tony
  4. Hi Gents I'd love some thoughts on this.... i couldn't resist it... gulp! Its in the USA but on its way to me. it was described as an 'incomplete belt' These are the pics from the advert. i reckon the crest is this one but wider... so I think this piece is no belt as the crest would not be worn sideways. If so this looks like it would be worn on the chest or even the back as a 'plate'. Then the straps angle down and are wrapped somehow. The straps look surely incomplete to some degree. i haven't yet found a picture that's similar.... yet. Hope you like Gents. All replies appreciated. tony
  5. Hi Gents Generally I suppose it's just a simple AVM. but it was issued to a someone who deserved it and I'm 'looking after it' at the moment. So for the record.... 5388 SEPOY SHADI 1-6 JAT L INFY tony
  6. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents tony
  7. Hi Gents. these are mine. I'll photograph them as a group first. I do love 'em and I hope you do too. I will scan them singly if you are interested and let me know.... tony AH and German together above... Sadly nothing on the reverse of any of these. T
  8. Hi Gents Iver, thank you. i don't know yet - I like the idea of a 'face' plate for a horse? Or 'chest' ? tony
  9. Hi Iver you tease! ive been googling But so little info when results are for us Brits (ie English Language!) ive tried breast plates and back plates and Cavalry uniforms.... Got a little clue for me?? Cheers tony Edit Read again - Horses!! On it!
  10. Hi Jerry..... i have the first one pegged as The Royal Welsh... Just looked at the third and there is that little bit left of the scroll... Nice one mate. Wouldn't have noticed that or thought of it as chopped even... nice one. Cheers from the 'Diff' ! tony
  11. Hi Peter i meant it was yours if I kick the bucket - currently no plans to do so! tony
  12. Hi Gents i'm battling through a sort out/ rummage/ to put my 'stuff' in some order I can share with you Gents. Eventually it all will look like this. when I'm done? Royal Army Pay Corps Royal Corps of Signals The Royal Engineers I've got a lot of buttons*... Some badges and bits... Some match and that's what I'm sorting through. Royal Gurkha Rifles (?) I haven't really sought anything here it is all picked up with other items I wanted or things cost Very little. So there will surely be some pics of 'unlikely to be original' things that I would enjoy any opinions of.... if you Gents would like of course? For example - these are all currently available copied.... So fingers crossed.... Hope you like Gents tony Edit middle one dodgey? t
  13. Hi Gents I'm missing one I think I have but have dug out these..... Surely no-one is faking these staybrite yet! This next one is the one I think might be dodgey? The back looks flat not as vaulted as others..... this next one I haven't labelled but might be Welsh.... hope you like Gents comments always welcome whatever! tony
  14. Nice one, thanks Jerry, i appreciate the reply... ive definitely got a doubtful one (reverse) of those and I think another one that may be proper. im not sure of the spelling on them mind. ill have a rummage for them and share a coupla pics..... tony
  15. Nice one Peter, glad you like it. it was in need of a good home as were most of my ww1 'club' Although the face looks good in the pic, the rim is quite well 'clanked', I think it was worn quite often.... tony ((Ps Peter.. I'll put your name on it. Just in case I shuffle on. I'm only 47 but you never know !!))
  16. Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents some more pics tony
  17. Hi Gents more to follow any questions or better pictures please ask.... Hope you like them tony
  18. Hi Gents i got this today and although a German item I thought it would be right to share here first...., Vimy Kirche/ Vimy Church tony
  19. Hi Gents this fella landed this morning nothing on the back sadly.... tony
  20. Hi Gents ive just these couple I think... here they are. please add your own if you wish.... tony
  21. Hi Gents i got this as part of a job lot. For about a quid! the back looks different to more modern tally I have seen but I really know nothing about these. there are two sets of three little holes each just either side of the writing which line up if it were pinched together not tucked inside. I'm guessing an arm tally wouldn't have the 'tails' hanging but its only just over 2ft (66cm ish) so surely too short for a cap tally. I like it whatever..... tony
  22. Hi Gents, Jerry, could you tell me which cap badge that would be? Now I know I've 'got' an XL collar dog not a cap badge! cheers tony