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  1. Hello, There is a third version of the medal. The one that ilieff shows is with two faces of the two medals - the avers of the standard medal and the revers of the medal with the inverted crowns. There is a difference in the writing of "Царство България"/"Kingdom Bulgaria"/, and the positioning of the lion. The medallion of both medals is the same - a diameter of 19 millimeters The ribbon is original but has a different size - 25mm, and is folded in German style.
  2. Hello, after many years of searching, I managed to get the test version of the medal "For the proclamation of Bulgarian independence in 1908". There is no information about this option, except for one picture in Prince Romanoff's book. We assume this is a tried version of P. Télge. Interestingly, the medal has a ribbon. That means it has been handed to someone. The ribbon is also different - it is narrower than the standard one. The dimensions of the cross are the same as the standard medal.
  3. Petar Keserdzhiev

    Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Hi,the book is worth the price! There are many details that are not available anywhere else!
  4. Petar Keserdzhiev

    Hussar Uniform of KIng Ferdinand of Bulgaria

    Hi, for great regret, King Ferdinad's grandson, Simeon, has sold many possessions to King Ferdinand, as well as many of the orders of King Ferdinand! He should be very shy, but unfortunately - not so.
  5. Petar Keserdzhiev

    Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Hi, This is the best book for the Bulgarian orders "St.Alexander" https://www.amazon.de/Bulgarien-Alexander-Orden-1881-Preiskatalog/dp/3937064303 http://www.ebay.de/itm/Bulgarien-St-Alexander-Orden-1881-1948-Preiskatalog-Band-2-Bretzendorfer-/142250145793 Greetings