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  1. stirnpanzer

    Helmets of the Garde du corps

    Hi, I am trying to find any references (books / Websites) relating to helmets of the Russian garde du corps, cant seem to find a lot of information about them. Many thanks
  2. stirnpanzer

    Identification help

    Trying to identify this badge. has dates 1856 - 1906 at the bottom and 50 in the middle ... anniversary ? Thanks
  3. hi, an trying to find a list of Recipients of the Royal Victorian Order for 2002 & 2003... any idea when i can find it ... Thanks Mark
  4. heres some shots in normail daylight .....
  5. Gordon / Wilco, Thanks for confirming my suspicions? ... They are getting better ... Regards Mark
  6. Cant make my mind up on this... so opinions appreciated Thanks Mark