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  1. Very nice, French uniforms and headgear are attractive.
  2. Another tunic i think Dave Mosher this once along with a Flieger Lt Friedensrock
  3. Agreed... I have a soft spot for French medals and this group is superb. French Colonial and WW1era are of great interest.
  4. You may be right. I'm not an expert but thought it was a practice more common early in the war and more often seen on enlisted men. But, I'm here to learn so if anyone knows better I hope to see more information posted.
  5. Oh boy, how many doses? So far it's not cured me.... Beautiul French citations are very attractive. I should have started collecting them long ago. I fear a fellow named Chris B has nabbed most of the nice German and French citations.... lol
  6. Super! That's the badge and I must say I've never seen one. I've learned a lot about them from the thread you referenced. Thank you
  7. Yes I've seen it and it's terrific. I offered my right arm and a leg for it but Tony has a long term plan for it and it doesn't include me.
  8. It looks almost just like the award you reference. I wonder if there was a Weimar version. It certainly appears to be extremely similar. Thanks Glenn. I'm going to research the man to see if his bio or ww1 photos are on line.
  9. We're referring to the breast badge to the left of the EK1. Best I can do. Looks like a horse but may also be a dragon. Idk
  10. It's pre-war service cross 1914-1918 too. The General has a wonderful look about him and I love his medal bar and his Ernestine higher order. We're referring to the breast badge to the left of the EK1
  11. Has anyone ever seen such a large ribbon bar? It's multiple rows... can anyone ID the man?