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  1. Im looking for information on a Rittmeister von Blucher in Guard Ulan Regt 3 I think he was awarded the Hohenzollern House Order
  2. Does anyone have aviator uniform items, tunics, coats, flight helmets, etc? please post if you would...
  3. The 73rd and 79th Regt displays are marvelous. I'm not sure why I've never acquired a cuftitle... those are very nice
  4. Nice I'm not sure which I like better, the Baden or the Bavarian group
  5. I'd love to own a East Africa uniform one day, unlikely but still... would be nice.
  6. Absolutely amazing. I've love to have it
  7. Nice photo, how do you determine piping on these B&W photos?
  8. Thanks, not the first time I call trousers and whatnot black when the actual color was a blue gray or dark blue, near black. I have that habit.
  9. Wouldn't these troops change over to Pike Gray trousers and a visorless cap for campaign? The black trousers and the odd looking cap would have been left for parade
  10. Nice display
  11. That's a very interesting overcoat to be sure.