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  1. French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    I’m happy to have it.
  2. French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    The low number would make it 1916-1917
  3. Adrian Paul Brodeur

    Very nice uniform and history
  4. Where to buy medals in Dehli

    If you find a place please take photos...
  5. Hello, I’m looking for opinions on this pilot badge example.
  6. I don’t recognize all the ribbons. Can someone list this awards as it’s a very interesting bar.
  7. I’d love to see the rest of that uniform. That’s a lovely medal bar.
  8. I like all you tunics and really I like your M15 bluse.
  9. I real issue PlM would be a dream come true for most. I have used my funds to buy many nice awards and uniforms instead of an issue WW1 PlM. I settled for a couple post war 1920s-30s PlMs to display and I’m happy for now. Would I love to have a real issue one, heck yeah... but, I can’t yet bring myself to saving up for one...