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  1. Very nice display. I've never seen the General u. Flügal Adjutant or the Adjutant for a Royal Prince. If anyone has photos of these in use I certainly would be thrilled to see them.
  2. You may have as I listed it for sale not long ago. I've had it 20+ years and like it but I have a few more German tunics than I can display and would rather trade/sell so I can get a spiked helmet, cap, etc that takes up less room.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for information on Lt Hundt (as I read it) of LGR8. His Kleiner rock is dated 30.3.16 made in Magdeburg by Albert Vahldieck...
  4. Those are nice. I need to start collecting docs as I'm about worn out on uniforms and medals....
  5. Hello, does this this book discuss numbers of the French pilot brevet B series badges? I know there's a certain number that arecwartime and the rest are post war issue. I think the badge allotments were distributed to multiple training facilities and wonder if all the numbering can be traced to months and years. How much of the book is dedicated to a French Aviation badges?
  6. Does anyone else have opinions? I am about to cut the tumic loose loose for another opportunity
  7. What's you opinion on the Wurttemberg Order of the Crown Honor Cross from eMedals
  8. Is the top ribbon a Bavarian Max Joseph Bravery medal?
  9. Charles,

    If you are eager for an issue NCO tunic, what do you have to trade?


    1. ccj


      Well Chip, I don't know what I have in trade for an NCO tunic as I would have officer tunics and medals. Are you willing to trade?

    2. Chip


      Hi Charles,

      Unfortunately, not interested in Officer's stuff or medals. :(