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  1. Even on the Fiedgray uniform? This strap looks like a slip on for the 1907/10 but I may be wrong. its a very nice strap...
  2. Interesting, I’m no expert but thought red cloth straps were artillery.
  3. Has anyone ever seen such a large ribbon bar? It's multiple rows... can anyone ID the man?
  4. Here's a nice, well used kleiner rock of an Oberst of feldartillerie Regiment 111
  5. Hello, here’s a Prussian visor cap for officers model 1917 More...opinions welcome More
  6. 1916 Bavarian Generals tunic for a GenLt. (1916 fieldgrey Bavarian Litewka pattern)
  7. Nice You may want to review the strap colors, the straps aren’t the sa,e color as the piping.
  8. Can someone tell me which royal dukes or princes served in Infanterie Regt 121 during WW1?
  9. Thank you. Does anyone know where to locate information and photos of royals serving in Württemberg regiments?
  10. What ranks are given with à la suite? Was it always general rank?
  11. Thanks, can you tell me what year? Wasn’t Friedrich Christian Prinz v. Sachsen in Saxon Leib Grenadier Regt 100?
  12. ccj


    Extremely nice...
  13. ccj

    French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    I’m happy to have it.
  14. Hello, I’m looking for opinions on this pilot badge example.
  15. ccj

    French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    The low number would make it 1916-1917