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  1. ccj

    Where to buy medals in Dehli

    If you find a place please take photos...
  2. I don’t recognize all the ribbons. Can someone list this awards as it’s a very interesting bar.
  3. I’d love to see the rest of that uniform. That’s a lovely medal bar.
  4. I like all you tunics and really I like your M15 bluse.
  5. I real issue PlM would be a dream come true for most. I have used my funds to buy many nice awards and uniforms instead of an issue WW1 PlM. I settled for a couple post war 1920s-30s PlMs to display and I’m happy for now. Would I love to have a real issue one, heck yeah... but, I can’t yet bring myself to saving up for one...
  6. Does anyone collect bugles? Here’s one for review if anyone is interested
  7. Oh Chip, I should have known you would have a few. I’ve been looking for a good Saxon bugle for my Saxon display and just missed one last year. What I haven’t seen are the swallows nest to match a Saxon LRG100 tunic.
  8. Now that’s a lot of bugles... very nice I’ll try to take more photos.
  9. That pocket was of great interest to me as well. I have been spying it too
  10. Hi, I’ve seen them both ways and have a nice Hessen tunic with cuffs that are like the Prussian cuff you posted. Some of the ones I’ve had didn’t have button hole slits but the cuffs were sewn down on all sides.
  11. Hey Chip, doesn’t it appear the cuffs and collars are darker green with the trim seen on JzP troop uniforms?
  12. Hi, are these men Jager zu Pherde or Heavy Cavalry? The spiked helmets look infantry but the tunics look like JzP. very interesting photo
  13. Wonderful. I especially like he first two photos.
  14. Thanks Glenn, I’m glad you could answer this question and it’s a few more than I imagined.
  15. It almost has a Bulgarian look the the crest at the top of the badge. It’s a unique badge for sure...