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  1. Thanks Glenn, I’m glad you could answer this question and it’s a few more than I imagined.
  2. It almost has a Bulgarian look the the crest at the top of the badge. It’s a unique badge for sure...
  3. In General... ive seen only a few photos of Flieger majors and it seems most commanders were Captains. I would think there should have been several field grade officers commanding by 1916.
  4. Interesting variation of the Turkish pilot badge. I’ve never seen one like it.
  5. ccj

    Airmans qualification badge

    Nice award and very interesting topic
  6. ccj

    Saxon NCO ribbon bar


    • WANTED

    Hello all, I'm looking for a Saxon NCO Ribbon bar for a senior NCO. An old style Trapezoid Ribbon is preferred but the latter style is suitable. may have other bars that can trade for...


  7. That’s a vey interesting ribbon bar. I can’t help you but certainly another member can. do you own this bar and can you post the reverse side?
  8. Nice, I’m very fond of Württemberg units in WW1 and their awards
  9. Very fascinating Chris. You impress me with your ability to find great documents. I just visited the Iron Regiment site and decided to buy the kindle version. It's always amazed me that German veterans of WW1 and WW2 moved to the USA to start a new life. I hope to enjoy this book over the holiday weekend. - Charles
  10. Superb photos. I was unaware of the connection between ImperialGermany and Spain. I suppose this was common among royals.
  11. I'd love to buy those boots. I haven't found a pair yet.
  12. Can it be? A field gray strap for the Saxon Leib grenadier Regiment 100.
  13. Hello, whats your opinion on this tunic? Guard tunic or Aviation tunic?
  14. Very nice display. I've never seen the General u. Flügal Adjutant or the Adjutant for a Royal Prince. If anyone has photos of these in use I certainly would be thrilled to see them.