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  1. Those are nice. I need to start collecting docs as I'm about worn out on uniforms and medals....
  2. Hello, does this this book discuss numbers of the French pilot brevet B series badges? I know there's a certain number that arecwartime and the rest are post war issue. I think the badge allotments were distributed to multiple training facilities and wonder if all the numbering can be traced to months and years. How much of the book is dedicated to a French Aviation badges?
  3. Does anyone else have opinions? I am about to cut the tumic loose loose for another opportunity
  4. What's you opinion on the Wurttemberg Order of the Crown Honor Cross from eMedals
  5. Here's a really nice technical or artillerie style tunic for a leutnant of a Flieger unit. This may have been a feld-artillerie tunic but the shoulder boards appear to me originally applied as I see no evidence of replacement.
  6. Is the top ribbon a Bavarian Max Joseph Bravery medal?
  7. What a beauty... I'm eager to obtain an enlistedand NCO tunic. Yours is superb to be sure
  8. I'm interested, how much are you asking? 

    1. new world

      new world

      I am sorry, but I am not sure I am following. Asking for what?

    2. ccj


      Sorry, I'm referring to the Bulgarian Bravery order

    3. new world

      new world

      It's not for sale...where did you see me saying that I am selling it?

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  9. Thanks, it would be nice to own a pair of the early pattern flieger boards with double underlay...
  10. Are the boards the only thing that worries? I'm not convinced the tunic was Aviation during WW1 but didn't see issue with the boards. I guess it does look like there were rank pips or something below the prop. images found on line... sorry but don't know whose they are.
  11. I'm not sure whether it's quality or wearcfrom use on the insignia. lve been looking at other officer guard tunics along with the ones in my collection.
  12. ccj

    Leibgrenadier 8 Lt Kleinerrock


    • FOR SALE

    Original Kleiner Rock for a Lt of Leibgrenadier Regt 8


  13. I wish I could have gotten one of those two tunics when the collection came up for sale. Absolutely beautiful
  14. The boards are Aviation. The tunic is either pioneer or technical branch weitze listed it but it's been shown before on a forum or two...
  15. I wish all photos were uploaded to the forum for permanent view
  16. That's a pretty good match and good memory to remember Claudio posted that bar.
  17. Hello, I've like to see opinions of the silver-gilt Pour le Merite. Close up