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  1. The 73rd and 79th Regt displays are marvelous. I'm not sure why I've never acquired a cuftitle... those are very nice
  2. Nice I'm not sure which I like better, the Baden or the Bavarian group
  3. I'd love to own a East Africa uniform one day, unlikely but still... would be nice.
  4. Absolutely amazing. I've love to have it
  5. Nice photo, how do you determine piping on these B&W photos?
  6. ccj

    Austrian uniforms

    Thanks, not the first time I call trousers and whatnot black when the actual color was a blue gray or dark blue, near black. I have that habit.
  7. ccj

    Austrian uniforms

    Wouldn't these troops change over to Pike Gray trousers and a visorless cap for campaign? The black trousers and the odd looking cap would have been left for parade
  8. That's a very interesting overcoat to be sure.
  9. I'd love to but Im certain I would only want to inspect the trenches for a few hours. I'm more on a army group level general staff officer. Is there a château nearby?
  10. How exciting. You need a thread about your re-enacting battles ask dugouts How to I join up?
  11. Wonderful, I'd love to visit your battlefield some day. Looks like a lot of fun what type plane is that approaching?
  12. Wow, I would love to see those bunkers, etc...
  13. Thanks, I don't recall to be honest. The collar on this Tunis is so hard that a man would have to been miserable wearing the uniform.
  14. Do you fellow this this would been an officer's cap of Jäger zu Pferde Nr 3 due to the location of the cap maker?
  15. The tunic is so small it had to been a skinny teenage lieutenant. I have another German and several French tunics so small I can't display them of the torsos I own. i really want a nice enlisted man's tunic then I think im done collecting. Well, I need a few odds and ends to finish a few displays too.
  16. ccj

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    it seems the French framed their awarded from WW1 more than most nationalities. At least that's how it seems me me... Like looking croix I wish I knew more about why some or dark and others not? I would also like to know how many manufacturers there were. To me honest, I don't know that I've ever looked to see if any I own arecmaker marked except for me Silver CdG.
  17. All very nice. I have many Finnish items but don't collect any more. It would be very difficult to find a person who wants to trade imperial German for Finnish....lol
  18. Was cleaning out my closets looking the the rest of the Polish items I have yet to sell and pulled out all my Finnish tunics. Some have trousers and breeches and most have caps though they're in a box. I thought I'd share for those who like Finnish militaria. I'm very fond of the Finnish Winter War and Continuation War. The Finns fight hard there is not doubt.