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  1. Bavarians wore a border of blue and white (blue and silver for officer) starting in 1916 on the bluse. NCOs also wore a rank tresse around the collar.
  2. Thank you Roman, i have always wanted one of these but they're not too commonly found. im trying to get this one.
  3. This looks to me of the same manufacturer and period. Looks to have a repair the the ping on the hing.
  4. Seems the LGR100 had red piping in all the locations many guard units had. Here's my tunic to example. I don't know any collars that were piped top and bottom but if socChip would know. The cuffs are piped top and bottom and the skirt is piped red.
  5. Very interesting. I spent a lot of time searching for period photos and photos of others collections to learn more about the enlisted aviation insignia. Does the book list the pilots badge numbers and years issued.
  6. I do if I can locate them. I may take new since I'll probably sell a couple.

    I just received a wonderful French General's sword. Complete with the hanger and the sword knot.
  8. French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Beautiul French citations are very attractive. I should have started collecting them long ago. I fear a fellow named Chris B has nabbed most of the nice German and French citations.... lol
  9. Very interesting and very clean. Is that an original mounting?

    Wonderful history, nicely displayed...
  11. Looks like Roh??is or Rob??ls to me but it's possible to be Rab... or Rah... or R??????? really, I'm not sure the name ends in S