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  1. 10 hours ago, Gordon Craig said:


    If you wish to review the GMIC rules regarding the posting of text or pictures in relation to copyright please refer to Guidelines, section 2.4.  While 2.4 does not implicitly rule out the use of copyright material it does provide "guidelines" for doing so.



    You’re way late on your comment and to be honest it doesn’t help the content of this thread. I’m sure you’re aware on private messages. Someone had brought it up before and a member withdrew.

    I typically don’t say much about these things but you really reduce my enthusiasm to share my collection and knowledge.

    If you want to help you can remove the the postings that worry you. I’m not hear to argue so no need to begin one.

    thanks and I’ll give thought to continuing my contributions. 


    I’d prefer the administrator delete the entire thread

  2. Superb

    I on the uniform of General Pohlmann and a photograph. I’d love to see if colorized one day. 

    I haven’t been able to find a ribbonbar that matches his awards. 

    Prussian Red Eagle Order 4th Class

    Prussian Order of the Crown 3rd Class

    25-Year Service Cross

    Officer Honor Cross Schaumburg-Lippe House Order

    Order of the Romanian Crown, Commander Class

    Order of the Siamese Crown, Commander Class

    EK2, EK1

    Prussian Crown Order 2 with swords

    Pour le Merite 

     Ernestine House Order commander with swords

    Schwarzburg Honor Cross 1st class with crown and swords

    And more according to the ribbon bad in the photo




  3. 8 hours ago, Alex K said:

    For those interested, there is an existing thread I started many years ago in Military Art  "Bringing History to Life" section, it seems to have dried up somewhat so I havn't posted for quite a while, with regards to ownership images etc, I personally I try to use what are termed "Public Domain" where ownership is unknown or time expired, or as in the case of Leopold IV, above, obtain an appropriate licence for personal use, Images I know to be "privately owned" I may colourise but ensure I don't publicly post without the owners permission,


    It is Robert of Wurttemburg, the only Austrian medal he is wearing is the last one, the others are German, but Austrian mounted for some reason, apart from that the neck decoration is the Austrian version of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The Austrian version was discontinued in 1918, there is a Spanish version, which is still in use, as a results of both Austrian and Spanish Royal inter-marriages






    ps this image is from Landesarchiv Baden-Wurttembug



    robert von wurttemburg copy.JPG

    I think the tunic is a field gray 1915 Friedensrock of Infantry with red collar but not certain it’s Infantry  I don’t recall what units he was a la Suite but I think an Infantry  and cavalry regiment



  4. Absolutely wonderful colorized image, especially after the change to the green collar and cuff.

    I hope you show more colorized photos



    I’m sure it’s General Herzog Robert von Wurttemberg in the German officer’s uniform with medals mounted in tri-fold fashion

    On 20/09/2018 at 21:16, 1812 Overture said:

    Dear Solomon:Thank you for your wonderful sharing! I want to ask you to know why this person is wearing a German uniform and wearing an Austrian medal?



  5. On 21/09/2018 at 06:16, Mattyboy said:

    Hi Gunnar,

    Thanks for the additional names - I should really have put numbers next to the signatures :). Yhe photos are from the Imperial War Museum (except for the one of Pokrantz). Ok here is the last one which I would like the advice of the experts please:-


    FA 24 - 00011.JPG

    FA 24 - 00011 ribbonn.JPG

    It looks like he may have red piped shoulder boards. What regiment did he originate?