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  1. Saw this Red Eagle with oaks on Emedals. Looks very nice imo. Question, was the RAO2 awarded with and without Breast Star?
  2. GeneralLt Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Surén
  3. Thank you, nice photo, I’m trying to make out the generals name.
  4. My only M15 with a 1917 visor cap. Foot Artillery Hauptmann
  5. That’s a marvelous ribbon bar. I've seen German and Austrian generals wear these and have always wanted to see one in color. Owning one would be a dream to be certain.
  6. It’s very hard to say. It does look feldgrau
  7. Staff officer is what makes the cap special to me. I collect staff items
  8. Does anyone on this forum collect Austrian uniforms and headgear from WW1? I have great interest but haven't found many people who also share interest in uniforms of this period. If anyone has items please share images.
  9. The first one is a real beauty... I like them all but the first one has a perfect shape and look. i would like to have your carmine piped cap.
  10. This ribbon bar looks amazing in hand. It’s superb quality imo.
  11. Nice find Chris I’d love to find an edelweiss cap badge.
  12. Great information. It would be nice to match the bar to its owner
  13. It’s hard to believe that it can’t be ID’d. I’m sure Rick L would have loved the challenge on this bar. I like it and can’t understand why there haven’t been more comments. i could be wrong about it but I think it’s good and I’m happy with it.
  14. What ended up being others opinion? Looks like good photos on the devices
  15. Personally, I like the bar and would love to own it. i don’t know if identification of owner possible but could have bee royalty and/or General Officer.
  16. I don’t know if tan be ID’d but I would love to own it. It’s super imo