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  1. Saw this Red Eagle with oaks on Emedals. Looks very nice imo. Question, was the RAO2 awarded with and without Breast Star?
  2. You’re way late on your comment and to be honest it doesn’t help the content of this thread. I’m sure you’re aware on private messages. Someone had brought it up before and a member withdrew. I typically don’t say much about these things but you really reduce my enthusiasm to share my collection and knowledge. If you want to help you can remove the the postings that worry you. I’m not hear to argue so no need to begin one. thanks and I’ll give thought to continuing my contributions. I’d prefer the administrator delete the entire thread
  3. A grouping was sold by the family of a Bavarian General a few years ago 1910 field grey uniform prewar dress tunic field grey M16 Bluse litewka the family wanted to remain anonymous so cut out the names on the labels. I seriously can’t understand why people do that. It may be von Hartz
  4. Does anyone on this forum collect Austrian uniforms and headgear from WW1? I have great interest but haven't found many people who also share interest in uniforms of this period. If anyone has items please share images.
  5. Post your swords, bayonets, etc with troddel or portepee. I hope some member have a nice selection of edged weapons
  6. At first glance it looked like the Africa Star but the stripes both look blackish on a closer look
  7. ccj

    classic K.M.S.T. mousetrap

    I have always wanted one but haven’t had the chance.... thise are very nice
  8. My only M15 with a 1917 visor cap. Foot Artillery Hauptmann
  9. I can’t imagine how long it took to make the insignia for a uniform in those days. Beautiful embroidery...
  10. I think the officer was transferred to from Guard unit to a unit vested wartime
  11. https://www.emedals.com/europe/greece/orders/order-of-the-redeemer/order-of-redeemer-a-commander-in-gold-eu3807#lg=1&slide=2
  12. Ok, it looks like he may be wearing the Greek Order Commander in the photo. I wasn’t aware of this episode in history
  13. What’s the neck decoration of Oberst Otto von Estorff..?
  14. It looks more grey or field grey to me too but im sure it’s possibly blue