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  1. Hi Paul, For what it's worth, your post reminded me of an image of the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in Toronto in 1914. Here is a link to the photo (held by Library and Archives Canada): You will notice most of the enlisted men are without any capbadges on their service caps. Cheers Matt
  2. Poor man suffered the old police curse dying right after retirement. Upper Tooting. Only the English would come up with such a place...
  3. Love the thread idea. Excellent start. I hope to contribute stories when time allows...
  4. Excellent post Peter. Well researched and nicely written. Hosting a POW in your home must have been interesting... Cheers
  5. The plot thickens... And my 2 cents here: from what I understand starting in the spring of 1918 unit commanders were no longer required to forward a detailed recommendation for the MM, just the soldiers name they wished to reward, and in my experience I've had no luck finding written recommendations for MM's awarded after that time.
  6. SemperParatus

    Italian/French medal?

    The text translates to Machine Gun (Model 1907) Section. During the First World War the Italians used St Etienne machineguns acquired from the French in addition to the more widely used Fiat machineguns.
  7. SemperParatus

    All of My Heroes Are Dead

    Another great blog post from Brian and the sports bit had me dying.
  8. Amazing find. Unlike many recipients of the medal, the QOR along with the RHLI were actually in combat with the Fenians. The ribbon however is incorrect
  9. Hmmm there is also a listing for Capt F. W. Campbell who joined the 169th Battalion in 1916. His service file online is mixed with the Campbell VC file. https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=84493 Here you can see his attestation paper. The medal card on page 40 lists him also as a Lieutenant, showing with dates of service (ie entering France) in 1917 and 1918 long after Campbell VC was killed.
  10. The only Lt F. W. Campbell on Library and Archives Canada's website (all Cef service files are digitized) is this one: https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=84493 He was KIA in 1915 and is a VC winner. How do you do it??
  11. SemperParatus

    MM Gazette entry

    Found it Here There is no citation which is normal for MM's. Check the National Archives UK for the unit war diary which may have some clues.
  12. I tried to find a mention of him in Gen. Maynard's book "The Murmansk Venture", no luck unfortunately.
  13. Can anyone with a copy of the North West Canada (1885) Medal Rolls check for a Frederick Walter TUCKER, Canadian Militia on the list? The search function on Library and Archives Canada doesnt come back with a match but I don't know how reliable it is.