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  1. Hello: I would like to know what these badges are. Is the RAR the Rhodesian African Rifles badge ?. What is RRF ?. The shield one I can only suspect is a Rhodesian army badge, but which one is it if the case ?. Thanks - Bart.
  2. Hello: I would also truly like to know what badge this one is. Also collected in Rhodesia, I have a feeling it might be a Southern Rhodesia BSAP badge, mounted police ?. Thanks - Bart.
  3. Bart Simon

    SAS Wings...

    Hello: I have just joined. I also have a similar badge collected in Rhodesia. I would like to know what is the final answer, is this a British or Australian badge ?. Then secondly, also from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is this silver parachute badge, any idea which that one is ?. And the same for the third one with lifted wings. Thanks - Bart.