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  1. Think his rank was Water Carrier, so F might be 'Follower' as in Camp Follower?
  2. Hello, Does anyone know the significance of "F" on an Indian soldiers service number on a 1939-45 War Medal - as in "F/51"? Thanks, Duncan.
  3. Thanks for the info, really interesting. Regards Duncan
  4. I've a WW2 Defence Medal to an Indian in Hodson's Horse, but I can't find any info about them during WW2 at all, which I find odd!
  5. Can anyone tell me any information on Hodson's Horse during WW2. Oddly I cannot find any information on this Indian unit at all! Regards, Duncan.
  6. Thanks for that, that's really interesting. Regards Duncan
  7. Hello folks, I've just got hold of an Africa Star to 22358 Rfn. Kanhaya Ram, Raj. Rif. from a dealer in India. I'm assuming this is Rajputana Rifles. Can anyone tell me, would this be the 6th Rajputana Rifles and if so where did they serve to be awarded the Africa Star? Also, would they be entitled to the 1st or 8th Army clasp? Thank you. Duncan.
  8. Duncan

    My first Finnish medal

    It's the Finnish Commemorative Medal for the War of Liberation. It's a nice medal and genuine. 30 Euros is an ok price. Ribbon should be easy enough to find, someone on this site might know where to get one from.
  9. Thanks everyone. I thought DMT may be Driver Motor Transport?
  10. Hello, Is anyone able to identify this lapel badge at all? I have a vague idea that it might be Bavarian - based on the blue ribbon, and it came with some German and Austrian medals I bought - bur I really don't have a clue! Regards, Duncan.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for replacement medal ribbons for both versions of the Sitara E Harb. I've tried everywhere, including Ebay, but can't find any for sale. Anyone know where I can buy replacements? Regards, Duncan.
  12. Can some kind person please help me identify the units / regiments on my collection of Indian medals please? And what the DMT is on the Sainya Seva medals too please? Samar Seva Star to 1028409 Sowar Chaban Singh, A.C. Pashimi Star to 10196214 Sepoy Dijan Singh, T.A. 25th Independence Anniversary Medal 1947-72 to 13933876 Sepoy Driver M. Singh, A.M.C. Sainya Seva Medal with ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ bar to 127237 DMT. Puran Singh, Artillery. Kind regards, Duncan.