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  1. THANK YOU very, very much! Nice to learn something about this shell. It will be such fun for me to try to refurbish my first helmet ever. I will post ics on the relevant section. Have a nice day, Enrico
  2. Hallo everybody. I have this beautiful shell of an M35. Does anybody could help me and clarify if it is a mere German helmet or a Spanish one. As far as I know, from 1936 to 1939 German troops helped Franco's militians during Civil war. So, is this an helmet from any German division or just a Spanish one, inspired by those from Nazi's army? It was supposed to have a "Golden eagle" insigna as well. Now, I would like to refurbish it, somehow. Do you have any suggestion for me? Consider I'm absolute beginner. Thanks to all forumers willing to help. Enrico
  3. fontana enrico


    Paja, many thanks for your precious research. What you wrote in your posts is really interesting to me, and it's always a great pleasure to know and learn history from other individuals Enrico
  4. fontana enrico


    Paja, thanks a lot for make it clear to me! So glad now for having a wider view on it Greetings,, Enrico
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    Hallo Paja, thanks indeed for your prompt reply. Glad to know that the medal is authentic. As far as I know Kingdom of Jugoslavia ended in 1941 (correct?). According to your experience, then, could you tell me when, approximately, this medal has been produced, and where? Belgrade? And what about the ribbon? Is it from the same age? What "Zupa Banja Luka Kljuc" stands for? Just forgive me if I'm so demanding, but I really like this medal, and I wish I could write down a good caption on my album. Cheers and bye bye, Enrico
  6. Hallo, just found this serbian medal on a flea market in Milan... as a read "Banja Luka" on the side ribbon I thought it could be from the 90's Balkan Wars, but I checked on internet and, apparently the medal's from WWII, an award for the "good shooter". Does anybody here can tell me if the medal is a real one or just a repro, as the metal seems to be quite good, too good conditions for a 70 years old medal. I'd also appreciate to know more about this award. Thanks to all the forumers willing to help. Ciao ciao, Enrico
  7. fontana enrico

    Italian medal WWI

    Hallo everybody, I would like to share an italian medal from WWI. This is the one celebrating the annexation of South Tyrol and Trieste town. I know, it's a common medal but still is a good one. bye bye
  8. Hi Laurentius, many thanks for your prompt reply. Glad to know it's authentic and in particular trifolded austrian version. Dankuu...
  9. fontana enrico

    George VI's star

    QSAMIKE... thanks for quick and prompt reply to my post. Glad to know my medal is authentic, I look forward to complete the whole serie. Ciao from Italy, Enrico
  10. Hallo everybody! Here's a medal found in a small shop in Cecil's Court, London. I'd wish to know your opinion about this, and to find out if it's an authentic one... I just paid 12£ pounds for it, wich is not too much -on ebay you'd pay about 25/30£ for a real one- so this is quite cheap, I thought. The medals attracts magnets but, on reverse side, I cannot read any producer's markers at all. Thans to those willing to help me. Thanks and a big CIAO from Italy to all forumers...
  11. Hallo everybody, I'm new in the forum and I just started to collect war's medals. I'm italianand here in Milan it's quite easy to find italians medal from WWI and WWII. As I was in London last week I headed to Cecil's Court, ended up in a small shop and bought a George VI star medal from 1939/1945. I know nothing about medals, I just paid 12£ for this one and this was a good reason itself to buy a charmy one. Due to my lack of experience I'm not sure if the piece is authentic or not. The ribbon is in very well preserved, the medal is not attracted by magnets (if it can help). So, I ask you experts to help me in understanding if the medal is areal and original one or if it's just a beautiful repro. Mamy thanks and cheers from Milano..