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  1. I don't think that I have posted this one before - a pretty typical officer's bar of the era.
  2. Gentlemen, For the record, here is another one. According to accompanying notes which appeared to be of the period this cross was awarded to K. B. Ministeraildirektor Otto Ritter von Strößenreuther on 24 July 1911.
  3. Gentlemen, Now for something a little (no pun intended) different which I don’t think that I have posted before. Here, we have a miniature to the Saxony-Coburg-Saafeld 5th army corps vol. officer’s medal, 1814. 130 of these medals were awarded in 1815. Unfortunately, I cannot get a clear image of the iron center but can state that all of the lines of text on the reverse are identifiable and at least half of the text is actually readable under a magnifier. Regards, Wild Card
  4. You might try the OMSA ribbon bank. Also, over the years Tim Eriksen has been a good source for Imperial German ribbons. Regards, Wild Card
  5. Some really nice new bars there gentlemen, thank you for sharing them with us. To Uffz. Rohleder - You are a good son! Best wishes, Wild Card
  6. Greetings and thanks dedehansen. What a wonderful picture - a classic! Knowing, however, that this magnificent medal bar was at some time broken up, I must say that I cannot look at it without some regret. Can you imagine it. Thank you again and I hope that you enjoyed a Happy Easter Season as well. Wild Card
  7. Thank you Komtur for your excellent and very interesting explanation in post #85 - alles ist klar! Best wishes, Wild Card
  8. If I am not mistaken, on that Mecklenburg bar (post #80), I see a pre 1908 Red Eagle medal on the Hohenzollern ribbon in there. Any idea as to what this was awarded for? Quite rare, very nice indeed and congratulations!
  9. Medal bar and miniature medal/ribbon bar to Major zD Lothar Bollstetter, Cdr. Landwehrbezirk Calw. Sorry, no lions.
  10. With regard to the Württemberg silver honor cross for 1815, shown in post #248, a gold version was also awarded.