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  1. Hi Tomasz, Thanks for your reaction. Do you know if the different iron core types are documented? I would like to learn more about them, but I can't find a lot on the internet. Best, Charles
  2. Hi, I'm a new member of the GMIC and only recently started collecting WW1 iron cross medals. My first iron cross is the one below, which i believe to be genuine. However, the ring is broken (I don't know if it's the original ring), but there is still something of a makers mark left; I think ''K'' or "V'' maybe. What do you guys think? Another thing is that this one came with an award certificate (vorläufiges besitzzeugnis; provisional possession certificate). Can anyone here tell me more about these and if this one is originaI, because I know very little about these certificates? Thank you! Best Regards, Charles